11 Days Post Op and Am So Happy - Leeds, UK

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Just scouring the Internet at images of uplifts...

Just scouring the Internet at images of uplifts post op and some look awful but please don't let that put you off. I'm 26 and have one child but I had the same problem as you and even though my partner said I didn't need it I still felt uncomfortable with myself plus I hated the excess skin which was even noticeable in padded push up bras...I live in the uk and paid £7500 for my op but I also had implants which I highly reccomend with an uplift as you will never be the size you were before having your babies infact youl be smaller and although the uplift will look ok you won't be satisfied with the results you have an amazing figure and smaller breasts may not suit you...Im a size bigger than I was before having my daughter so I'm now a Dcup with an uplift also which I think compliments my figure better.

Obviously the downfall of having an uplift Is the scaring but I was pleasantly surprised to find my surgeon didnt cut underneath my breast so I'm left with what we call over here the lollipop scar (round the nipple and then a vertical incision from the nipple down)

I wasn't in pain after surgery but just very uncomfortable and the anaesthetic made me very nauseous for a week and I was unable to do anything including look after my daughter but now that's subsided and 11 days post op I've hardly any bruising, I have neat scars and although my boobs looked huge to begin with (the inplants) they are starting to soften and settle now giving them a more natural look.

I reccomend you have both procedures done at the same time as you will get a better result and will feel much more confident but u have to listen to your own body and decide whats best for you.

The last and most important thing Il say to you if considering one or both procedures is, you must do your research, I was lucky to go privately and had a fantastic surgeon and aftercare. look at their credentials and their previous work ie pics of other patients because looking at some of the hatchet jobs on the net would have really put me off having it done if I'd seen it before having my op, if u need to save more money to get the best surgeon then id do that hun because nothing is worth ruining your body. I'm just excited to see what my boobs will look like in the the next few weeks as it still takes time to recover but if you look after yourself and and the scars as instructed by the nurse then you shouldn't regret having the procedure, youl be back in a bikini in no time and feeling heaps more confident but remember if you do just go for the uplift like I was going to do at first you will be smaller but how small you'd have to ask the surgeon so you may be happy with just the lift but either procedure will make you happier and after the scars heal then they make take time to heal but us girls find allsorts of ways to disguise them, I plan to rub bio oil on them or put concealer on them if I'm worried my boyfriend might think they look hideous :)
I hope I've helped answer your question and good luck with whatever you decide, your a yummy mummy of 2 and you should be able to get your confidence back, take care x

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