Age 28 Starting Invisalign (With Accelendent) UK - Leeds, GB

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I have never had perfectly straight teeth, but to...

I have never had perfectly straight teeth, but to be honest this didn't both me until I was about 18.
I did ask my dentist for braces age 14/15, and he said I didn't need them, and then when I reached 18 my dentist then told me maybe I would benefit from braces, however I would now have to pay, at this point I didn't know about invisalign and the thought of being 18 with full 'train track' braces was not something I wanted to do!
Now 28 I think my teeth have gradually got worse as I've got older, or perhaps I am just more aware of them!

Since then on and off I have looked into invisalign, always wondering if it would be worth it, and now I have finally got the courage to go ahead!

I saw 5 different practices, and finally went forward with an amazing practice in Leeds, by far the friendliest, and the dentist I am with filled me with confidence, and was so kind, and also were the cheapest!

I am a late in starting my blog, so will review quickly below:

First Consultation - The invisalign process was explained to me, I was told the cost of £3500 which also included a teeth whitening at the end of the treatment

I then went away and had a think about it, and confirmed I would like to go ahead.

I then went back to have moulds taken, which would be sent away for my clincheck, which would then be emailed to me and I would decide if I wanted to go ahead. This appointment was £250, which is knocked off the final cost if you go ahead, or lost if you don't go ahead.

My Clincheck came back with 34 aligners, and I agreed to go ahead.

(START DATE 4th JUNE 2014) A few weeks later I was called back to collect my aligners. At this appointment, I had some tooth shaving, and also had attachments fitted to my teeth (not the top front 2). To be honest when I left I was quite upset as I wasn't aware I would have attachment's, but my dentist told me this was on the clincheck, which I looked back and it was, but I didn't even know what they were, I thought they were just points the where the teeth were moving.....anyway perhaps I was better not knowing as this might have put me off! The first few weeks were hell to be honest, cut gums and cheeks, ulcers, lisp, aching, I honestly wanted to give up, and thought what have I let myself in for, I felt I couldn't even enjoy spending time with my baby!......BUT this did ease after a week or so, and my dentist said I had a lot more work than usual at my first appointment, as I had requested less visits as I live about 1.5 hours from the practice.

I am now on aligner 7 of 34. I must say it is life changing, not being able to eat and drink when you want, my social life has really suffered, and people must think I have a bladder problem going to the toilet to brush my teeth all the time, BUT this is what I asked for, and now I am seeing the improvements I know it will be worth it.

I was desperate for anything to cut my treatment time and I had read a lot about acceledent on here, but it is not as widely used in the UK, but my lovely dentist agreed to it, and I will pick it up this Wednesday! EXCITED!

I am taking pictures every time I change the aligners, but not brave enough to put them up yet!

Set 7 + Acceldent

I picked up my acceledent on Wednesday, and used it for the first time last night, and I LOVE IT! all the time I used it, I was thinking, this is one step closer! Not sure if anyone is watching Celeb Big Brother, but Edele was using one on Wednesday night!

I am on day 10 of set 7, so will use acceldent and change to set 8 on Sunday, then change to set 9 after 10 days, set 10 after 9 days, set 11 after 8 days and set 12 after 7 days, and hopefully will be able to continue at 7 days. FINGERS CROSSED!

I have taken the plunge and will update my photos now! (Excuse the discolouring on 2 of then photos - not sure what happened)

Set 9 of 34

Well, I have been using acceledent for 12 days now, and so far so good, I changed to my next set on Monday, there was the same usual tightness but they seemed to fit ok. I plan to change either on day 8 or 9 next, I will see how it goes.

I am actually being sent a replacement acceledent as the machine works, but only holds enough charge for 1 use, it is meant to work for 3-5 uses, I contacted my dentist and they have quickly arranged a replacement to be sent to me, which is great, I can still use my current machine at the moment so not really a problem.

I find the acceledent really easy to use, the time does actually go quite fast, my jaw does ache at the end, but it is all worth it. (I hope)

The past week, I have been really active, playing with my son, full days out, as we are having building work at home, so have been extra hungry through the day and I must say ive been getting mad at my aligners as I know I cant keep taking them out every few hours to snack otherwise I wont reach my 22 hours per day. So it has been quite depressing, while my son enjoys a nice piece of chocolate cake I am sipping my water, or carefully assessing what I should eat on a picnic as I cant brush my teeth until we get home, so don't want anything too sugary or anything like crisps that will stick in my teeth. Anyway that's enough of a moan!

We go abroad a week on Saturday, so it will be interesting to see how I handle invisalign on holiday. Does anyone have any tips?

Aligner 10 (with acceledent)

I changed to aligner 10 last night and used my aligner straight after. The aligners only feel slightly tight nothing like the last few, but a few teeth are sensitive when I take them out so it show which teeth are meant to be moving this time.

I have a questions about CHEWIES. my dentist didn't give me any, but I bought some online and love them, I only really use them the first few days, but I just wondered I there are any bad effects from them, should they be used when switching aligners right away, or will this stretch the aligner and force them to fit better? (not sure if this sounds ridiculous)

Acceledent is going well, my replacement machine should be arriving any day, and I go on holiday on Friday so exciting times thinking hopefully by my next holiday I might be finshed with invisalign!

As I have read in a lot of blogs I must use the phrase 'no thank you, I cant can i' about 50 times a day, when being offered snacks or drinks by family, outside of my allotted meal times! It is now quite funny

Picture of before, and after aligner 9.

Set 12

Well I survived the holiday! it was hard at times when the family were eating and drinking and I just had water as I didn't want to go over my 'time out' for too long. I think at most I had them out 4 hours a day so not too bad. I rarely cleaned my teeth after lunch, as some days we were at the beach so just rinsed and cleaned later. I did order some collgate wisps, but they didn't come in time, as we don't have them in the UK! Also I BROKE THE RULES!!!!! I did drink white wine with the aligners in most nights! This was I wasn't clock watching as we went out for drinks then dinner, then just took the aligners out to eat, popped them back in and brushed etc at the villa! For me this was the lesser of 2 evils.

I am still using accelendent, I took it on holiday but forgot to use it once, and fell asleep the night we were back so kept set 10 in for 2 extra days (9 days total). I got stopped at customs both ways as they didn't know what acceledent was, very funny trying to explain!

So I am on set 12 of 34, I am literally counting the days, and trying not to think how many refinements I have, but if I get the attachements off for these it wont be too bad.

Next dentist visit in November.


Northing much to update on my invisalign, just wanted to ask you all a quick questions.

Does anyone else find it really hard having nothing but water for 6-8 hours in the day???? I usually have breakfast at 7, lunch at 12 and dinner at 8-8.30, sometimes I have a snack mid afternoon if I have time (as in eating, brushing flossing and not feeling the guilt of taking the aligners out) at work or when I have my son, but usually not, and its really hard not being able to grab a coffee on the go! I am sure I am not the only one feeling sorry for myself today!

Some days I NEED to have a mid morning and mid afternoon snack or coffee, but the guilt of taking my aligners out every couple of hours haunts me all day!

Week 26, Tray 18

Not too much to update really. Still using Acceledent which I am loving being able to change the trays every 8/9 days.

Saw my dentist 2 weeks ago and he is happy with the progress, going back in 2 weeks as I need some shaving before my 21st tray.

I originally had 34 trays, I am assuming I will just continue as he hasn't mentioned a mid course correction yet... maybe I should ask next time? which would mean I finish the end of March, which would be amazing!

I also wondered if everyone has refinements (additional trays after)???

Also how long do you usually wear the retainer during the day? I am still considering the wire at the back???

Uploaded a pic of before and now.

Week 33, Tray 24

So its been about 6 weeks since my last update.

I had the Shaving, between my front 2 teeth done at my last dentist visit (tray 21), which left a smallish gap, it was noticeable to me, but only with the aligners out.- It is slowly closing now.

I have upto tray 31 (so 6 more), I originally had 34, but he said we may not use them all, so maybe we will assess at my next visit.

Nothing really to report, I am not feeling any pain, only a slight tightness the first night I put them in, although acceledent really helps with this.

I am changing trays every 8 days, because there always seems 1 night a week I don't use acceledent!

I only have the trays out for 2 hours a day, but I must say the last few days of each week I am a little more relaxed and have a coffee and chocolate break!

I am so excited for the end! I don't even mind wearing the retainers for a while after we have finished with the changes, as long as the attachments are off, which I am sure they will be. I cant believe the difference in myself though as the first few weeks I thought I wouldn't stick it out and was so upset with the situation, but acceledent has been a life saver for me!

Week 37, Tray 27


Not much to update really, I don't feel like I have had any changes since my last update.

The pics are before, week 33 and week 37. The other pic is with the aligners on today.

I have had extreme sensitivity on one tooth this week, its like nothing I have had before, so hope this is just from movement and not anything else.

My next appointment is 11th March, and he thinks I may be finished by then.... im not so sure.

At the start I really complained about not being able to eat and snack which was really hard, I lost around 21 pounds in weight, and had a lot of people say I looked ill and asking if I was ok, so over the past weeks I have been a bit more relaxed about taking the aligners out if I am hungry, and feel like the process is a bit easier.

I am still loving my acceledent!

Week 40, Tray 32 - FIXED wire retainer

Well, I had my ortho visit last week, and have finished with the lowers. He did say I could be finished with the uppers, but I said I was not quite happy with one tooth, so gave me the 3 remaining trays to hopefully just push it in slightly.

Here is my issue, he fitted my fixed wire retainer on the lower, we didn't really talk about this it was just sort of decided so I went with it, however I am really not getting on with and don't think I will. I find food is getting stuck in it, I find it irritating, and when I take my retainer out (which fits over the fixed) I find I am touching it with my tongue all the time, and the thought of this FOREVER is killing me!

I have been told to wear the removable retainer all the time for 2 months, then every night.

I am really worried about getting the fixed on the upper as I am concerned it will effect my speech and will irritate me, after all my hard work with invisalign I want to fee free! I would wear the removable retainer every night and during the day at home when I can if it meant not having a fixed, I am going to talk to my ortho and ask for this thoughts, has anyone else been through this?

Thank you


I am over the moon I have finally finished!

Start Date 04.06.14, End Date 01.03.15
43 weeks (10 months)
34 + 2 Trays
29 Weeks of Acceledent

I can safely say it has all been worth it in the end.

My dentist was fab! At my last visit he removed the attachments and also shaped some teeth and added some bonding on the chipped front tooth and another tooth that needed shaping.

I now have a fixed wire on both top and bottom and wear a clear retainer at night as well.
It is very tricky to floss with the brushes but I am sure I will get used to it.
I am sort of getting used to the fixed wire but don't think I will every 'forget they are there' which is what dentists say don't they!

I have another appointment in a few weeks as a follow up and think I would like 1 tooth (the canine) shaping a bit more to match the other side.

I am at the hygienist tomorrow, and then will start my whitening treatment on Wednesday which was included in my invisalign package.

This site has been amazing with support and tips, so thank you!

I have added the photo of start and finish.

Final Photos

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