24, Revision Rhinoplasty for Tip - Leeds, GB

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I am 12 days po and am in a huge panic about my...

I am 12 days po and am in a huge panic about my rhnioplasty. I had my primary rhioplasty on my 18th birthday for a hump reduction. Initially very pleased with the results but scar tissue began to cause me problems until it built up to such an extent that it pushed my tip downwards. Revision rhinoplasty with specialist UK surgeon. However my tip looks so bulbous and a-symmetrical currently I am really worrying. I know it's early days but after looking at other people's recoveries on this website I feel as though their results are usually quite visible by now. It's my birthday tomorrow and I naively had an image of me enjoying it with this perfect little nose but right now I hate it and think it looks worse than before my surgery. PRAYING this is just swelling and will go down in the next few weeks at least to the extent where it looks better than before surgery. My nose bends to the side and I have strange indentation marks above each nostril which emphasise the bulbous tip. Don't want to leave the house atm.

Before revision rhinoplasty - tip hanging down

Going to try to add a 'before'# again as it didn't work last time!

Some more photos

This was the only photo I could find from the front of my 'old' nose as I would avoid this angle like the plague

15 days post-op

So I am 15 days post-op and still feeling shit. Taping just at night now and every time I look in the mirror I want to cry. I have paid a considerable amount of money to look worse, or at the very best, not much different. My nose is quite sensitive. It feels very hard to the touch, so I am hoping this re-affirms it is mainly swelling. It is still bent, although at times I think it looks less so. However I rang my surgeon who was concerned about the bend so has asked to see me next week instead of late August. I don't think the heat is helping, it is so hot here at the moment.

Started experimenting with contouring, but struggling to create straight lines so I think it looks worse haha. I will keep practicing! I have 2 weddings to attend in a little over a week so praying the swelling has come down by then, at least to an amount I am comfortable with. Either that or I get better at contouring to disguise the bend and huge tip! Ugh all in all feeling rubbish, just trying to remain calm and put it all down to swelling. Looking at photos on here is depressing as I keep finding people who have paid half the amount and have brilliant results. I am trying very hard to remain positive.

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