Explant with Full Capsulectomy Non-replacement. Scared to Death of End Result - Leeds, GB

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Had silicone implants in 2002. prior to the Op was...

Had silicone implants in 2002. prior to the Op was a 34A, went up to 34C. I was happy with the result. I felt more feminine and didn't feel like i had the breasts of a twelve yr old, i now could wear clothes i would not have worn previously.

After 7 years with the implants in place, noted my breasts becoming a little firmer and discomfort in my left breast. Went to mt GP who confirmed CC, told me that this was a side effect to the implants. Although my PS did mention this prior to the BA, he said its small percentage, thinking back he appeared to 'sugar coat' these risks. My GP referred me to the breast clinic has i also found a small pea shaped lump in left breast. Had a scan which confirmed i had 4 cysts in the left breast, Doctor unwilling to take biopsy due to rupturing the implant just told me to monitor. Over the next few years my breasts continued to firm up and it became harder to check myself, also the discomfort in my elft breast increased. Must admit kept these implants longer than i should have as i'm terrified of what i will look like after removal ( totally stupid thing to do). Finally plucked up courage to see a PS who booked me for a consultation on the 22nd November 2012. Told him i wanted to explant has my implants felt hard and was concerned i could not feel the cysts in my left breast. He did ask if i wanted a small replacement but i told him no. He also advised a capsulectomy to remove the scare tissue has this could give false diagnostic readings in the future. he said he would have to cut underneath my breasts which i wasn't happy about, had the implants through the nipple and didn't really want further scarring. He did state that my nipples could fold inwards if explanted this way. Having researched this site have noticed that's whats happened to some girls who have had explants via nipple.
In a couple of hours time will be getting ready for my OP. Must admit i'm terrified of the result has I've seen on this site, women who have explanted with hardly no breast tissue left or some kind of deformity. Really glad i found this site though has it has given me insight has to what can happen and the reality of explantation which i felt my previous PS forgot to mention.

All done! no more implants or CC, however 'shock...

All done! no more implants or CC, however 'shock horror' at seeing what remains of my breasts, hardly anything. My left breast appears slightly deformed compared to the right. My PS did state he had to take some breast tissue has the scarring was thick and full of green cysts which he has sent to be analysed. Thought the worry was over...doesn't appear to be yet! worried that my breasts will shrink even further due to post op swelling. Topped up on pain relief at the mo and very sore, Lot more painful than putting them in. will post pic's when i can load them up

4 days post op. Remain a little sore but pain down...

4 days post op. Remain a little sore but pain down to minimum now. Not much change to shape of breasts. Just bought a genie bra has my sports bra was really uncomfortable.

Well it's been 7 days post op today. My left...

well it's been 7 days post op today. My left nipple which was inverted after the op has popped back out although my left breast still appears distorted compared to the right one. Swelling appears to be decreasing day by day making my breasts appear smaller than they where before implants. Still getting a little pain in the left breast, not taking any pain relief now though, only take if really have too. Went to my GP yesterday regarding the green cysts my PS found on removing the scar tissue......she basically said...wait for the results from the analysis to come back first before making any decisions regarding further treatment. I'm just hoping everything will be OK from this test. I'm still happy I had the explant and some days regret ever having the implants in the first place....but i did and I'm paying the price, but if I'm healthy (hopefully) that's all that matters. x

Attended follow up appointment to day. Had...

Attended follow up appointment to day. Had dressings removed advised to massage scarring. Results back from pathology regarding green cysts found on removal of scar tissue. Pathology commented on the implants being ruptured however PS stated that implants where intact on removal? PS stated that the cysts and hardening were caused by implant bleeding? Anyway, still no wiser really! PS stated I should be ok now as all the scar tissue was removed.......I hope he's right on that score. PS appeared happy with the result and how my breasts are looking.....wish i could say the same. Left one still giving me grief at times, still appears slightly bigger than the right one. Tried to get a sports bra the other day but can't appear to find one that fits properly so still wearing the genie bra for now. Going to get measured when i can wear a proper bra again so i can get one what fits properly......well that's if they don't shrink anymore otherwise i may as well wear a vest lol. Hope all you ladies out there are doing fine x

Pic's finally downloaded

Pic's finally downloaded

Five wks post op now still getting a few pain...

Five wks post op now still getting a few pain twangs in left breast and scar's still sore to touch. Breasts appear to have shrunk a little more since last review and no volume left at all, they look pretty shameful out of a bra.

Had my bra fitting today....what a shock. the assistant measured me an brought in a 34D bra. I said to her....their's no way am gunna fit in that! Anyway tried it on and couldn't believe it actually fit me, I was so surprised I defo thought i was no more than an AA to A cup. Also bought 2 wonderbra's, a lot of padding in them but they actually lift me up and give me a bit of a cleavage. My boobies actually look quite nice in the bra's I've bought so its cheered me up a bit.

6 months on !

couple of months ago went through the NHS and had an ultra sound scan and mammogram as still worried about any cysts being left from the op. After scans i was told i still had some cysts in my left breast although i can't feel these at present. I was told not to worry just monitor at this time.
My breasts now are looking a lot better more even and i'm quite happy with them they appear to be looking better with time, still a little flat without a bra but i can live that. so glad i had them out now, don't no why i panicked so much. Anyone asks me about breast implants i would defo say, steer clear!!!
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