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Hoping everything goes great, but more importantly...

Hoping everything goes great, but more importantly hoping the recovery process is short, quick, and easy. Hoping the scars fade to a minimum and i get all feeling back and look fantastic! One thing i wish Dr. Lee would do is provide a 3d visual by taking your picture and digitally enhancing your own breasts on the screen. I myself am a very visual learner so i feel this method would have really helped me to see how big i should go for my body type and structure. I will continue to update after my surgery. I am 5'4 126lbs and will be receiving breast augmentation as well as a tummy tuck!

current body status 5'4 126lbs 2 kids

Well this is what i will be saying good bye to on june 10th 2016! Can't wait for some awesome results! Super nervous and scared as heck but still excited to get these peocedures over and done with and start the recovery process asap! Lucky i have a friend who's mom had a tummy tuck and Breast reduction surgery so she is letting me borrow her walker! Just hope i can make it... And more importantly i hope my husband will be able to take on all of my daily motherly duties without any assistance from me and still take care of me in the first couple weeks after surgery!

2 weeks out!

Just trying to see and read as many stories of peoples journeys as possible! Taking in account the negative with a grain of salt, hoping that one of those horror stories is NOT in my cards! Still need to get my meds, have done my testing, and now just trying to loose as many inches and lbs as i can on my own to make the healing process and recovery time a little better if possible! Also i have begun starting my guide of food and medications to avoid before surgery!

tummy tuck before and after plus weight loss

Does anyone have any before and after pictures on their page of pre tummy tuck belly and then after tummy tuck belly plus working out, (abs in after pictures?)

oh those feelingssss.......

Starting to feel the doubt 9 days out. Can't stop thinking, is my body really that bad? My small boobs are still perky, my belly isn't HUGE. I think over all it is because i am scared. Scared of the surgery, scared of the pain, scared of the scars, and scared of the recovery process. I hope my husband can take on all of the responsibilities that i do while i am down and out for two weeks! (i say two weeks, because that is all he is taking off work) then i am on my own with our two young kids. ???? just hoping i can do this!


one week til surgery

I am in that "what if" stage now and it is killing me! Uhg anyone who has gone through or who is currently going through the TT journey, now is the time to tell me i will be okay..... PLEASE!


And i am freaking ouuuuuut... I have all of my bags packed with necessities and already loaded into the car. I am totally beginning to worry myself. This may be TMI but i was so stressed today my IBS flared up and the toilet does not like me anymore! Accckkkk. Well happy thoughts please and a wish good luck! ;) see you on the other side!

less than an hour away now.

My nerves had me up all night having horrible dreams and feeling sick to my stomach. I woke up at 5am to shower and get my nausea patch on and hubby took my last before pictures!

I'm here haha

Still waitin on them drugggsssss!


Well.... All i remember yesterday is the anesthesiologist giving me drugs. I don't even remember how i got home or dressed. I made it through the procedure as well as the first nigh. But boy am I sore. Everything hurts!! Luckily my husband has been above and beyond fantastic at taking care of the kids and me!! Don't know what i would do without him. This morning i am still a little woozy from the anesthesia but i am way more coherent than i was yesterday. I slept most of the day yesterday!

so far, so good

I am starring to gain more use of my arms whichnis great... Today i have made it to the restroon a couple of times on my own and i made lunch for myself and my family. The pain is starting to go away.... I haven't pooped in awhile and i am worried that when i do it will hurt pretty bad... My ankles have been swelling a bit and i am still very tired! Hubs is an amazing care taker very fortunate to have such an awesome man to help out!

snuck a peek and i have BOOBS!!!

I was very careful lifting up my bra and oushing down my TT padding to sneak a peek at the new girls! I am in love! Can't wait until they settle in!
On a side note, why is my entire body so itchy?! Has anyone else had that problem? Couldnit be the iodine that they bathe you in prior to surgery? Today is will be my first shower, however i will not be able to wash my mid section or under boobs which are all of the parts that itch like heck!!

worst part is not the pain...

I have had very little pain from the actual surgery what hurts the most in my binder digging into my skin, my body itching and i can't scratch it and worst of all my back! My back hurts so so bad from constantly sitting up in my recliner and walking hunched over! I told my husband jokingly that i hope my hunch doesn't stay that way from walking like that so much but now i am wondering if that is the truth!! When can you stop walking without hunching at at 90 degree angle? I cannot remember the drs orders!

finanly showered and peeked!

today was my first post op

Well my drains sis not come out today and i was dissapointed about that but they did pull out my med cords. Weirdest feeling ever like they were pulling worms out of my body!! ???? on a positive note they said my results are looking fantastic which i do agree with! I am still extremely swollen and not sure what to do about it. They said try applying ice for 30 then heat for 30 and alternate. Next appt is on monday where hopefully a drain or both drains will come out and she is taking out the breast sutures and possibly my belly botton sutures also.

1 week today!

It has officially been one week since having my TT and BA. I feel like i can see a dog ear forming on one of my hips. :( but hopefully that is just me over reacting!! Other than that bruising and swelling are going down. My next appt is on monday to hopefully get my syitches and drains out. I showered amost completely by myself today which was a great accomplishment. My back has been killing me so i am starting to try to walk upright and lay down straight! I have yet to be able to put any creams or lotions on my wounds because i am still in my binder and still have all of my sutures and tape on. It's a long process and though i feel a little better each day, i can not wait to feel 100 % better!

new pictures!

Okay these were hard to get because i still have everything attatched to me! I really feel like by now i should be able to stand straight but my skin pulls so tight it feels like my incision is going to rip and tmi but it really pulls on my vagina! Do you think they took too much skin or Do you think that once the drains, tape and stitches come off/swelling decreases i will be able to stand all the way up perfectly fine? I am so scared i will now have to hunch the rest of my life!!!

up close and personal

Feel my pain? What do you think about my right drain? Coupd this be an infection or the start of a dog ear? :/

2nd lost op appt

Today was my second post op app.. I wwnt in thinking i was going to have both of my drains removed and all of my sutures/stitches out.... That's what they said at the first post op. Wait a few days and we can take everything out..... Well only one drain came out. I am also the most swollen i have been so far in this journey at 10 days post surgery... I guess i envisioned healing much quicker but this was a major surgery so it will take time. I didn't take any new pics today because the only difference is one drain out and i am so swollen i look bigger now than i was pre surgery which is beyond depressing! I am sooo over this and just want to see the beautiful body i was promosed this surgery would give me! Hopefully the swelling goes down amd i can update you with some pictures soon.

still swollen and tight but i sucked it up for some new pics!

Here is the update... I am waiting for the last drain to have 24 mm or less within 24 hours, 3 consecutive days in a row before i can get it out. My breast and belly button stitches were removed. I feel like i will need revisions done on my hips and i am hoping the bumpiness in my scars are not going to turn into keloid scars. My hips look gross to me. Noping with more time they heal and i don't need revisions because i don't want to go through this recovery time again! I was also told to just wait and let the tape fall off on it's own.

2 weeks post op today

Here it is in all my glory. Lol now happy with my hips but only time will tell.

trying on bathing suits and clothes!

I am excited that my tummy is so flat. However i can't help but be dissapointed in the fact that each hip has a dog ear and i still feel so tick/wide... There is no curvature or shape to my body, i just look like a flat board. Does anyone know if that will change when more swelling goes down. I am only 15 days out today.

1 month post op

Today marks the day i am one month post op! Yay! I feel better by the day. I catch myself at times doing more than i should or am able to for that matter. Overall, i am happy with my results... My boobs look fantastic! However i am not so thrilled about my hips. I am still swollen so i am hoping with more time as the swelling goes down the results will get better. I believe my drain site on my left hip is infected. It is red and very painful to the touch. My mew annoyance is how itchy my incision line is! I just keep putting neosporin and lotions on it. My right hip has a slight dog ear and my left hip got new very raised stretch marks and what looks like a teeny tiny dog ear which is extremely dissapointing because that will most likely result in a revision surgery sometime next year... Which i am sure i will have to pay more money for. :/

before and after

Crazy! Only getting better by the day!!

7 weeks post update

Feeling pretty good! I have one inverted dog ear and one reg dog ear that they will fix at my 6 mos appt in Dec. 4 days since i started working out and eating right again so that has been nice too!

been working out!

Started working out again 9/1

3 months and 2 weeks

I worked out nonstop for 2 weeks and now have been slacking entirely. But i still feel pretty good I just need to figure out how to slim my waist in inches!

3.5 months out and feeling great! dog ear revision in 2 months!

almost 6 months post

On December 10th I will be 6 mos post op from my mommy makeover! Since having the surgery i have definitely regained confidence in my appearance and am very happy with my body. This has resulted in a much better relationship with my husband. (when I am happy and confident, so is he!) He was so against this surgery at first but i told him it was for him, i needed to do it for me, he understood and now understands more than ever!
A little bit after the surgery it opened up new medical dilemmas for me. I have had a whirlwind of symptoms and the drs are still tryingnto figure out what the cause could be. Could be from the stress my body was under from surgery and recovery, or the effects of surgery on my body could very well have knocked something outbof place. Still going in for blood tests. I have only had one period since my surgery in june and that was in october.
On December 12th I will be going in for my dog ear revision surgery which will be free of charge and in ofice under local annesthetic which is making me nerves all over again.... Wondering if i will be okay to drive, take care of the kids etc. If anyone has had in ofice dog ear corrective surgery, pleSe let me know how it went for you and what i might be able to expect. That's about it for now. Ttyl!

a fun reminder of how far i have come.

Dog ear revision

Well... Today I went in for my dog ear revision. Hoping it looks awesome! Will take pics soon!

4 days post dog ear revision surgery

Opted out of pain meds and just had local anesthesia as my husband is out of town for a week and i have both kids by myself. But i am feeling pretty good and though i am still bandaged, i think they look pretty good too!! Excited to see the results!

dog ears removed 2/21/17

Right and left sides

loving my results from dog ear revision

It's been a week and a half since i had my dog ear revision surgery! My hips are so flat. The results looks significantly better! Still wish they would have done more lipo to give me more of an hr glass shape though.
Roseville Plastic Surgeon

Dr Lee has not been super personable during this journey, however he is great at what he does. My results are looking more and more beautiful by the day. I will say that the women in the office are very friendly and are definitely helpful at putting (YOU) the patient at ease. Surgery IS a big deal and it is important to ensure your questions are answered and you are comfortable with the surgeon, the staff, and the results. At this point in time i just hope i make a full and perfect recovery!!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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