Lebanon Rhinoplasty Mission - Beirut

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After a few months of intensive rhinoplasty study,...

After a few months of intensive rhinoplasty study, fact finding, doctor searching and patient feedback - ive been propelled to look outside of Europe and US. The reason isn't purely monetary, moreover to do with excellence of Ethnic rhinoplasty experiences. Whilst Brazil is primarily no.1 in the world for Plastic Surgery, Lebanon is no.2 - with a host of skilled doctors, world renowned, qualified , experienced and highly certified. Yes, the trend has grown from celebs like Haifa Wehbe and Amal Clooney, that even school girls from 16 and boys from 17 are under the knife. It's a country built on high visual expectations - billboards, adverts are common with cosmetic surgery - and the shopping malls, filled with post-op clients wearing splints in flocks. It is common as getting your hair styled, with no eyebrow raised.

For me, ive been waiting all my life to breathe naturally and also look presentable- I need a Septorhinoplasty, I have a deviated septum, small dorsal hump, bulbous large, wider nostrils assymetric, morever a typical arab nose.

As many of us know, quality comes with a price to pay, however in Lebanon, you can get the best of the best for 50% costs than USA. However, if you search on Realself, you will hardly find a review on Lebanese surgeons except the odd, here-there.

Rhinoplasty is the most demanded and common of all plastic surgery in Lebanon, as they've been operating for well over 20 years. Some clinics were the first in the Middle-East, and used to have months of waiting lists - but now its all changed, you can get a nose job, in less than a week, and the flights from Europe are very cheap.

Some of the Lebonese doctors, fly over to the Emirates, Dubai, to perform on clients with the largest of pockets and scrutiny. So why is the rest of the world missing out?

I have contacted atleast 20 full time plastic surgeons, the best of the best, and hope to detail my report on contacting them and also feedback.

I seriously want a one-off beautiful artistic job, hoping not to go back for revision - god willing. Rhinoplasty apart from surgery, is an artists vision - a complete forecast, a submission of passion for every client. I know the lebonese doctors have some serious skill, lets hope I find a genuis.

I will also produce my guide to the city, hotels and safety. Keep peeled!

I also request any questions, feedback, comments, and even private messages from Doctors.

Surgery chosen

I found Beirut Beauty clinic, the first surgery for plastic surgery in the middle east. The proprietor is Dr.Roger El Khoury - ISAP professional, SOFCPRE, LPRAS accrediated - very high ranking.
So far they have been exceptional with help, feedback, arrangements and all my non stop enquires.

Roger El Khoury

Spent ages reading about him, phenomenonal quality and customer care....hope hes the one for me too!

Camera, Flights and Action

Yes, got the flights booked, hotel is 5 star on the beach front - its all going wonderfully smooth. My family have been asking why Lebanon? I showed them numerous tripadvisor reviews, breathtaking scenery, lush restaurants, extremely affordable rates, souks, bazaars, villages. Yes there is tension in some areas, but honestly, the streets of London, has more crime in my opinion.

The clinic staff, again, on their day off, responded to my booking confirmation and wishing me all the success.

Bless their kindness!

All done - Amazing results

Im back home, what an experience!
I want to share my Lebonese experience - as simply amazing. Nothing short of a perfect experience. The surgery, Doctor Roger El Khoury, Caroline the manager - all the staff - beyond my expectations. They didnt go the extra mile, but were relentless to give me the best experience . Before the Operation, i was so nervous, i had nothing but realself as my guide - however the reality is you need the best possible, and I had simply the best. The operation went smooth, the doctor was so unique, experienced and talented...i was left speechless with both his knowledge of Ethnic rhinoplasty and his aftercare knowledge. The country, was simply stunning. I was staying at Rouche Arjaan Rotana...on the coast, great views, food, accessibility, all my requirements fulfilled. I went solo, to a country with no knowledge - and all the hotel staff bent over backwards to help me. Brought up food to me, checked I was ok - cant praise the hotel enough. Really enjoyed my trip, love the country more than ever, first time as it was. Seriously I would really urge anyone looking for a real alternative to Europe, USA, to try Lebz. Private message me for photos - and I will be glad to give my surgeons details and the team! No.1 in Beirut - trust me, simply the best.


yes, simply amazing before and after...from a bulbous broken bent nose, to a sexy looking straight masculine nose, i have pics, but for private viewing. Honestly everyone is wowed at the results!

Post Surgery advice

From a man, who believed he could take pain
1- its highly advisable to do the research of your doctor, regardless of location and certificates - I was primarily booked with another Doctor in Lebanon, who is on Realself...he has a glossy website, lots of amazing before and after photos...however...i luckily spoke to two clients of his...both similar nose to mine..both disappointed. Maybe they wanted an Angelina Jolie special nose...however it was a greater sale than a realistic outcome. However, when I spoke to Doctor Khoury, he advised me the type of nose, thickness of skin, limited the possible outcome. He made me feel comfortable and primarily directed my attention to breathing, and secondly then cosmetic look. Nonetheless, after the cast removal I was overwhelmed, straighter, slicker and masculine - artistic skill.

2 - Mental Preparation; for many its a long life dream to have a perfect face, nose, or look much better. Reality is, rhinoplasty does have a good chance of complications in results, with revision very common. You should understand this before the first op, there could be a definite need for a second, or adjustments. So, unless your prepared to fork out another 5k-10k, think twice about the first surgery long. No doctor can guarantee the perfect nose, or possible long term issues involved. Ive read hundreds of accounts of post excess swelling, and this did put me off earlier on. You have to take a calculated plunge, between optimism and pessimism, like all the doctors say on here - consultation, consultation, consultation ..don't go to the first cheap clinic and close your eyes. Remember, in 2 hrs, the same clinic banks 5-10k dollars - so they will perform and sell you the nose you want, with some twisted truth if need be. Its a business at the end of the day, not a charity.

3 - Preparation, I can stress post operation Preparation!
1- get the neck pillow - it really is needed
2 - Gatorade...omg, how well it worked
3 - Light foods, i ate rice and cubed chicken - and salad! But first few days the top lip, and even now is concrete stiff!
4 - Lip Balm, Arnica Gel..and the most essential..ICE Packs!
5- Lots of books, movies/ytube vids, to pass time. Its really hard to sleep and breath in the first 7 days..trust me...very difficult!
6- Company, someone to talk to, helps.
7- Bruising, the second day is the worst, honestly...scary..so be prepared for feeling real ugly.
8- Dripping nose full of blood, gunk, liquid..still drips now...so beware!
9- Nasal packing, the dreaded blocked nose...and the horrible painful remove..that will make tears come out...get ready to grab the nurse or the grip the bench for dear life!
10- People staring, luckily in Lebz, rhinoplasty is common as buying furniture..but you will feel like a weirdo..its natural for funny stares and glances...In Lebz everyone kept saying "Salam tak' -peace to you...so made me feel great!
11- Antibiotics - help, but I got a skin rash as a side effect..that was day 8!
12- Nose wash...best to use a baby nasal wash.
13 - tissues...have a huge supply...!

14 - Most important now...is the wipes for adhesive tape removal..or gel...otherwise the glue builds-up and its like slimey white residue on your nose!

15- Your nose will feel like rubber, so ensure that your not in anyway, close to kids or sleep next to them...you will get a blow and it will be so painful..I didnt experience this...but tapped my nose with my baseball cap...and felt like crying!

Thats all for now!

Flying home

Yes, my nose swelled bigtime on-flight! So understand this, I did read on this, so was prepared!

Before and post op, Near 4 weeks

Two pics, before and after. Contact me if you need any help thinking of a Beirut Surgeon. Yes my nose, is still extremely swollen, will get smaller and the beauty is I can breath and also sinus related headaches and pains.
Roger El Khoury

Roger El Khoury

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