Im 27 Yo, I Always Hated My Nose, I Felt It's Big For My Face - Lebanon, Beirut

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I just landed in beirut lebanon, heard so much...

I just landed in beirut lebanon, heard so much about dr charbel medawar, read so many amazing reviews, and seen magical photos.. I was in touch with dr charbel on whatsapp and decided to head to beirut to do it finally im so nervous and excited ! Dr charbel is extremly caring! Wish me luck. Photos soon

Finally done!!

So i came to the hospital at 8am, they took some blood tests, the nurses are absolutely amazing and caring! I met the doctor before my surgery he was very positive and said hes gonna give me the best results! I was so nervous the day before couldnt sleep well but once i reached the hospital and saw the nurses and doctors all smiling and very nice all my fears banished! Went to the operation room joking with them and went through the procedure afterwards i remember the doctor was next to me telling me ur nose looks great even the nurses said so! Was so happy! The procedure is very easy more than i imagined i look puffy for sure i get a little bit of pain but all good with the painkillers, i breathe from my mouth and im sleeping at the hospital called HIMC its very nice and clean , theyll clean my nose tomorrow morning and after 6 days i will remove the cast so excited ??

2nd day post op

I was out today from the hospital, Im very bruised which is totally normal in the first week i can see that my nose is getting tiny even though cant judge now the results . I didnt sleep well the first night i was very dehydrated kept drinking water all night, not so much pain at all only a little bit of discomfort from the pressure of the cast, dr charbel passed yesterday night to check on me hes very lovely and nurses are amazing will keep you posted

2nd - 3rd Day Post OP

My recovery is going really well i didnt expect to heal that fast, bruising are banishing slowly, under my eyes are yellowish, my nose is opening more everyday im not breathing alot from the mouth anymore like the first day, no pain at all only a bit of discomfort and pressure in the face i think its from the cast /splint.. I cant tell the difference from now between the nostrils before and after, im sleeping well, taking my antibiotic only no painkillers and im super excited to remove the cast on tuesday im sure my nose is going to be amazing ???? cant wait anymore then i fly back home same day after midnight

One week post op

Finally guys my recovery went really well, everything went smooth, couldnt imagine rhinoplasty could be so much easy , it was really really easy than i thought , i saw dr charbel yesterday to remove the splint and i got sooooooooooooo amazed by the results omg omg couldnt believe that i got finally the nose that i wanted always, he did exactly what i want and couldnt be happier everyone said to me wow wow wow wow , got shocked also that his clinic was yesterday full of foreigners from beverly hills, australia, and some lebanese living outside, hes very confident and amazing! My husband is going to do his now with him in dubai... I will upload my picture before and after in a bit, yesterday after we removed the cast it was a bit swollen and dr told me its gonna take 4-6 weeks for the swelling to gradually disappear but so far so good im absolutely happy and its the best decisionnnn everrrrrrrr i would highly recommend ppl who are coming from outside!!! After splint removed i took my flight it was ok as well nose got swollen but now its great! He gave me micropore tape to use it for 2 weeks !! Lovelove love hes the bestttttt

10 days post op

When the cast was removed my nose looked so amazing even though dr charbel told me swelling is still there, yesterday i was changing the tape my nose was huge amd big didnt like it alot due to swelling which is normal after removing cast... I think swelling is gonna take a bit of time since i have thickness in my nose, but im optimistic and dr told me to be patient and my nose is gonna look the same and much better like i saw it after cast so excited but much patience is needed will keep you posted for sure!!

Great Nose Day

So today i was changing the tape my nose looked great, im seeing changes every single day and so happyyyyy im pretty sure by time with patience my nose is gonna be much smaller than nowww :)) swelling is still there big time!! But im happy with it today , such an amazing doctor hes a pro for real, never ever met a perfect artist like dr charbel medawar, all my friends ive seen in lebanon ruined their noses with different famous doctors in beirut!!!! So happy and glad i found this amazing man that made me feel secure again with my face!! Posts and updates soon

Lovelovelove even if its swollen

I can tell now its still swollen and i can imagine when the swelling goes how my nose is going to be small :))) so in loveeeee!!! My tip is very sensitive still and more swollen !! Cant wait for it to get smaller

15 Days Post Op

Loving my noseeee ???? of course still swollen - so far so good still patient about the swelling and the proccess ??

1 Month Post Op

Its been a month i cant believe how time flies... My recovery was pretty awesome! My nose is still swollen dr charbel told me to be patient its a long proccess, my nose looks great so far very happy with the results. I can breathe normally , nostrils are adjusting.. Im suffering from dark dark circles i hope theyll reduce by time im covering them with a concealer, and the scars might take some time as dr said .. no pain at all , this is one of the most easiest surgeries ive done ever! Its peanuts... Waiting for the final results! Patience patience .
here is my before and after photos. This picture was just taken today

2 months post op

Nose is changing everyday :) sooo happy with the resultsss and excited more to see the final results :)) its still swollen for sure, but so far so good and its only gonna get better.. Dr charbel is the best , i have few friends who did a rhinoplasty with him in dubai , hes consulting in one of the biggest hospitals here, they couldnt be happier.. Will keep you posted guys

3 months post op

Nose is getting better and better.. im still so happy with the results its not the final result yet, i still have a long way to go but its only gonna get better :))) im breathing normally, not congested anymore, dark circles are decreasing and the scar is fading away!! Im so glad i did it with dr charbel medawar ??
Dr. Charbel Medawar

such an amazing doctor, high end professionalism, very kind , caring , very responsive and listened to my needs carefully , he did exactly what i wanted and very happy with the results <3

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