45 Y/o 4'10 125 Lbs 32 H ALL BOOB! - Lebanon, NH

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I must say, this was hard for me just to get to...

I must say, this was hard for me just to get to this point. I started my journey in may, I looked into my insurance plan and found that they do cover reductions under necessary surgery..I noticed that i needed a mammogram at my age(required) so i went ahead and got that done. It was painless but awkward! the nurse spoke to me like my boobs were another person, i tried to help place my huge breast on the x ray table thing and she said"put that down!" LOL because thats how i feel, they are like two entities of their own! so my results were fine. I made an appointment for a consultation and that happened on june 16 and i did not meet the doctor i met the a lovely lady who is going to assist the doc and she basically did my pre opt there! i got all the info a video even the type of surgery i am getting... bilateral breast reduction wise pedicle, i am also an out patient kinda sucks because i have to travel home then back again the very next day! 1 1/2 hours away! so I am currently looking for a place to stay over night after my surgery, i actually waited for the hospital to submit my b/r to my insurance for 6 weeks! as soon as they did I called my plan and I was APPROVED!!! It feels so weird i almost think they are going to change their mind or something is going to screw it up! in the last 13 years i have lost both parents to cancer and no grandparents, my husband also has no family to speak of, we have two kids a girl 13 and a boy 12...this is soooo important to me to have a better quality of life, for them! I will actually want to leave the house! I will actually not dread wearing a bra! because they hurt and i wont feel like i am wearing a strait jacket with wires cutting into my flesh and ribs! I cant keep up on a perfect weight due to my age, i am in a size 2 pants so i look like i am falling over..i will think about photos??

one more day with these!

I apologize about the time gap. I have had a few things to do such as an ekg because i have a hole in my heart that i was born with and a few blood test and a pre opt physical..i passed all the test! yay. I have never been a smoker so I dont have to worry about that. Being the hottest summer on record its been very uncomfortable to say the least ! I am at the point where i just want to "get her done!" I try not to get negative thoughts. My husband and kids all have colds"seriously?" so i have been a germaphobe. My husband rented me a recliner chair and bought me a wedge pillow and very soft back rest pillow with the arm rest. I am ready to go. This Tuesday at 7:30 am is when i will be put under. I lost about ten pounds so i hope that will help to heal and have better results. I will let you all know the rest of my story most likely after I get home,,, wish me luck as i hope for the best for all of us : D

I cant sleep!

so its the night before and I have to leave a little before 5am. I just read all of the papers they gave me that go over all of the possible complications and i must say that it got me scarred : [ so I keep telling myself that they have to go over everything to cover their butts Lol. its just hard to boggle my head with so many things and I should just take it as it comes, I wish I wasnt so far away from the hospital that i am getting the procedure from. I also having a hard time putting pictures on tjhe site but i have some that i took on my phone, before shots so again i will hope to get them all on at once. This is the time i wish that i had parents still alive because even at my age I need them, even though I know they are looking after me from above. My husband also lost his parents and all we have is each other and our two pre teens, so this is going to have to be fine....in a way I am still blessed : ) i am going to try to rest (sleep?) pray,,,night,
Lebanon Plastic Surgeon

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