Round 2 Bbl - Lebanon

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Bbl round 2. I will be meeting my doctor soon! Dr...

Bbl round 2.
I will be meeting my doctor soon!
Dr Toni Nassar was recommended from a friend, he done cosmetic surgery on her, a bbl and rhinoplasty. She was always beautiful but she looks amazing now. I done a bbl and I'm not happy with the first one now I want a second bbl to get the results I need. bigger and more lifted butt with a smaller waist and thicker thighs

wish pic & some thoughts

I want a small waist and bigger higher butt, I don't have much fat as I am 158cm and 52 kgs but I seem to carry more of my fat on my arms, stomach & back. Because I'm not big, I tried to gain as much fat as possible in the past 5 months being a small petite girl that was hard.
I choose Dr Nassar because he is accredited and a Certified Brazilian doctor, being a small girl I want the best doctor I can find to make me look and feel like a Instagram model with a nice high round butt, tiny waist &small arms.. Reading about Dr Toni Nassar, he is very experienced with smaller women, he has years and years of experience, he works in Dubai and around the world..
I'm putting my trust in Dr Toni Nassar, I could travel anywhere in the world but I choose to go Lebanon because I want to be operated on by the best so I got work leave and got on that plane..

Things before surgery!

So I didn't really know what to pack but I thought I'll be resting a lot so I went shopping and bought new underwear, 5 different pajama sets and loose pj dresses to throw over, I'll be resting as much as I can, cotton leggings for everyday different comfy shoes..
For meds I packed
A herbal tea from GNC for water retention and cleansing the body from toxins through the urine, just what u need after surgery..
Anica concentrated cream from the chemist
Bromelian tablets from GNC supplement store
I also took 3 sachets of 50g natural mushroom powder for the immune system. It's important to have something to boost your recovery!
I bought protein powder to make protein shakes to repair my muscles but then I remembered that I was hospitalised for 12 days because of a protein leak in my blood and kidneys last year so I thought I'll keep them at home and I'll skip the protein shakes and stick to banana and natural stuff just Incase it happens again..
I also packed a big bottle of Antibacterial medicated body wash for before and after surgery to use.

Bbl round 2

I'm meet Dr Toni Nassar at his hospital and I must say it was very nicely decorated and I felt like I was somewhere unique, he has a very artistic designs, his hospital is sexy! I went in his office and he just quickly checked my body and said he could lift my butt higher and Lipo my arms and stomach fat to inject back into my butt, he said my thighs were ok and I don't need to fill them.. Tomorrow in 8 hours I meet with dr Toni Nassar to do my bbl, I'm nervous he said I'm a good candidate and can make my dreams come true! I've always been skinny and toned Since trying to gain weight for the bbl my arms are fatter now & stomach, I was getting teased by a work colleague saying how big my arms, are u pregnant? its upsetting that men can make comments like that.. I wanna do this to boost my confidence again and look better then ever, I like big butts and I can not lie! Surgery tomorrow !

Surgery tomorrow morning in 7hours

I don't think I'm gonna be able to sleep, I have to leave the house at 6 to arrive at the hospital by 7 surgery is at 8 am..
I'm nervous about getting a infection.. I was told to take a needle 8 hours before my surgery lovenox 40 mg injection 8 hours before the surgery and I have to fast from 12 am till surgery time. I packed pjs and took my pills with me so I can start the bromelian tablets. I'm also told to shower with antibacterial body wash in the morning before my surgery and after the surgery. I really hope he can sculpture my body into the look I want! Wish me luck

In Dr Toni Nassar's hospital

So I'm in the hospital, we did blood test and different doctors come in to talk about different things and extras I can do but obviously I'm here for the bbl only. The room is nice and very clean, the nurses are sweet and speak good English. I've got the drip on and they gave me 2 anxiety pills to be relaxed before the surgery. Im seeing the doctor soon. The nurse also checked my weight and I'm 56.5kg I've gained weight this past 2 weeks! Can't wait to see my new ass!

2nd day after surgery

So I done my surgery, I had lipo on my stomach and arms and abit on my sides, my butt feels the same size but it's sitting up higher, I can feel 2 balls on my butt, I'm not in any pain and I can move around just fine, but I feel very swollen on my hands and arms it's uncomfortable, my body looks really good but my face looks very tired and discoloured and I keep getting cold and hot flushes, one second I'm freezing cold and shaking the next I'm fine. I made soup and added the immune powder to help coz I feel very weak. I also had a multivitamin infused with water.
Dr Toni Nassar

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