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I spent $1500 on a package of 3 vaser shape...

I spent $1500 on a package of 3 vaser shape treatments for my stomach. So far there has been no noticeable results and I'm terrified that I have just wasted $1500 on absolutely nothing. I will post pictures at the end of this week and see if anyone can tell but I cannot see any difference. The treatments itself is not bad, it is a little hot but I have sensitive skin but you can return to all normal activity immediately.

Treatment 3

I had my third treatment done yesterday and I actually noticed a difference!! I am still a ways from where I want to be but at least I am seeing some improvements! I have less fat to pinch and feel more comfortable in my clothes. I am going to do 2 or 3 more treatments and may try coolsculpting once. The nurses at my dr's office are simply amazing!! I would not continue to go back there if it was not for them, they are so friendly and truly want you to be happy! I just love them!! I don't know if it is coincidence or not but I lost 3 lbs when I stepped on the scale today. It's either the treatment or the gallons of water I am trying to drink. I did take a quick jog yesterday after my treatment as they said 25 mins of exercise after would really help. I'm willing to try anything to assure I have not wasted my money. Here are some pictures from this morning, you be the judge if you can notice a difference. I have been 130lbs for at least 8 months straight and today the scale said 126.5....hopefully I am headed in the right direction!!

3 Vaser's done, now 3 weeks after Coolsculpting

I had 3 Vaser treatments done to my lower abdomen and like I said, I only saw a difference on the last one so I decided to try Coolsculpting....ouch is all I can say!! I was one of the very unlucky one's and had pain for a solid two weeks. Today I am officially at my 3 week mark and report of no pain at all just some occasional numbness.
My pain subsided around week 2 but not a day before that! I could not sleep and finally a week and a half in I found my old pain pills from my C-section that I had never finished and started taking those at night just to get some sleep. I have a one and two year old and it was very difficult to tote them around and situate them just right on my hip to make sure they did not rub up against my stomach. The pain felt like a severe sunburn 24/7 with pins and needles all over. Not to mention I looked like I was 5 months pregnant for over 2 weeks.
The swelling went down around week 2 and I was feeling like there was a difference, now I am at week 3 and I feel like I am so bloated and my stomach is bigger than it was before? From what I have read this doesn't seem to be a normal thing?
I am very hopeful for results from the good reviews I have read yet I am super nervous that it isn't going to work after all this pain!!

Vaser NO Coolsculpting YES

Marysue, thank you for your comments, I would have to agree Vaser Shape is a scam. I went into my dr a few months after I was done and he stated it was not permanent like they once believed and were told...yet he offered me other treatments at what I already paid, why on earth would I spend $1500 or even $500 on something that may or may not be permanent again at the same place?? Another Dr sympathized with the waste of money I just went through of spending $1500 without even a bit of difference so he offered me coolscuplting at a drastically cheaper price and though I stated above the pain was no fun I am now 8 months out and the results were incredible and permanent! Everywhere I go people are noticing and making comments how skinny I look and asking what my trick was, the comments started coming in around 3 months after and just kept getting better with time and still are if that's even possible? I lost 10lbs and a good few inches. My pouch is still there don't get me wrong and I want more gone but it is drastically different in my eyes to how my clothes fit now and the amount of skin I can pinch is less than half then it was before. If you can tolerate the pain of coolsculpting I say do it!! When it comes to Vaser...your sure to get taken like I did!!

Updated photos

8mos after coolsculpting
Leawood Vascular Surgeon

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