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So I'm a little nervous about writing here. I...

So I'm a little nervous about writing here. I have been reading everyone's journeys for the past few weeks and have learned a lot. You all are inspiring and supportive, just what I need at this point in my life. So here I go....
I am 33, a mother of two a 6 year old and a 2year old. I have wanted a TT since my first kid wrecked my body. I am finally at a point in my life where I can finacially and time wise make it happen. When I was younger I would have bet money that I would never have plastic surgery, how time changes us. I am 5'2 and weigh 150. After I had my second child I joined weight watchers and lost 45lbs almost getting down to pre-kid weight. I work out with a personal trainer 3 days a week. I run, not as much or as long as I like because of a knee injury several times a week and have started trying to go to spin once or twice a week. I know I need more cardio to lose weight. I also know I will never loose this belly. And while I'm under the knife I'm going to have lip of inner and outer thighs, knees, abdominal flanks, arms and bra fat. Wow sounds like a lot when I type it out.
My surgery is Sept 12th. Just two weeks away! I went for my pre-op this week and am now in the process of trying to finish up household projects, plan for my recovery and cut back on my sodium intake (not going so well). My mom is coming in the day before the surgery to help take care of me and the kids.
My husband is unfortunately completely against the idea. When I first started this process I thought it was kinda sweet. He comes from a place of love, he thinks I'm beautiful as I am and is so worried about the risks and I'm sure the pain I'll be in. It is no longer sweet or endearing and the environment around the house has gotten more hostile the closer it has gotten to the surgery. Luckily I have a great support system otherwise. I have a dear friend and neighbor who just had a tt and then my mom has been there more than I ever expected as I have started down this path. However, not having my partner/best friend to talk to about my hopes and fears has made this more challenging. I know I'm not the first who's husband has been unsportive and I'm hoping to get some guidence on how to deal with it.
I will try to get my before pics up this weekend. I lookforward to sharing my storie and following everyone elses.

10 Days Stocking up...

So my friends are making fun of me for being ready for the zombie apocalypse. I picked up my pain meds and antibotics today. I have my miralax, acidophilus, arnica, extra strength tylenol and gauze. Based on a strong recomendation from a friend who had a tt, I have my hospital bed rented and shower seat bought. What am I forgetting? What do you recommend for scar treatment?
So aside from cg that the dr send me home in, I'm going to need something to transition into right?
I am getting sooooo excited. I grab the flab at least once a day now and tell it bye! I'm posting a picture of one of my favorite shirts but that I don't wear because of how it pulls on my fat. I can't wait to wear it once I'm flat. Still haven't done before pics. Probably because I don't want to see what I look like.

Pre-Op Pics

Finally pre-op pics! Wow I knew it was bad but these put it in perspective. Oh and surgery is only 4 days away!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited and not really to nervous, that's probably because my husband and I finally talked and he has agreed to support me. I was going to say I can't tell you how much that means to me to have him on board but I know you all understand.

It's time...

So I'm at the surgery center and just got signed in. All the sudden I've gotten nervous. I slept like a baby last night and I know I'll be thrilled on the flat side but at the moment I'm a bundle of nerves.

I made it to the flat side

So I seriously considered walking out of the surgery center today I was so nervous and scared. Like I said I hadn't been nervous or scared at all until I walked through the doors. I even jokingly mentioned it to the dr. and he said he had one patient do that in 15 years and she came back to weeks later. However I knew I would regret it the rest of my life. So I stayed and joined the flat side. All the nurses say the insision is super low and ill be thrilled. The pain right after surgery was way worse than I anticipated.
We are staying at a hotel tonight because the dr is two hrs from my house. Husband has been wonderful and we are finally working out a routine for getting in and out of the bed. Having a stool has been a life saver. That's all the energy I have for now. Happy healing.

No draining but lots of peeing

So things seem to be going good. I'm not as sore from lipo as I anticipated (although) I realize its early. What hurts the most are my upper abs incredibly sore. Kind like I'm hold a v-sit crunch non-stop. Not sure if that from muscle repair, umbilical hernia repair or compression garment. Although I have a sneaky suspicion it's from all of it. I'm having to get in and out of bed a lot. Like prior to my wonderful 2hr sleep. I was having to get up every 45min to pee. In the mean time my drain has stopped filling? We can't see any kinks and the hubby keeps checking the suction. I'm wondering if my body is getting rid of all the swelling via pee vs drain? Anxious to get in and ask "Dr. Evil" (this is my husbands term of endearment for the ps) in the morning. My appetite is better than expected I brought crackers and pineapple but sent husband out for a Starbucks iced chai and spinach wrap. Yummy!
Well that all I got would love to hear y'all's thoughts on the slow/no drain. Happy Healing.

Still in pain and feeling rushed by dr

So maybe "dr evil" read my previous posts before my visit this am so that is why he wasn't very helpful or maybe he's gotten my money and this is how he handles all he patients? Either way I wasn't real impressed with my follow up today. One of my questions was if my pain medication should be increased. I got very little sleep last night and it was with the addition of Tylenol pm. I'm uncomfortable before its time for the next round of meds and that's taking two. He was defensive and seemed to think I was asking to take more of the meds I am on. I am overall impressed with how ell I a getting around, all be it its just to the bathroom and back. Still I'm rocking that. I also think I can already see the results from the lipo. So I asked him when I would reach the height of my swelling and he immediately gave me the line of I wouldn't see results for 3months. That swelling was normal- again defensive and missed the point of my question. He did answer the drain question and just said I was draining below average. That was a good/fine thing. He told me I need to cut back on the meds or I would get nauseas. So I tried and in tears he to take one and hour "early." So I'm frustrated with my drs attitude but very impressed with his work. Posting a quick picture taken while they removed the bandaid. Nurse said my belly button was gonna be really cute?! They took off a 3lb skin flap, lipo on my flanks was 250cc a side and 450cc on my saddle bags. Apparently that's above average. Yeah for me! I knew being heavy would pay off ;) That's all for now, I'm sure ill be back rambling at 2 in the morning. Happy healing to you all.

Wow what a difference a day makes

I've read it on here over and over. But everything does change day today. The day after surgery was the worst and no fun. Yesterday I got down to one pain pill and one Tylenol every 4hrs. I took a shower which was a very scary task but I felt better for doing it. It took an hour start to finish. And of course just when I thought I was doing good horrible gas pains hit early evening. I sat/stood over the toilet while they worked them selves out. It was very uncomfortable. However they moved on and I took a gas x and haven't had them as sever since. I also have not had a bowel movement. That's starting to get a little scary. I have been taking mom but have increased the dose and I have had chia seeds on a mea a day. I'm hoping tomorrow will be a good day. I felt soon much better today overall. I even joined my family for dinner upstairs. I promised my slf and my husband that just because I feel better doesn't mean I'm going to over do it. I feel like I have learned that lesson through u all but it is a hard one to remember.
The lipo areas arent near as sore as swollen as I expected. I think there might be something to the bromelin and arnica. The sorest part and what makes getting in bed so uncomfortable is the bruising on my back and butt. I assume its from flank lipo and pooling.
I have an appointment with dr evil tomorrow for drain removal. Think ill be taking both my pain pills for this appointment! Not to mention the 4hr round trip.
I am over joyed with my results so far. It feels really surreal that it is over. My husband has referenced my Barbie doll waist several times. He still doesn't understand why I did this to myself but can admire the final product!
My girls are great. The 2yr old cheers when I go pee pee through the hole in my garment and I've let the oldest decorate the legs of the garment. It makes me smile every time I look down and helped figure out how to get back in them after the shower. Happy healing and good night.

Drain out!!

So getting the drain out was not as bad as I expected. It was way faster than I thought. However it I had started healing so there was some resistance. I also decided the pain meds make me car sick?! Took a shower mostly by myself tonight. I am getting around much better today. I'm going to try Motrin only tomorrow. I finally had to do a suppositorie tonight. Feel much better after it. Amazed with my progress and thrilled with results.

Time flys

So I'm 17 days post op. I keep putting off writing because I don't have my pictures on my iPad. But so much time has passed I'm doing it with out pictures. What I have learned. You need a stool! It makes getting in and out of bed, bathtub amd vehichels those first few days so much more doable and less painful. Things not to do within a week of surgery- do not cough. Keep cough drops and water handy at all times. I coughed once and it brought me to my knees. The next day I sneezed and it hurt a hundred times worst. The pain almost made me vomit but I knew that also would hurt so managed to keep it down.
Swell hell has not been as bad as I anticipated. I had one evening were I became really swollen at the top and above the cg. It scared me a little. I had a friend come over and check who has had a tt and she assured me it was swelling. Stitches are all out of my belly button. That's my area of concentration right now. I have a picture ill post tomorrow. I need your alls advice. Dr says its just swollen to me it looks like its closing in?
I'm off lift restrictions. Having to dig out old maternity pants to wear. My back and waist are still to swollen for me to fit in regular jeans. The bruising from the lipo is pretty much all gone. As is all my help.
My mom left today. She has been a huge help taking care of my two girls and household duty. My husband who has been more helpful than I had hoped for, is in the army and will be "in the field" all this week. So everything comes crashing down on me. My biggest fear is bed time. Neither girls are good sleepers and I'm still sleeping in the hospital bed. It's still uncomfortable to lay flat. So I'm not sure how this is all gonna work. Wish me luck! Happy healing.

14 day po

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