49yr Old Mommy of Two Taking A Walk to the Flat Side! - Leawood, KS

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Hi Ladies! I am so glad that I found this site....

Hi Ladies!
I am so glad that I found this site. I have been on a weight journey of some kind all of my life, and I am FINALLY at a place where I feel comfortable with the weight that I am. With that being said, I am having a TT with lipo and a bra line back lift on September 19th. I can hardly contain myself, but luckily current obligations are keeping me focused, and not obsessing about having a flat tummy! As a lot of you know, from me reading your stories, there is always a casualty of the weight loss war; our stomachs loaded with residual fat and skin. Looking at your amazing pictures I think I might have the biggest gut to get rid of. I will post pics soon to get your perspective if you don't mind. At my highest, I weighed 376 pounds. I currently weigh 254lbs at 5'6". I am working to lose another 30lbs before my surgery. I think my only fear is not getting the hour glass shape I crave. I am so tired of looking like Sponge Bob's sister Sponge Betty! But I will pray that Dr. Cannova will utilize his very best skills for me to get a great result. I think this is all for now. Will post again soon with pics.

As Promised, My Temporary Truth!

Hi Beautiful Ladies,
I have posted pictures of myself in my current state! Woooooo! Lot of rolls & butter! The scars on my belly are from a radiator burn as a child and multiple surgeries. Scars in my side breasts are from a breast reduction from 1991. The back lift will address that spillage. I have to wait for the thigh lift and brachioplasty, but the loss of gut will make me happy for now.





Heading Home This Week!!!

Good evening RS Sister's,
I wanted to check in. I've been seeing some amazing transformations! I wish you all safe and speedy recoveries. You are all inspirational and a wealth of knowledge for me. For the last six weeks I have been in Texas on business. I have been missing my kids like crazy and ready to get home to them. I am very excited to be leaving as I have not been motivated to work out, and I got a lot of work to do when I get home. I want to lose 25 - 30lbs plus the additional 10 that I gained while here, before i have my surgery in September. Not too worried about the extra ten as I know I will drop it quick once I get back to my normal routine. I am anxious though about getting a good result. I have an excellent surgeon, but I have a lot of "MEAT" to get rid of and I don't want to end up with a box shape like I already have. I am going to stay positive and trust in my doc's skills, and my own ability to drop some more weight. I have NEVER had a flat tummy or small waist, and I pray that I will get it with my surgery. I will continue to post pics as I have received positive feedback from other ladies my size and shape who are having a hard time envisioning what a result will look like because there are not many photos like us. I don't mind being the guinea pig, if others feel more comfortable and at ease. Well, that's all for now. God bless!

Two Weeks From Today, I Will Be on the FLAT SIDE!!!!!

Hello RS Sisters! I am getting even more excited and anxious as my surgery date gets closer. The thought of no longer having all of this skin and fat on my belly and back is so surreal as they have been with me pretty much all my life. I just want to be able to put on a bra or a fitted top and not have to worry about spillage. Even though I have a high degree of self-confidence I still know there are areas that are lacking and they are all centered around this disproportionate body. I am in the process of getting things ready for my transformation. The best part is that not only am I going to be a new person physically, but I will be transferring to a different division at work that I think will be a great opportunity and adventure. So if you have advice or tips that helped you through the process, please share with me. This inquiring mind needs to know! Supplies? Equipment? Food? Supplements? Garments? Whatever you have, I'm open. Prayers to all of the ladies and gentlemen who are having their procedures today.

Today Is Flatside Day!

Good morning RS. It's time for me to head out to the hospital for surgery. Excited, nervous, scared, but ready! I'll post later when I can!

A Few Pics

Here are a few pics. Hard to stand up for long. I will need a tiny bit more work on the right side of my boob. All in all very pleased. I can picture the result in my head. I look pregnant because of swelling.

Follow up!

Saw Dr. Picasso today.he is VERY pleased with my results so far. Was able to get my back drains out. Incisions look fabulous! I'm through the roof excited. Here are some more pics.


Two Weeks Post OP!

Good morning Beautiful Ladies of RS! Today is my 2 week post OP, and I am in pure SWELL HELL. I am posting pics, but they really make it look worse than what it is. I actually have some "curverasation" going on! I'll try to take some with my iPad. They seem to be more true to life than this camera. Doc is pleased with my progress. All drains gone, BB stitches out. I think it's so cute. I have a superficial sore on my incision above the mons. Doc said just use TAO. I had to have the drain area from the right boob drained as it collected a pocket of fluid after the drain was removed. Doc suggested continuing to let it drain as it does not look worrisome, but to call if there is ANY change with it. Still very pleased. I put on my first bra yesterday and for the first time in decades, I had no spillage!!!!!! Really pleased with that!

Couldn't Resist the New Underwear Shots! Tee Hee Hee!

I'm tickled pink! Everyday I can see my curves emerging and the swelling subsiding. Here are some pics so I can track my progress and encourage other ladies who had a significant apron and back like mine. I'm so excited for all of our futures full of renewed hope!

Tomorrow Will Be Three Weeks Post OP! Pics to Celebrate!!!!!!!

Hi RS Sisters! Here are my 3 week pics. You can still see the swelling, but I am so much more defined in the morning. I can't believe how well he contoured my waist. Unfortunately you can't see it in these pics because they were taken during SWELL HELL! I'm still happy. It will just take time to get to the end result. Happy healing, and good luck for those still waiting their flat side dates!
Kansas City Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Cannova is a true compassionate and caring doctor. I have felt like I was in good hands from day one, and I always knew that he would be my surgeon of choice after I had lap band surgery. He has lived up to his reputation for being meticulous about his work. The nurses refer to him as Dr. Cassonova, but to me he is Dr. Picasso!!!!! I have never has a flat tummy and back and to have it even close to flat, I am extremely grateful and humbled to be able to feel like a proportionate woman for once in my life. The staff was great, Dr. Rast was fantastic as well as he followed up with me before I left the hospital. Two big thumbs up to Dr. Cannova and his team as well as the Mennorah Medical Center Staff!

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