Hope I'm Making the Rite Decision.... - Leawood, KS

Soooo.. .. I Been reaallly thinking bout this for...

Soooo.. .. I Been reaallly thinking bout this for months n decided to go ahead with it. I've always been very curvy. It wasn't until I had n lost my twins. Rescued my mom from a fire, had and lost my son. Then had and almost lost my dgtr, that the weight came on along withba unhelpful friend named 'steroids' lol. Since then it's been very very hard to get and keep weight off and I've tried EVERYTHING! I MEANE EVVVVVVVRYTHING! Nothing worked no matter how well it long I followed. Seeing I wasn't the only one gave me hope so I've been goin to Dr appts losing weight each month right? Last mth I lost 13lbs on my own then 2 wks later, June 16th, I got in a car wreck n broke my leg tore acl n ripped meniscus in 2 places. I jus walked with out side yesterday. My f/u, LAST appt is this thur and I'm soooo nervous that I may hve gained a pound or 2 due to my broke leg. I'm like prayin lol. I've been eating as healthy as I cn while I've been dwn but I knw I need cardio too n I can't ????. Im nt sure how to feel. I've done countless hrs of research n interviews support groups... I dnt wanna mess this up ya knw? Anybody else have something tragic come up rite before Ur last weigh in?

Last Weigh In! Wish Me Luck!

So my last weigh in is today n I'm so freaking nervous! Its been hard nt being able to walk for 3 wks. I am glad to sat I'm walking now n have been released back to wrk. Yay! I hope my weight hasn't increased so I cn get approved. Fingers crossed. I'm really wanting this. I worked really hard n did tons of research to stop now. Pray for me lowland congratulations to everyone who took the step to healthier living! Bravo! U guys r lookin great! Keep up the hard wrk! I hope to soon join u on the sleeved side

8Lbs Down on Last Weight In! Yay!

So I was nervous about the lost since I been crippled for a month. To my surprise I was actually down 8 pounds OMG! And my doctor went head-on and gave my recommendation she told me how as she was for the hard work I've done and I did it without any of the Phentermine so I did it all on my own and I am so proud!

Omw to the sleeves side!!!!

Yaaaaayyyy! Passed my psych test. Insurance approved me in 48hrs! Ikr? I've started my 3week liquid diet n it's nt as bad as I thought. Preops done. Passed easily. Surgery is Oct 3! Thanx for all the support n stories. It really helped. Sorry it's been so long. Got a lot going on emotionally physically n I be had 2 deaths 3 days apart so please keep me in prayer.

10 more days!!!!!

I'm still on my preop liquid n it's.....ok... Lol not as bad as I thought. Probably bcuz I don't eat a lot ne ways bcuz I'd my work schedule. Now I'm getting all these offers to go out to fabulous restaurants n I gotta say no.???????? Lol it's worth it. I've been working to hard to go back ya know? I have a lot of emotions right now... nervous, anxiety, fear, excitement. I can say I have a great team behind so that eases my mind greatly. I'm getting more motivated As I read the stories knowing I'm nt alone. A lot of people look dwn on this or wldnt understand my why's so I've tld only a select few. Hoping I'll last on this liquid thing cuz after surgery this another 2 weeks liquid! Yaaaaayyyy!!! Lol
Nicole Fearing

I haven't had it done yet but just speaking with her and her office them guys are so great they are very helpful they are very caring she's very one on one I can't wait to get the procedure done I'm just so I can see her again and she's awesome!

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