27 Yr Old with Lots of Melasma - Leawood, KS

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27 years old and in the last 4 years I had noticed...

27 years old and in the last 4 years I had noticed what was once cute freckles turn into patches of dark spots. After speaking with my dermatologist and Estathician friends, they told me what I had,melasma. A friend of mine needed a model and asked if I would do it. It's literally been 5 hours since my treatment and my face is one fire. They sent me home with an "SOS KIT" which is just heavy moisturizers and cooling creams. The cooling cream works for about 45 seconds and then my face goes back to feeling like I had just laid on the beaches of cancun on an August day with no sunscreen for about 12 hours straight. I will also say, I have a low pain tolerance. I'm hoping to get some sleep tonight and that the pain will subside by tomorrow morning. So far, it is painful. The procedure itself is not, but my face hurts.

Morning after my halo treatment

So I slept slightly elevated last night and I can still tell there is a little swelling around my eyes. Not too bad though. My pain has finally subsided and I'm so happy
Abou that. I can tell in the picture my melasma is already breaking up! I'm hoping to see even the slightest of results!

Day 3

Still loving the results I'm seeing! My melasma is breaking up, it almost looks like little tiny brown dots everywhere, which were once patches. That is the melasma and sun damage breaking apart so it can continue making its way to the surface, and eventually flake off. My skin is noticibly tighter (which I love). My skin definitely feels like sand paper, which they said it would. They told me not to exfoliate or pick it off, just let it do its thing. She also said I will be itchy, k have yet to experience that. I can tell I will be itchy, but as of today at lunchtime, I'm not itchy. All in all, loving this so far! Can't wait to see the end result of just one halo treatment!

Day 4

Today is day 4 of the halo treatment. I can definitely see some results already! Where my lighter melasma was is now gone, and my darker spots have faded significantly! I still have some peeling that could come off but I was informed to not peel. It's been hard to not want to pick, but I'm not going to compromise anything! I also put a tiny by of make up on today for the first time since the treatment. That makes me feel good. Skin is turning more link instead of a bright red. I cannot wait to see what a week time will do, and also 6 weeks from now!

Loving the results!

So I am 9 days since the treatment! I am loving the results! My melasma isn't completely gone but it is significantly lighter/or gone. They had told me I was one of her most "challenging" clients in terms of pigment- so anything was better than what I had before! I highly recommend it!! ????????
Tara Murrell

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