47 Year Old with Young Children, Waited 25 Years for This - Leawood, KS

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Same old story, developed quickly and...

same old story, developed quickly and enthusiastically in middle school and hated it immediately. I played soccer and volleyball and was self conscious and physically uncomfortable from the beginning. after college, I lost weight and felt great but no change to breasts, already a DD. talked to my internist who said it was very reasonable to move forward with reduction but it might be better to wait until I have children.

revisited in early 30s when still not in a long term relationship and our society starts screaming too old to have children by 35. I have a stubborn streak so I decided to wait.

I married at 36 and had my first baby at 41 with no help and no problems...breast fed for just over a year. returned to goal weight but the breasts were even bigger and didn't budge. had baby number 2 at 44 and breast fed for 15 months...you guessed it bigger, like G or H (I'm not quite 5 feet tall by the way). I've struggled more with weight but I'm taking care of myself again and losing steadily and slowly with weight watchers, trying to get some sleep for the first time...my biggest problem is trying to return to my very active lifestyle with this chest. I've got severe skin issues from the weight and my shoulder grooves are a bit ridiculous. even after 20 pounds, no change in the bra size. if anything, they look bigger as some of the fat around is going away. I had a hysterectomy last year so I know I'm not having any more babies and I made this the year of getting myself healthy so I can be actively engaged with my kiddos (almost 3 and 5 1/2) and husband a good long time.

I finally got past my hang up with plastic surgery (I'm a bit of a naturalist...ok more than a bit), had a serious talk with my husband who has never known me with anything less than a DD/DDD chest but is very supportive of whatever will make me more comfortable and healthier (lucky me). I made a consult appoint (4 week wait...which is nothing when thinking about 25 years of waiting but felt LONG), got hooked on this site and have been following 8 ladies through their journeys.

I had my consult on Wednesday and was so nervous. the doctor did an amazing job of both validating me and putting me at ease for the discussion and exam. he was entertained by how much I had researched and yet how many questions I had (I heard him tell the nurse outside the door...it goes onto a 2nd page)...but he hung with me through all of them...patiently I might add.

I put on my calendar to follow-up in a month on coverage, had a message on my machine when I got home last night to call the office. yes, I worried about it but figured they just needed some more info for the letter. called back this day and learned I had same day approval and they are ready to schedule me for end of august or end of September (my doctor will be on a medical mission in Uganda for the first 3 weeks of august). holy cow...in all of the reading I did about insurance and all of the other stories on here, I figured the insurance would be the hard part...never heard of less than 24 hours from a consult to approval!

now it's real and I just feel like talking (obviously). I wasn't going to post here but figured my husband will get bored and disinterested with my obsession between now and surgery! so here I am, joining the club of breast reducers, not sure i'll ever be ready to share photos though.

thanks and cheers!
Kansas City Plastic Surgeon

Liked him and his nurse so much during my consult, decided not to seek multiple opinions. Energetic, supportive, positive...happy so far!

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