32 Year Old, 2 Kids, Removing 350 cc after 5 Years to Be Healthy Again! - Leawood, KS

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I got implants after having my first child, I was...

I got implants after having my first child, I was really into fitness and running ... lost my post-baby boobs, was not even filling out my B bras at that point. I was teaching fitness, and it seemed like everyone in my area had fake breasts. I did feel flat like a boy all the time, so I decided to get implants. I was also not in a good place with my husband, we had a really rough patch. He was into bodybuilding at that time, so just being around all the fitness/figure oriented people was not great for my confidence. I went with 350cc silicone under the muscle, hoping to get to a C cup. Mind you, I did not want large breasts! I just wanted to fill the volume of what I lost. I don't have any pre-surgery pics, but I was flat on top with a tear drop shape ... so still nice and round on the bottom. My breasts also naturally sit lower on my chest, so I was hoping for some cleavage.

After the surgery, they were ok. Very hard to get used to! Especially with working out, ever since then I just can't get back into the swing of things. They ended up being D's .. not happy about that!

Fast forward a couple years, my husband and I finally turned the corner with our problems (thank you Lord) and things were looking up. I had my second child. My breasts grow during pregnancy quite a bit, so there I was with DD's ... and they haven't gone down from there! When I first got implants, the PS said you normally lose tissue with each pregnancy. So I figured if anything my breast size would go down, not up. He is 2 1/2 now, and I don't have weight to lose. So being stuck with DD's is miserable, so embarrassed, always covering them up. Did not make me more confident, which was the initial goal. Hard to be active. Definitely feel more sluggish and unhappy.

I have also been having pains, especially in my left one for quite some time now. Over the last few months, they got worse. I finally went in to figure out what the deal was. My PS said they look ok, the left may be bottoming out a bit. It was enough for me to just decide to get them out. I don't want to deal with more surgeries, I am always scared there are other issues going on that I can't detect. I'm just ready to be natural again! After finding this site, I was so happy to know I could just get them out without doing a lift!

So the explant is this afternoon (my post wouldn't let me select today), we'll do in office under local. Removal only. My PS didn't think I would need a lift at this time, I sure hope he's right! I just don't want any more surgeries, already regretted this expensive life lesson. I will update you all on how it goes!

Day 1 Post Op, Feeling Fine!

It's been about 24 hours since my explant, and I honestly feel really good. Flat as a pancake in my compression bra, but totally expected that! I have taken one pain pill today so far, but nothing else and probably won't take another until this evening. I work from home on a laptop, so I have actually gotten a few things done today.

Here's how my surgery went:
Arrived 30 min prior to procedure, brought my pain meds (had taken an antibiotic that morning). Nurse came out into lobby, had me sign my consents and then made me take 3 valium, one hydrocodone, and one anti-nausea pill - holy crap! I didn't feel too out of it though, really just relaxed I guess? Not loopy at all. But how odd to make me take the meds in the lobby ... felt really weird to me, no privacy. Then she said "Now you can just sit here and bake, then they'll come get you." Um ... geez, her nurse bedside manner is just terrible.

They took me to my surgical room at 2pm, which was full of all kinds of equipment and even the trash can was full. Seemed a bit unorganized and "cold" to me, but I think I'm just jealous of other's who had the "zen spa" experience at their PS office. The nurse that took me in was nice, didn't say much though. So I started drilling her with questions about the procedure, why they remove the capsule, why I wanted them out. She answered them fine.

PS came in, he is very pleasant. I had to lay on a surgical table, arms straight out to my sides. Covered everywhere, even a sheet to shield me from seeing ... but it kept falling onto my face ugh! Felt claustrophobic. He numbed me up locally, felt a little pinch. They sterilized my skin. Then he got started, told me each step. Opened up my old scars under the breast. When it was time to get the implant out, they were definitely pushing and yanking! I thought for sure I'd wake up today totally miserable from that, but I'm really fine. Then he cauterized as much of the capsule as he could, that part was not great ... no real pain, but discomfort. Then they washed it all out with water - very weird sensation! And on to next side, I bet each side took around 5 minutes or so. They cleaned me up, did the steri strips with gauze and tape, then put my bra on. Oh yeah, drains on both. I had to ask how and when to empty them (those nurses just don't talk much!). It was fast as I could have hoped, just wished the nurses would have chatted with me during.

I walked out and rode home with the hubby. Took a pain pill a few hours after, rested in bed. But I can get around fine, can even lift my arms if I need to (they said I wasn't restricted to that). Supposed to shower tnite, removed gauz and keep steri strips/drains. I have only drained 10 cc on each side, so I may be able to get them out by Thursday. But I'm scheduled to get them out in 1 week.

So early to tell on the shape and look of them, but I am soo happy I did this! I feel lighter, I actually have energy. I know I need to watch that and not do too much though, I have read that you can crash on day 3. Thanks to all for the support and for posting your stories! I'll keep you updated on my progress. Posting 2 post-op pics, those are from the day of surgery.

Drains are out!

I was only draining 10 cc's each side in a 24 hour period, so I called and they took my drains out today (holla!). Just a pinch to pull them out, came out fine though. Feel so much better, less restricted! Pain today is fine, I don't feel like a need a pain pill. Maybe before bed, we'll see. Since I have gauze where the drains were and my compression bra, I don't have any good photo updates. I'll wait for those things to come off, probably do a 1 week post-op pic. Anyone else's stomach super bloated or puffy? I have read that it can be at times due to surgery and pain meds. Hoping that goes down, they told me to not work out this week (can walk) but that I could ease back into things after next week. I go in next Thursday for a follow-up and to clip the ends of the stitches.

100% no regrets, even if they stay this flat! I would much rather be small chested than have those big toxic bags in me. Even my husband said today that I'm in a much better mood, he feels the relief too I think. He has also been a rock star for helping me with the kids, I think I better get him a nice thank you card or something :).

3 Days Post Explant & Loving It Already!

Just thought I would share a few photo updates. This is technically 3 days post explant from my surgery on Monday afternoon. I was changing the gauze out from over the drains, so took a few pics. The lines you see in the middle are from the front-close compression bra I have on today. My other bras don't create this, so no worries - it's not sag marks ha! As other have mentioned in their pics, I feel like the camera makes them look larger than what they are. But this shows I still have some roundness at bottom, and of course flat on top (just as before!). Once steri strips come off, wondering how the bottom will really look.

Didn't take any pain pills yesterday, none today either. Felt so good all day! But I did sort of crash by around 3:30 - 4pm, so decided to nap and relax for remainder of day. Slept well last night. Will update more next week -- sooo anxious to be further along and buy some REAL bras. I haven't worn real bras in so long b/c my implanted jugs were so huge and a real bra made them ridiculous. Thanks for all the kinds words!

1 week post op, feeling great!

Hey just a quick update for 1 week post op. Still feeling great, only complaint right now is incisions (just the normal itchy feeling for anything with steri strips). I am trying not to lift too much, but I can pick up my toddler and brought heavy groceries into the house. Just making sure I'm watching myself. I do get tired by end of the day, but I feel like part of that is from sitting around since I normally do some type of exercise.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my breasts after explant. They still look a little sad at times, flat on top. But I just don't care! They feel warm and soft and amazing. In the pics, they do look bigger than real life. But I will at least be a B cup, unless they fluff up more than maybe B-C. I wear this padded sports bra a lot, it's from Walmart actually - Danskin. I have Champion bras from Target, but they are pre-explant and a bit stretched out. So I'll need a new one, I love their thin strap racerback style for summer tanks. I did get a wireless bra as shown in my pics from Kohls, Warner's Invisible Bliss bra size 34B. It's comfy, and I just needed something for a dress I'm wearing this weekend to a graduation. Just for fun, I did try on some underwire and push-up bras, and was pleased to know I've got something to work with here. It will all depend on the fit of the bra once I get to that point, as my breasts are low/wide apart and flat on top. So some bras gap at the top. I think this forum has good advice on bra shopping though! And I'm willing to pay the extra money for something good, since I do find myself wearing the same bras over and over again anyways.

Stuck a swim top shot in here too so you can see the comparison. This top is either L or XL, I can't remember. I just need to switch it out for a medium or small, and can't wait to try other styles for the summer when the time comes. My post-op appt is Thursday with my surgeon, so I'll report back if any new info. Otherwise, I will keep doing progress pics for the months to come.

Stitches are out!

Got my stitches out this morning, didn't feel a thing really. He said everything looks great, scar is closing nicely. I have to keep a bandaid on them while they are still pink on those ends, but then can go bare under bras. He said at about the 3-4 week mark, I can resume regular workout activities, swim in pools/lakes and even wear and underwire as long as it's not irritating the scar. I think I was cleared for workouts at the 2 week mark when I got my implants in, so it's interesting the difference this time around. Whatever is best for the scar to heal nicely without thickening, and that was his reasoning. Also, can start massage at that time. He said if I do it earlier, I can set off some of those twingy muscle spasms and just doesn't allow those to relax as much. He doesn't think I have much swelling if any since I didn't drain much at all.

I also have had some soreness on my left side again. He said the tissue inside looked good to him, benign. And he thinks its just those muscle spasms/hormones. But I will be going to my regular physician to make sure everything checks out. I have birth control for PCOS (mild case) that causes breast pain, so wondering if that is the real cause ... wanting to switch up my treatment anyways, so I'll just go in for those issues. Love all of your support and kind words - you girls rock!

Scar questions

Hey ladies! I got my stitches out yesterday, and my PS said to just keep a bandage over the pink part until it is no longer that color and closed. It's just hard to figure out if I need a bandage all the way across my scar? I have bandaid tape over a portion of it, is that ok or will that irritate it? I'm sure all depends on the weather. They are just bumpy/raised right now, assuming they are just new. I can't remember what scars are supposed to look like in the beginning, I did not take any post-implant pics back in the day. I just know my scars were smooth and lightened up in time, so ... hopefully they will eventually do so? Any advice is appreciated! I can't do scar creams until week 3 or 4.

3 weeks post op - loving it!

I am a little over 3 weeks post explant and couldn't be happier! They are a great size for me, although the left could be almost a cup size bigger than the right. I bet I'll be in B bras, maybe C depending on the band size. I am cleared for harder workouts, swimming and regular bras if they do not irritate the scar. I will hold off a while before I buy any though, I can get by with my sports bras and Kohl's bra just fine and I want the scar to heal more. I am also cleared to start using the silicone scar sheets, so I've been wearing those daily. I'll keep you posted on how they work! My right scar is bumpy, so I am not happy about that. I hope it improves.

Sharing pics of front, side and then with swim tops. The triangle swim top is a medium at Target to go with some navy bottoms I already had from there. After trying on several tops, this honestly fit the best! The halter, bra and bandeau fit weird at the top (gaping). The green top is a medium Becca top to go with my bottoms from last year. I had originally had to get their D cup top and still felt exposed with the implants. I was so happy to find this top online and on sale, I just love this swim suit!

I ran for the first time yesterday. It was different! I feel like I need super tight bras, things are just softer now. But I do have more energy, I am not constantly trying to cover them up any more and I just love being natural! If you are on the fence - JUST DO IT! Best decision I have made. They may be flat on top, but I just don't care. Love them for what they are :).
Kansas City Plastic Surgeon

I like Dr. Cannova, although sometimes I think their office encourages you to go larger. Most women do like to be large, and I think they've just had several come back wanting to go bigger. In my case, this just did not work out for me. He was wonderful during the explant procedure, made me feel relaxed. I think some of the nurses could be more empathetic at times, but Dr. Cannova is definitely a professional in this field.

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