49 Years Old Ready for Breast Reduction - Leawood, KS

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I started developing in grade school. Girls would...

I started developing in grade school. Girls would call me " stuffer" until one day I finally showed them! I am currently a DDD/E, and would like to be a B or C. I've been reading reviews for months. I went to the PS on May 29th, and I received a phone call on Thursday letting me know that I have been approved!!! I have BCBS. I have to pay my deductible as it has not yet been met. I love to exercise, but I always have to choose the low impact over high impact because the girls go crazy, and it actually raises my heart rate above my anaerobic threshold. I'm canceling my massage membership today because I will no longer need it for back, neck, and shoulder pain. I'm wondering what kind of top to wear to the hospital, do I need to buy a wedge pillow, and is there anyone out there that is allergic to pain meds and if so what did you take. I will keep posting for others. I know this sight has been, and will continue to be very helpful to myself and many others.

It's Getting Closer!

It is only four weeks until the big day! Is there anyone out there that has bad reactions to pain meds, and if so what did your doctor give you for pain? I had smart laser lipo done in March and I just used Tylenol but im thinking this is going to be a little more painful!

Just got letter from insurance company

I just got my approval letter, but it says if the surgeon is unable to get the required amounts I will be responsible for all costs. Has anyone had this happen?

My husband is not happy with my decision

My husband is not very happy with my decision to have a reduction. He told me that he would drop me off, but he has to go to work afterward. He owns his own business, and could arrange to bring me home as well. Has anyone else's husband been upset?

Only 26 days

I only have 26 days left before I don't need this DDD bathing suit top! The backstrap is almost up to my neck, and I can't fit the girls all the way in the cups. I can't wait for relief. I think that my husband is becoming more comfortable, and realizes the necessity of the surgery. I went to look for a wedge pillow today with no luck. Are they really necessary?

Only four days until post op appointment

I am getting very excited to speak with my PS on Wednesday. I have a long list of questions, but the big question is whether or not to ask to be a B or C cup. She will know what the correct size should be for my body frame. I'll update after my appointment!

21 days, and counting.

I am consumed with the surgery, and reading reviews of reductions. I ordered a wedge pillow last night, and picked up a few things at the store. I meet with my PS on Wednesday for my pre-op! I have a list of questions for her.

Pre Op today!

I am very anxious to meet with Dr. Young this morning. I have a list of questions a mile long! 20 days and counting!

Pre op

I had my pre op with Dr Young yesterday. I'm on the road to smaller breasts, and no more pain!!! I picked up my prescriptions, and body was last night.m the last item to buy are front closure bras. I found the online at Walmart for 7.94! Big difference from spending 60.00 to 75.00 on a Ta Ta Tamer from Lu Lu Limon or a regular bra. Dr Young took her time and answered all of my questions. I didn't think that I would be able to brush my hair, or water my plants, but she said that as long as I don't use full range of motion, or get hot and sweaty I'll be fine. I'm so relieved that I won't be bed ridden for days! I am allergic to any pain meds itching, vomiting etc. so I'll take Celebrex with Tylenol. Tip: there is a coupon for Celebrex I bought it for 4.00 vs. 76.00 after copay.

Taking acrylic nails off

I made an appointment to have my nails removed Sunday. Dr. Young said that they will be monitoring my oxygen with a device on my finger. It is possible that they can attach it to the earlobe, but I would rather be safe than sorry.

11 days and counting

I'm vacationing at the lake this weekend with my husband and kids. I'm trying to cram the rest of summer fun into the next 10 days! I'm wearing my DDD bikini as much as possible until the date of surgery. We are going to the outlet mall this morning and I know that I will see things that I want to buy, but I'm going to be strong, and wait to purchase anything until I have healed. I didn't ask my doctor,but I'm getting a little confused with breast lift and reductions, and a reduction. My Dr. Showed me where my nipple will be which is going to be much higher so I am assuming that she will be lifting them as well. My belly button is going to miss them! LOL.

One Week and Counting!

The seventh of July is just around the corner. I've been running around all day getting last minute items. I just took the picture wearing the pink shirt. I'm so excited to sit down without my breast resting on my stomach!

Last Run Before the Big Day

I went for my last run outside yesterday. I can't wait until the day when I can wear a sports bra that fits, and not be in pain afterwards. Getting the finishing touches done around the house, and getting everything gathered up that I'll need Tuesday. How many of you had to sleep in the recliner? My bed is very tall, I have a step stool, but I'm nervous about trying to climb in. I'm also hoping that Celebrex and Tylenol are going to be enough to manage the pain. The narcotics make me very ill!

One Hour and Fifty Five Minutes!

I am just relaxing before I have to leave for the hospital. I think that my husband and I are both prepared. I miss my morning cup of coffee, and my stomach is growling! It's all worth it. Will post more later, or tomorrow.

Bye Bye Boobies

I am one day post! I arrived at the hospital at seven am yesterday. I was taken back to a room where I put on compression socks, footies, and a gown that had a heater hooked up to it. My blood was drawn, and I was given an IV . The anesthesiologist came in and asked questions. I requested a patch so that I did not get nauseous from the meds. Dr. Young came in and marked my breasts, and was very helpful with making me comfortable. I was taken to the ER at exactly nine. I woke up in the recovery room around 1:30 and was given pain meds which made me itch so I was given Benadryl and it helped. I was taken to another room and waited on my son who was late, but it worked out well. I asked the nurse if I could get another bra because mine was very messy. She looked and felt my breast and the right one was very hard. Thankfully Dr. Young was still in the hospital . I was taken back to surgery and my right breast was drained and then closed. Back to the recovery room, same thing with pain reliever and Benadryl . I had the choice of staying in the hospital, or going home, and I chose to go home. I'm sore this morning, but it's under control. 458 grams were taken out of my right breast, and 480 out of my left. I feel different when I stand up! I have an apt with Dr. Young today hopefully I will get my drains taken out!

Sore Neck and Abs

I'm two days post op, and the back of my neck are so sore. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I'm looking forward to having my drains removed tomorrow!

Four Days Post Op!

I feel so much better today! I had my drains removed yesterday, and I was able to shower today with no problem. I'm going to get my hair washed and trimmed. I wasn't ready to wash my own hair. I can't believe what my breast look like, I'm very happy with the size. I am bruised and swollen, but pain is minimal to non existent and I haven't had painkillers. I used Celebrex and Tylenol for the first three days. Nobody will ask if my breast are real anymore! I'll post pictures from first day with drains. I also had to wear my compression stockings until my follow up visit. The last picture is from this morning. I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it is not to wear an underwire bra!!
Sheryl Young Associated Plastic Surgeons

I've had a wonderful experience with Dr. Young, and her staff. Dr Young has a wonderful bedside manner, and made me feel very comfortable during my office visits, and on the day of my surgery. I never had to wait at the office, or at the hospital. My surgery was scheduled for nine am, and I was taken into the OR at nine. My breast look amazing!

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