Breast lift with 225 cc implants and umbilical hernia repair

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I'm getting ready for my lift and absolutely...

I'm getting ready for my lift and absolutely obsessing. Doc says I need an implant. Everyone says listen to the doc. I've been huuuuge my whole life. Now I'm all shrunken from babies and I like my size. He says do a 250 cc and if I really want to be the same size, he can take out tissue but just get shape. I want to listen to him but I keep thinking if I like my size do I really need an implant? What if I look fake? What if I'm huge? I just don't want to be saggy. I want to look great with my shirt off. Obviously anything would be an improvement now. I was saggy by 18 so I just want to do whatever makes me perky longer. After years of people asking me if my boobs were fake, I don't want that to start again and I don't want to say yes!

I'm a professional so I can't have that huge fake look.

Nervous but super excited still!!


This weekend I wore rice sizers adding about 180ccs. My husband thought the 250's added way too much volume. I (and he) even thought the size increase with 180 was unnecessary. I just think I'm big enough now. I did, however, start to think that maybe all the docs are right. If I really want to get (and keep) a nice shape, maybe I need an implant. There seems to be 100% agreement on that from the docs. I'm still really struggling with the decision because I'm happier with my own size but I really really want to like the shape. I really like the idea of having my own breasts, but I want to love the result. Leaning toward implant but removing tissue. My husband doesn't love that idea bc he doesn't like the way implants feel. We both know I'm doing it for me, but I do also want him to like it.

Here's me at 22

I was pretty big, so I think that's why I'm paranoid! I'm going back in to try on sizers. I do want the shape so I think I'll have to go for it

Last night with these tragic boobs

Going tomorrow, can't sleep!

Out of surgery

SO relieved that my size looks basically normal so he for sure focused on shape not big. I had a bunch of pain and nausea when I woke up. 3 hours and I'm mostly fine. Just sleepy. Starting NAC, vitamin c, b complex (my hangover blend) to detox the meds. Also adding bromelian for soft tissue damage and swelling. As soon as humanly possible I'll do pracasil plus to minimize appearance of incision. Maybe a week. It's like mederma times a million

Day 1

End of the day, feel like I'm just taking the meds for fun at this point. Will tomorrow be worse? Swelling seems minimal but I've taken about 12,000 mg of bromelain today. Recovery is remarkable. Nothing but bone broth and kombucha for food today. Great for healing.

Day 2

Still doing great, but tired. Pain is not a big deal. Took a pic lying down today and compared. Wow. They're not pretty yet but I'm so happy I did it

Day 3

I can't believe how easy and painless this has been. I am so incredibly grateful that he listened to me on size and shape. He actually opted for a smaller implant once he got in bc he promised to make the most natural shape he could.

Day 6

Still doing well! Pain is a non issue, back to work today. People commented on how tired I look. But I made it through the day!

Day 9, I bought this today!

Have not been braless since age 13

Day 9

Pain is fine, healing seems fine. Still having trouble urinating 9 days out but I've accepted that might take a long time / not get better. I'm happy. Blue glue is off tomorrow

Day 10, less tape and glue

He said I still have some spots that need to heal more before we do any topical or scar massage. But overall doing well. I forgot to ask when I can exercise but I assume not yet. I don't lift, I just do cardio. Anyone know?

2 weeks

Feeling great, but still so tired. Started massaging breasts but not incisions


Ok silly question....will it ever feel normal to hug again?? I'm a hugger and it feels like I have balloons between me and other people. Does that get better?

Almost 3 weeks

Silicone gel or strips?

Doc says he likes the gel. Any feedback?

6 weeks post

I notice some assemetry here but it's still early. Still noice some little nerve pains and no sensation in my nipples. But every day they feel more real! I still feel like they are a little too firm feeling, but I love how much my husband likes them and how many more clothing options I have :). I'm basically exactly the same size so no one could tell. That's just what I wanted so that's good. I see how people get boob greed! But I've been big and I love being able to fit into normal stuff

2.5 months

Slightly paranoid about right side bottoming out. It looks like it could just be a variation of normal but I switched to underwire bra under a sports bra. Read one doc that said if you see that push them up as much as possible

I don't think they're dropping anymore

I was a little worried that since my size fluctuates I'd look weird but I got bigger with my period and it looks fine.

Different bras for different look

I like the modest size! With some bras there is a lot of curve, others I can be working mommy.

One more in a 34c vs push up

Scar gel

Betamethasone 0.1 %
Tranilast 1%
Levocetrizine 2%
Pracasil plus base
1/2-1 gram twice daily
316-721-2626 for custom Rx
Andi is the pharmacist that will send the formula to your doc if they want to just sign it

5 months

Everything is settled in!
Kansas City Plastic Surgeon

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