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I didn't have big breasts until about age 20. I...

I didn't have big breasts until about age 20. I went through high school with a perky C cup. Then at age 20 seemingly overnight my breast were a DD. Flash to now (age 27) and I'm in a F cup!

Today, 07-26-16, starts my journey towards a reduction. I can no longer handle the pain in my neck, shoulders, and back. My primary dr suggested I get a reduction to alleviate pain. Today I went to my consult. The surgeon said my insurance has a high approval rate, and that I should qualify for a reduction. She wants to remove approx 750-800cc from the right breast (since its significantly larger) and 650-700 from the left. This should bring me to a large c small d. I'm really excited but I don't want to get my hopes up. I should hear back from insurance in about 2-4 weeks. Fingers crossed that they approve!!

Quick update

Still having bad back and neck pain. Waiting on decision from insurance.


I think they make me look heavier than I am. I don't like that unless I wear a high collar shirt, I have tons cleavage.


I just got my approval letter from my insurance! Next step is to call the surgeon and set a date!!!!

Pre-op appt set!

A pre op appointment is set for Sept 6! I'll get a better idea of what's coming. I'm super excited but super nervous!

Pre-op take 1

Had my pre-op yesterday afternoon. And she won't schedule surgery until the rash under my breasts is gone.
I'm pretty disappointed, but have another appt on Sept 20. She told me the next appt was on Nov 7, but it's highly likely that date will be full come my next appt. She also did it's more likely that I'll have surgery come December. :(

Pre-Op Take 2

Went in to see if the rash was cleared enough to operate, and I guess it's not. So I'm taking Diflucan to see if it'll clear up, along with putting maxi pads under the breasts to absorb dampness. Also using Nystop powder. Next Appt is Oct 4. I hope this works!!!

Post op take 3

Super frustrated.
I know I'm considered obese at 5'7" and weight 296 pounds, I've gained 60 of those pounds since I started having the really severe back pain. However, since being in the care of my surgeon I went from 287 pounds to 296.
My surgeon had such a focus on the rash and yeast infection she neglected to mention that I weigh too much for surgery.
It's something that I should've known from the beginning so I could work on that fact!
Now she wants me to drop 50 pounds, and come back. While keeping the infection away.
Unfortunately I'm seem to have stayed at this weight for 2 months now and walking and dieting aren't enough.
High impact exercise is killing my back, does anyone have any suggestions?
My PCP doesn't have any and my insurance doesn't cover any weight loss programs, or nutritionists.

It's been a while

Haven't given an update in a while. Starting the week before thanksgiving I had started calorie restriction and exercise. I'm now down 28 pounds. And that means 22 left before going back for a re evaluation!!
I think I might want to lose a bit more before making that appointment though.

Side not my breasts haven't changed size at all.
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