48 years old.....Need a BREAST REDUCTION BAD!!! Pray It Get Approved!! - Houston, TX

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Hi Ladies, I am to the point I can't take the pain...

Hi Ladies,
I am to the point I can't take the pain anymore!! I need a breast reduction SO BADLY. I have always had big breasts, always. All 4 of my aunties have/had over excessive breasts, and both my sisters have had breast reductions. I am hurting; my back, shoulders, neck, arms. I don't like my breasts to 'sag' so keeping them lifted up is WORK!

I went to the Dr. Friday and I didn't get a chance to see my primary Dr, I saw a NP. Well, when she saw my breasts she immediately sent over an request referral for my breasts. Yaaaa!!! I have Insurance through the State of Texas (a medical Gold Card) and because a breast reduction is an elective surgery, I have to go before the Board then they will let me know if I'm approved. I was told they would contact me within 7 to 10 business days. (I'm PRAYING I HEAR FROM THEM)

So I'm waiting, still dealing with the pain in my back, arms, shoulders, neck. I will keep you all posted when I hear something. If it's not approved, I'm going to consider another option. (maybe a loan). Something will work out!

Pray with me....thanks Ladies.

Need a BREAST REDUCTION BAD!!! Pray It Get Approved!! - Houston, TX



I GOT THE CALL TODAY!! Friday, March 21st!! PRAISE GOD!! I am scheduled for my consultation April 22!! I know it's a month away, but I just THANK GOD they called!! I just started a new job this Wed, so I'm going to talk with my boss and explain things to her. Prayerfully by the time I am scheduled for the surgery I'll be trained enough to work from home :-) If not, I'll just have to take the 2 weeks off without pay. I'll survive! God will work this out in my favor, He ALWAYS DOES.... just so thankful He allowed them to call.

Dr. Christi Blakkolb is who I will be seeing. I'm online now doing research on her. I pray I read nothing but wonderful things about her and her work.

I'm so excited ladies. I want to thank each and everyone of you who has been emailing me encouraging me. I am getting closer and closer to my "NEW GIRLS".... looking forward to the consultation. Prayerfully I will be approved and the surgery will be scheduled. I heard it's kind of a "you get a call one day" saying the surgery is on this day type thing. However it is, things will work out.

I'll keep you all posted and thanks again for all the luv!!

Hurting today.....

My shoulders are REALLY hurting badly today. Have a headache too!!I pray some relief is coming soon!! April 22th consult! I'm ready!!

I GOT APPROVED!! Thank God!!!

Ladies......thanks for all the emails and all the encouraging words. I appreciate it so much. Went to the Dr. Dr. Blabbock and everyone was SO NICE. She's through the State of Texas. She measured my breasts, took pictures and being I just had my Mammogram she was able to see those results. She explained the pros and cons of the surgery and answered all my questions. After the exam and talk she told me she's expecting twins and wasn't scheduling and more surgeries this year!! WHAT!! So she referred me to Dr. Erik Marques and I have an appt with him May 8th to meet him and schedule. I saw a friend of mines that is a nurse at the hospital and that was very comforting. She said all the plastic surgery drs were GREAT!! She said Dr Marques get a lot of request!! So, I'm excited about May 8th. I will be at home for 2 to 3 weeks after the surgery, but thank God I can work from home during that time.

I'll update after May 8th with my surgery date!! Thank you all again for your prayers. God Bless you all.

**Surgery Date** July 16th

Hello Beautiful Sistahs!! I went and met Dr Erik Marques. Very nice, it
was just a brief meeting, but nice.

My appt on May 8th went great! Went in and was told that everything had been reviewed and that my surgery could be in July!! Yessss!! PRAISE GOD!! I choose the middle of July because the Resident did explain to me that my surgery could be pushed back if the operating room was needed in an emergency. That way if it was to be moved it can possibly still be in July.

The surgery was explained to me in details again, along with the pros and cons. I will stay the night in the hospital for observation, so that's always a good thing.

July 3rd I go in for my pre-op; talk to the anestelogist and sign all paperwork and go through what to do days prior to surgery. All the steps and rules. So now, it's the "waiting" game.

Pray with me that my surgery isn't postponed for a later date and that when I go on July 3rd, I'm good to go!!

Thanks my Beautiful Sistahs for your luv, support and concern.

Rough 2 days!! Headache and hurting so badly

Hello. I've had a headache and my back is hurting so badly for the past 2 days. Really, it's been hurting since last Friday; I left work early Friday and haven't been back. I'm going to go in tomorrow (Wednesday). Keep me in your prayers please, that this pain subside and that I'm able to handle it until July 16th..... I'm allergic to aspirin products, so Tylenol is my best friend.

Luv you all......

**Consultation is July 3rd**

I'm excited!! My consultation is July 3rd with Dr. Marques. What I've been doing to relieve some of the pain is not wear my bra where it is supporting my breasts. It's too painful when I do because they
Too big. I can barely lift my shoulder on my right side.

Please pray with me that my surgery isn't postponed. I was told that it could be being it was being done by the State. I won't be canceled, just postponed until a later date. I know God is going to allow me to have this surgery on the 16th! I need it so bad!!!

Surgery Confirmed!! July 16th 2014! 48 years old

Hello Everyone. I went for my pre-op and everything went great! My surgery was confirmed for July 16th, 2014!! Talked to the Dr. and he answered all of my questions. Of course I asked all of the obvious questions: what size would I be, how long would surgery take, what type of compression bra to purchase, how long would I be off work. Everything was answered.

First Answer: I would be between a medium size "C" and a full "C". PERFECT!! I don't want to be too small, but I don't want to a size "D".
Second Answer: Dr. Marques said the surgery would take about 4 hours long, and I will be able to come home that day. I would have surgery mid-day, and I should be released by 7pm that evening (if not home by then).
Third Answer: I was told to purchase a surgical bra that snap in the front. He told me to get a size "C"..... just make sure it snaps in the front. I'm going to order the one Wendy1956 has on her page. I like that one.
Fourth Answer: I should be off work for 2 to 3 weeks. He said it's best to ask for 3 weeks and I only need 2 weeks then that's great!

Now the waiting game..... I'm going to order my bras and have them ready. I have my instructions on what meds I can take and can't take over the next 2 weeks. Now just waiting. No more pain pills :-(

Please keep me in your prayers. Of course I'm nervous; excited and ready! :-)

**I'm going to download some pictures this 4th of July weekend for my before pics with different clothes on so you all can see the difference once I have the reduction. I'M SO READY!!!**


My Beautiful Sistahs. I need your help! I'm not sure what surgical bra to buy for after the surgery. The Dr. told me to buy a C cup surgical bra that snap/zip in the front. I'm looking online but I need help/ suggestions. I'll come home wrapped in a binder and when they take that off I'll need my surgical bra. No underwires, snap or zip in front. PLEASE send links or the name of somewhere I can shop online to find a few. Thanks so much in advance for your help!!


Hello Beautiful Ladies. Thank God I had my surgery Wed the 16th...here is my journey. Pre-op was the day before on the 15th of July. Went and had bloodwork done, HIV test, etc. Everything was okay. I was told to be at the hospital at 7:30am to sign in. Got there and they called me back about 10am and prepped me for surgery. Dr marked me up and ,he was SO NICE, explained everything to me, what to expect, etc. Met the Anestheselogist, OMG she was SO SO NICE. She explained EVERTHING to me, what type of meds I would be given, everything.....and the OR Nurse, She was sweet too. She make sure I was comfy waiting for things to start. I was a little nervous so the anesthesia Dr gave me a little "cocktail" to calm me. I remember waving goodbye to my dear friend and I was off! I do remember getting on the operating bed but that was all I remember. When I woke up I was in recovery and it was 5:30pm. I was asked a series of questions, and once answered, they helped me put my clothes on and I was being pushed in a wheelchair to my friends truck. I had the pillow for the ride home, but was very nauseous but never actually threw up. Got home and slept on the couch - lounger all night. My son, bless his heart, took great care of me. I am bound so tight! I can take my binder off tomorrow (Saturday). Can't wait to see Dr. Marques work. I'm going to update some before pictures then some afterwards.

Updated pics


Before Pics July, 2014

Before pics

After pics.....July 19, 2014

Pics after my shower.

pictures July 20th, 2014

Dr. Appt went GREAT! July 24th, 2014

Hi Ladies,
My Dr. appt went GREAT!! He said everything was healing wonderful... I still have leakage under both breasts, so he doesn't want me to put anything on them until the incisions has healed completely. I heal pretty quickly after surgery, so by next week the incisions should be closed completely. He's giving me 2 more weeks off work, so the incisions can close completely. I'll be ready to go back to work by 8/11. My right breast has more swelling than the left; not a whole whole lot, but some. He said that was very normal and last week I was applying heat to it. He said the swelling would go down in time. OMG- THE ITCHING......it is something horrible!! I woke up the other morning scratching my incision.....YUK, I have to be careful not to do that again. I am taking Benedryl for the itching....so it's helping so much, just hate feeling sleepy all the time, but it's helping alot.
He took about 3 lbs off each breasts, WOW! What a BIG difference on my back and shoulders. A HUGE difference. NO MORE PAIN, THANK GOD!! I lost 10lbs since the surgery, and I feel WONDERUL! I go back to the Dr. on 8/21 for a follow-up. Once I get the OK to exercise I'm going to start walking on my treadmill, do my squats and crunches. I plan to get everything toned up by the Fall/Winter. Everybody is going to be saying:


**I'll post some pictures soon- I'm LOVING my new breasts**

Pictures July 26th, 2014

Aug 10, 2014 Update. Right breast looks bigger

Hi Ladies,
I wanted to update you on my progress. I'm still in some pain. Minimum pain and itching. It is bearable. I'm 3 weeks post, and I know I still have swelling, more on my right side, but my breast looks bigger on the right side. I go to the Dr. on Aug21st, so I'll talk with the Dr. then. The right side had healed great, the left, the incisions are still healing, around the nipple is taking longer in the left side to heal. I've heard I won't see the true results for 5-9 months, so I won't panic on the right breast as of now. I'll keep my eye, on it tho. Can you all see the difference? Please share your thoughts with me. Thanks so much!!!


Hi Ladies.....Wow, where a do I start!!

I went back to my Dr because first of all I still have some pain in my right shoulder and wanted him to look at that and second, my right breast is still bigger than my left (a size bigger). He explained when Iv had the surgery it was alot of swelling. Well, my breast hasn't gone down.

He explained that surgery would be required to fix the issue. Lipo would remove the needed fat, but not the tissue and it wouldn't tighten up the skin. So a full revision of that 1 breast is needed.

Overall, I am EXTREMELY happy with my results (my breasts look so so good), I'm just upset I have to TRY to find time off work (just started a new job) and down time is like 2 weeks.

Wasn't planning this is 2015!! Please pray with me!! Luv you all!!
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