Coolsculping on Abs and Flanks - Layton, UT

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I had the large applicator done on my lower...

I had the large applicator done on my lower stomach and the small curved applicators done on my flanks. It was super painful on my stomach, but the flanks were not that bad. I bruised pretty bad on my sides from the procedure. The pain continued to get worse up until about 2 weeks after the procedure. I rubbed Arnica gel on my stomach and that helped. I didn't take anything for pain because I was breastfeeding. I had my child in mid April. I would suggest anyone who has had a C section not get the procedure done until at least 6 months after. I had a VBAC this time, but it was still painful. I started working out again at about the 2 1/2 week mark. It was painful to walk or jog. I started Crossfit a couple weeks after I had the coolsculpting done. I have always worked out, but I needed that extra kick after having my second child. The coolsculpting was a great motivator. I wanted good results! I am happy with the results. The first photos were taken September 3rd and the second photos were taken 3 months after.

CoolSculpting results still going strong

I had another baby (#3) in June and I just wanted to update you guys on CoolSculpting and weight gain. Usually when I am pregnant, my flanks accumulate extra fat. Like a massive amount of my weight gain goes to my flanks and it looks horrible in shirts. I had CoolSculpting in Sep 2013 and I loved my results. I was really worried, when I got pregnant again, that all the results would go away. I gained the same amount of weight with all my other pregnancies and my flanks never got huge. I could tell a little extra fat was there, but nothing compared to what it's usually like. I plan on getting CoolSculpting done to my lower abdomen again because I noticed that it helped a lot with the loose skin.
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