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I will be 50 next month and decided to get a...

I will be 50 next month and decided to get a facelift and fat transfer to get rid of the wrinkles on my cheeks and tighten up my neck. I am sharing my journey because I am so grateful to all the people on this site that have shared their stories and/or photos. I will post some before photos soon :-)

Facelift with fat transfer to checks and lips. My main objective is to get ride of the wrinkles when I smile. Hopefully by doing

Before photos

Right after surgery

Pretty numb and everything is really tight. I have two drains

Day 2 - morning

i chose to spend the night in the hospital. I would highly suggest anyone having this done to spend the night. It was an extra $250 but that included all meds. They were able to control my pain with iv meds. The pain is minimally but my bottom lip is very swollen on the inside making it difficult to talk or eat

Morning of day 3

Pain is minimal. My bottom lip is still swollen on the inside and it hurts to chew anything. I have been eating applesauce and mashed potatoes but nothing else. The bruising is showing up more under my eyes. My skin is uneven and numb in spots but I was told this is normal. You cannot see the stitches behind my ear or into my hairline from these photos.

Morning of day 4

Was able to wash my hair today, yay! Not too much pain. I'm surprised at the amount of bruising. Not sure what the red damage is on my right cheek. I see the doctor in the morning. Still have a lot of numbness.

Day 6 post op

Today is day six post op. I have a lot of bruising, my right cheek has bright red damage, my lips are not even and I have a cold sore on my bottom lip. I think I am at the phase of "buyer's remorse." The pain is manageable. In the last three days I have only taken one pain pill. Lots of numbness around my eyes, cheeks and chin. I have never had a cold sore before...they are painful! When I look in the mirror, which I try not to, I ask myself "what in the hell what I thinking?" I know this is all normal but just expressing my feelings. I'm hoping my mood and my face improve quickly :-)

Day 7 post op

Starting to get a little feeling in my cheeks. Around my ears and chin is still completely numb. Going in tomorrow to get stitches out...yay! The bruising is much worse than I thought it would be! I use Arnica gel three times a day but it doesn't seem to be helping. I was hoping to go back to work next week but don't think I can hide the purple bruising. The only pain I have is in my temples...not sure why. I've been taking antiviral medication and using Abrevia for the cold sore. Still can't chew much. Good news is I've lost 5 pounds in a week...bad news is it will probably all come back when I'm able to chew again ???? Oatmeal and applesauce are my primary foods right now.

Day 10

At day ten I still have LOTS of bruising and the damn cold sore does not appear to be improving. I have taken a prescription medication and used Abrevia to get rid of it. Anyone have any great ideas? Still have numbness but it seems to get better daily. I'm getting the remainder of my stitches out tomorrow. I also have to go to work tomorrow, ugh!! Not sure how I am going to hide all the bruising. Can't wait for the final results :-)

Day 12...first time out of the house

I got the last of my stitches out today...yay! I am able to shower whenever I want! I still have a lot of numbness but gets better daily. I continue to have difficulty chewing. I get really bad pain in my right temple that shoots down to my ear at times. I had to work part of the day. My photo is my attempt to hide the bruising. The brown covered just fine but the purple bruising showed through. That darn cold sore is still there...ugh!

Two weeks post-op

I just hit the two week post-op mark. Still lots of bruising, including a few purple spots. My cold sore is almost gone...thank heavens! Numbness from my mid-cheek area to my ears. My bottom lip is a little bigger than I want it to be. I did fat transfer to my lips and cheeks. It will take about 2 months for the fat to completely move into place and stabilize. To the touch, I can feel the unevenness where the un-numb parts are and the numb parts are...does that make sense? :-)

Two weeks post-op

First day back to work

I have two part-time jobs. I am a social worker. One of my jobs is a social worker for a hospice company, the other is working at a hospital in an inpatient psychiatric unit. Last week I visited patients. Most elderly can't see to well so no one looked at me funny or said anything about my face. Yesterday I went back to work at the hospital. Must admit, it was a horrible day :-( My co-worker's were staring at my lips when I was talking. Finally, someone got up the courage to vocalize what everyone was thinking but not saying. She kind of laughed and ask what I did to my lips because they are "huge and don't move right." She also pointed out the bruises on my face. I guess the camouflage make up job I did didn't work :-( I didn't admit I had a facelift (feel it's no ones business) but I confessed to having fat injections. I explained the swelling will go down and the numbness in my lips isn't permanent. Some co-workers were encouraging, others were judgmental. In hindsight, I should have planned for at least three weeks before going back to work :-)

Before photo and two week post op

Three weeks post op

Can't believe it's been three weeks since my facelift and fat transfer! I still have a noticeable bruise under my left eye. My cold sore is gone but there is still a red mark. Lips still don't move right...people stare at my lips when I talk :) Still have numbness and lumps. This surgery recovery is not for an impatient person (me)! Thanks for all the support!

Four weeks post op

Things are starting to look better...yay! The bruise on my cheek is barely noticeable with make up. I'm starting to get more feeling back in my cheeks and neck. I am still unable to speak or smile correctly due to my bottom lip having some numbness (doctor will recheck in December). I still have to cut up my food into small pieces due to my mouth not being able to open wide enough (doc said this is due to tightening the muscle). Overall, I am happy with the progress. I am going out of the country for a few weeks on vacation...hoping to look and feel great when I get home!

7 weeks post-op

The bruises have all finally gone away, yay! I'm still not able to fully smile (due to the fat transfer, not facelift). I still have numbness on the sides of my face and neck. I have started to notice the wrinkles are coming back on the sides of my cheeks...not too happy about that.

8 weeks

Almost 11 weeks...getting more disappointed by the week :-(

As the numbness wears off, the wrinkles are coming back. I am starting to get very disappointed with my results.

Additional photos from week 11

Scott Thompson

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