25 Year Old with Ugly Nose - Layton, UT

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I went to Dr Thompson and he is someone that I can...

I went to Dr Thompson and he is someone that I can trust we talked about my concerns and he gave me his point of view. I still have to go to my pre-op and see how great my nose can look ????I have never liked my nose... Everyone tells me its normal but I just see a big witchi manly nose..this year I will finally change my nose and this will give a boost to my self esteem for sure ????I would like to get rid of the bump and lift the tip up...

anxious!! Finally getting rhinoplasty

So I had my pre-op and I am anxious, I cant believe I will be getting surgery in about two weeks. I am nervous, but i guess that is normal. Dr. Thompson showed me the pictures of my nose and what is expected, I just told him that I don't want to end up with a pigs nose. However, I trust that Dr, Thompson wont leave me looking like a piggy. Dr. Thompson is great he said that it will be a more feminine nose and that it will make me look younger and i totally agree. It is very weird to see the photos, but I am ready for this procedure that I have been waiting for more than 10 years.

Feeling nervous!!! I cant believe I am finally doing this

The big day is on the 11th! I am very anxious, nervous, but hopefully everything goes fine with my surgery. is it normal to feel like this?I have never had any type of surgery. I have been having nightmares :( Here are some pics that i took this week. I will be posting photos after day one of surgery wish me good luck ppl :)

Rhinoplasty done

So it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be! I didn't really bruise at all and that is so weird because Dr, Thompson did brake the nasal bones to make my nose more narrow so I am surprised. I did took vitamin C three times a days two weeks prior to my surgery so maybe that helped as well. The pain from 1-10 without pain medication is probably like a 2. Dr. Thompson will be removing the cast and stitches off on the 18th so we will see the final result. :)

Cast and stitches off

On the 18th I went it to get the nasal cast and the stitches off. I like my profile now and I think it still fits my face its natural. The part that i dont like about this is that i need to do some type of masages on the nasal bones on the nose to prevent a bump from growing again or liquid building up and at the tip of the nose i hate it because it hurts. So we will see how my nose looks in a couple of weeks because it is still swollen
Salt Lake City Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr Thompson seems like a great person/surgeon that I can trust

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