Flanks, Bra Line, Abs, Hips, and Inner Thighs; Layton, UT

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I had my procedure on Friday 3/22. It took about 5...

I had my procedure on Friday 3/22. It took about 5 hours and it wasn't a great experience. I woke up from the conscious sedation and I could feel the pain from the procedure. I have been very worried that this may have affected my results since I was crying out in pain for awhile which I imagine could be distracting to the doctor. I haven't gotten the reassurance from my doc that I have been looking for when I have brought it up a few times. They also had to put a catheter in because the procedure took so long which was very unpleasant when they took it out and the day or so after. I will also through out there that they were six hours late taking me back because the surgery before me was much more complex than anticipated. I was starving, thirsty, and nursing a killer caffeine headache for most of the day prior to my surgery. Right now I am not sure if I should have done the surgery. It was so expensive, very unpleasant, and I can't see a difference yet, so this is a hard time, for me and a lot of people I think. I am trying to be patient but it is hard. I am up 8 pounds since my surgery and even though I know it is water, it is hard for me deal with it. Fortunately, I only have bad bruises right around the back of my knees and really no where else so that is a plus.
I have been struggling with compression because I haven't found anything that is tight enough on my thighs that will still go around my tummy without squeezing me to death.

Today I have felt better than I have since before...

Today I have felt better than I have since before my surgery. My pain level was significantly less today than yesterday. I had to go back to work today and it wasn't too bad. While I have minimal bruising, I have quite a bit of swelling. My lower back is especially swollen and is still numb, so I think I must not have great circulation back there since the tumescent hasn't come out all the way yet. He said he took out about 6-7 pounds of fat, but I am up five pounds from surgery. Hopefully I have at least ten pounds of swelling right now!
I did get the compression garment I ordered from amazon today in the mail and it is much better. Thinner material, but tighter. It was only thirty dollars too so I am happy about that. I might get one more and take back the others I bought in town that were more money and not as good. I am going to try to take pictures tomorrow. I don't have before pictures except from the doctor so I need to see if he will give them to me. It might be interesting though for you all to see the progression from now to the next month or two, even with out the before shots.

Day 10: I got my first lymphatic massage today. It...

Day 10: I got my first lymphatic massage today. It was wonderful! I went to a therapist familiar with lymphatic massage, but not necessarily after liposuction. It didn't seem to matter at all. She was very gentle over my tender areas and said she could feel the hard pockets inside and was able to release them. I felt so loose after and just better! It did make me realize how numb I am everywhere and I am not sure if loss of sensation is normal and temporary. My lower back is almost completely numb. The therapist told me it seems to be especially concentrated around my incisions. I paid $45 for 30 minutes including tip if anyone needs a reference value. I scheduled a second appointment on Thursday. So worth it!
On a more general note: I have not taken any Percocet today, which will be my first completely narcotic free day since surgery. I am still taking Tylenol and still have quite a bit of tenderness in my thighs. I walk funny enough that at least one person notices every day. I also finished my antibiotic which makes me very happy since it was four times per day. I am as swollen as ever, more so because of my overindulgence yesterday, Easter. I am trying to eat clean today, moderate carbohydrates, low salt, whole foods, and lots of water. I didn't do as well as I had planned but I always do the worst on the first day or two and then it becomes easier. I guess I am officially dieting! This six pound weight gain is making me feel desperate!

I went in for a check up on Monday. Doc says I am...

I went in for a check up on Monday. Doc says I am looking good but I have a lot of hard swelling. He advised me to rub the areas in the direction of my groin where my lymph nodes are to facilitate draining, five minutes, twice a day. It is painful. I feel like I am aggravating the areas. I found a lint roller works very well to get smooth motions and doesn't make my hands tired. I got back to my presurgery weight on day 12 which made me soo happy! People have made comments about how great I am looking. I say I have been working out. It is exciting!

Day 24: I have been taking 3-5 mile walks and...

Day 24: I have been taking 3-5 mile walks and hiking but I can't run or make any jarring movements because the swelling moves and hurts. My thighs have softened up quite a bit. I compared my new pictures to the ones right after surgery and I actually think I look worse now than then. I really hope this is worth it! I don't think he did any damage so that is something. I just want this swelling to go away! I'm kinda sad today after taking my new pictures. :(

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2 YEARS POST OP - Glad I did it but feeling lumpy

I am the same weight today as the before phots, despite however much fat was sucked out. I think I need quite a bit of smoothing. I went to see my surgeon and he offered a revision for 3,000. I'm afraid I will still be lumpy so I am going to go for Ultrashape with Velashape instead. I am going to try it out on my banana roll which is the most bothersome to me. Anyone else have thoughts on my results?

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