Cool Sculpting Waiting for Results- Hips, Lower Abs, Upper Abs, Inner Thighs, Bra Fat. UT

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I'm having cool sculpting done to my hip area. I...

I'm having cool sculpting done to my hip area. I am hopeful that it will eliminate the bulge of fat I have on my flanks. I would also like to do my lower tummy, but the physician I spoke to recommended not wasting my money in that area because I plan to do a tummy tuck. I am currently trying to lose weight and have been following the fast metabolism diet program for a couple of weeks now. I feel like this is worth a try because no matter how thin I am, my flanks are always a little chunky. I will add pics tomorrow.

I did it!

I had this procedure done this morning and I have to say that it was a breeze. I've read that it can be very painful but I didn't think it was bad at all. The worst part about the treatment was the initial shock of the cold gel pad on my skin... Ha ha! The machine itself was maybe slightly uncomfortable for a minute while it is being attached to the skin but honestly it was no big deal, with in a few minutes she had the suction level cranked all the way up and I hardly flinched. Initially I consulted with a physician (for another surgery) however the treatment was performed by one of his staff members. She was very nice and seemed to be well-trained, she was able to answer any question I had regarding the treatments and other surgeries I had questions about. All together it was a good experience and I hope to see some good results from it.

Before pics

After treatment

After cool sculpting treatment on flanks using small applicator.

Lower tummy area

It's been about a week since having cool sculpting done on my flanks. I haven't had any pain, downtime or problems with those areas since have the treatment. I decided to go ahead and treat my lower tummy as well mostly because I'm tired of it and also because its going to be a while until I have the tummy tuck.

The suction felt a little stronger in the lower abdomen than it did on my hips, but I was able to handle the treatment with the machine turned up completely. I had the urge to go to the bathroom halfway through the treatment and had to hold my bladder for about 30 minutes. I can't even tell you how uncomfortable that was, so make sure you take a bathroom break before you get the treatment started.

We used the larger piece on my lower belly and I was able to nearly fill the entire thing with my lower belly fat. I think I am going to have really good results in that area... I can't wait to see the outcome three months from now. Still following my nutrition program at home.


Feeling a little crampy...

I started feeling some cramp like sensations in my lower abdomen this past week. They started two days after my treatment and are not anything that a couple of ibuprofen can't help. So far I have no results to report, it's way too soon to expect any changes. I'm still following a pretty strict diet and doing well with that I have been losing around a pound a week since I started it in May. The treatment hasn't affected my weight in any way although I did have some swelling.


Not too complain, but the crampy feeling is getting a little worse. It has become more of a pins and needles sensation. I've read that it's pretty common after this procedure especially when the large applicator is used. I have been taking Advil pretty regularly for the pain but it doesn't really go away completely. I know it's only temporary and it hasn't kept me awake at night. The pain is really only in my lower abdominal area, my love handles have been fine.

Feeling Much Better

It's been ten days since I had the procedure on my lower belly and the pain has decreased significantly. Days 5-9 were the worst, I was taking a lot of ibuprofen this past week. It felt like I was being poked with pins and needles constantly. I still have a few zings in the area but it is feeling much better. Still no results to report on either area.

Three Weeks Out

It's been three weeks and all of the pain and weird sensations are gone. No results to report yet.

One Month

Well it's been about one month since I had my treatments and I am pretty certain that I'm beginning to see results. Nothing dramatic but an overall smoothness to the bulges I had treated. I'm feeling pretty optimistic. I will post photos when I have time to take some.

Inner Thighs

I just realized that I hadn't posted anything about having my inner thighs done until now. I had them done about two weeks ago so don't have any progress to report just yet. This is another bulge I have whether I am thin or not. Currently I am not at my lightest weight, however I felt like the treatment would be beneficial because I just hate feeling lumpy and bumpy all over. So far, I feel like I have seen some improvement in my hips and tummy but neither area is flat. I am nearly to the two month mark and trying to decide if I want to treat my flanks again. I am not as concerned about treating the lower abdomen a second time because I will eventually have that area removed.

It seemed like I had more swelling in my inner thighs than I did in the other areas. The swelling lasted for about ten days after this area was treated. I have taken photos along the way, but I don't feel like any of my photos really show much change. I want to ask the clinic who did my treatments if I can see their photos. I'm hoping they won't mind if I post them.

Nearly Two Months...

It's been nearly two months since I had my flanks and lower abdomen done. I've seen the most significant change in my flanks but only because they were ridiculously over sized. They are still big but my shape is starting to look pretty normal/average now rather than deformed because of the extra large muffin top. I think my flanks would really improve with additional treatments however I have not had that discussion with the person who did my treatments. I have read that it is good to have the second treatments around the two month mark so I am going to have another consult in about two weeks.

Photos: before (top), 4 weeks (middle), 8 weeks (bottom)

I was finally able to get a hold of some pics from my doctors office. Now that I am eight weeks out from having my flanks and abdomen treated I am starting to see results. I am pretty happy that things are starting to change and can't wait to see how things look next month. The top photos are my before, middle is after four weeks, bottom is after eight weeks.

Still waiting for final results

I am still waiting to see where my final results end up for my initial treatments. Over the past week I had additional treatments. I treated my abdomen for the second time (vertically with the 7 inch straight hand piece), my flanks treated a second time and my lower bra fat. The plastic surgeons office I went through offers package deals where if you buy more treatments they become a little less expensive per area. I have a couple more areas I'd like to treat eventually: my armpit bra bulge area and my upper abdomen. I will probably do those areas next month if I can find some cash.

Contour improvement :)

I was just checking out some photos I had taken of myself a year ago. I was about 15 pounds lighter back then but after having the coolsculpting treatments my current body contour has improved since then. I'm very excited about that!!! I would much rather have a nicer shape and be a little heavier than weigh less and have a lumpy contour.

Photos- Hips and Lower Abdomen at three months

If you've been reading my blog here you'll know that I have been having cool sculpting treatments since July. I started with my hips and lower abdomen, it's now been three months since having those areas treated. I am especially happy with the progress made in my hip area it The other areas have been treated more recently...inner thighs- two months...upper abdomen- one month...bra bulge- three weeks. The photos show progression since July. before: (top), four weeks: (second), eight weeks: (third), twelve weeks:(fourth)

Progress so far

I just wanted to post some information about the areas I've had treated so far :

hips and lower abs (3 months)

inner thighs (2 months progress)

middle abs/ hips (second treatment)/ back/bra bulge(1 month progress)

upper abs

inner thighs- what do you think?

So far most of the visible progress has been in my abdominal area so there is no doubt in my mind that coolsculpting works for that area. By the middle of November (next month) I will hit the three month progress mark on my inner thigh area. I haven't really noticed much happening to my inner thighs but I'm holding out and hoping it works. My inner thighs still touch even though I've been doing more lower body workouts for the past couple of months. When we did the inner thighs we made the decision to orient the applicator horizontally rather than vertically, and for the past month I've wondered if it should have been done the other way? What do you think? If you've done your inner thighs and seen progress I'd like to hear about it.

Working out... Butt lift

I thought I would just mention that I started doing the Brazil Butt Lift workouts in September. I have really enjoyed this workout and am noticing improvement to my backside and legs since I started the program. My butt is starting to look less of a square shape and in one month has lifted enough for me to pass the pencil test... This photo explains how to do the pencil test if you want to try this at home.

Workout updates

I've gotten several questions about the workout program I started in September called Brazil Butt Lift. It's been a great program so far so I thought I'd share where you guys can find the videos online, you can find most of the videos at a website called

I personally bought the DVDs through Beachbody and have been following the slim and shape/pear shape calendar that was included with the set, you can find copies of the workout calendars online at this website:

Photos- hips and lower tummy 4 months

Photos- Hips and Lower Abdomen at four months

Here are my newest photos... It's been four months since I had my first set of coolsculpting treatments. I'm at varying stages on the other areas. Three months now on the inner thighs. Two months since the bra bulge area and middle abdomen were treated and one month progress on upper abs. I didn't grab the photo of the inner thighs because it didn't really seem like it worked well in that area :(. The good news is that the clinic I am going to has offered to retreat my inner thighs with the straight hand piece in hopes we can make some progress in that area. I'm satisfied with that, so in all fairness I am just going to wait until we retreat the inner thighs to say much about that. I'm really happy with the way my hips and lower abdomen have progress, it seems like I am just starting to see changes in the upper abdomen.

Lower abdomen second treatment

I haven't posted much for a while because my body hadn't changed much since the last pictures were taken. I had my abdomen treated again for the second time this past week. It was a little tender at the time of treatment when the applicator was removed but over all basically the same. The larger applicator was used both above and below my belly button. It's been five days since I had the treatment and I've had no prickly sensations at all this time. I plan to treat my hip area once more at the end of this month. Overall I've been really happy with the the treatments, so obviously that is why I am doing more at the end if the month.

Additional hip treatment- right side

I was preparing to do multiple treatments of my hip/waist area at the end of February. After consulting with the coolsculpting expert at my Plastic Surgeons office we decided to only treat my right hip area. I have a little bit more if a bulge on this side of my body compared with the left side which is relatively smooth at this point. Going to wait and see how that turns out, it's been about two weeks so things are only barely beginning to change. I will post additional photos in a couple of months :)
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