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Hi everyone. I have been following all your...

Hi everyone. I have been following all your experiences and I made the decision to have the procedure done. I will be having 3 separarate areas done at separate times. Abs, flanks, and arms.. each a month apart. I am super excited but also very nervous. I just don't know what to expect. I am 26 years old, 5'6 and 190lbs. (The heaviest I have ever been). I've been married for 7 years and have 3 kids. My family is complete and I am ready to feel like myself again. I want this so bad but I do not want to be disappointed. I am kind of happy that I am having 3 separate procedures because at least I will see some results before I have to commit to another. Anyways... tomorrow morning It will finally happen. I will post my before pick later today. If you have any advice feel free to share. BTW, I have my procedure at 8 am, my sisters shower is at 6pm. Do you think I will be able to attend??? Thanks for reading. And I hope you guys will join me on my journey. Yay me!

Tomorrow is the start of a new me...

so.... my procedure will be in the morning. I am getting upper and lower abdomen. I am in a major state of depression right now. I hopped on the scale and saw a number that I was when I was 8 months pregnant. So upsetting. I am so tired of being fat!! This procedure will be my turning point. A new me is going to emerge.... I took pictures and well... I guess I never really new what I looked like. Its disgusting. Having 3 kids is no excuse. I just cant believe I let myself get to this point. Wish me luck.... Thank you.

so.... im wondering...

How tight is my compression garment really suppose to be?? Its killing me!!!! On the bright side, I like my results so far although, the bottom of my stomack looks like nothing was done. Is that's normal? Maybe there is still a lot of fluid in there... I'm serious about the garment though. Puglover, thanks for the well wishes. I will post more photos when I don't look so gross. Lol ;)

ok people... i need some help here...

I am posting some pics of my tummy since I had upper and lower smart lipo Saturday morning. I am really concerned about the "envelope" on my lower abdomen. It looks rediculous. Is it a bag of fluid? Is it fat?? Am I just seriously swollen ??? Is that all loose skin???? If anyone went through this please let me know. I just home it goes away.. advice please :(

is it really necessary?

This compression thing is KILLING ME!!!! can't I just wear spanks or something?.


So its like day 3 after getting my upper and lower abs smart lipo'd. Lets just say this sucks. I'm in a lot of pain and I feel like my belly is the same just flabbier. I guess I spent too much time reading other people's reviews on how they noticed a drastic difference 24hrs post op. So here's the thing. I'm suppose to schedule my procedure for my flanks and I'm thinking, is it worth the money??? Is it worth the pain??? I wish I new someone who was my body type and went through this procedure. I might me crazy but I spent a lot of time convincing my hubby to let me get it done. The last thing I want to hear is. "I told you so."

Met with my Doc today.....

One week post op and I'm in too much paid. I told the docs but he said it was normal and said I was still very swollen. We took more pics and compared them to my before pics. YES MAJOR CHANGE! I will post more pick tomorrow. GN!!

should i go on???

Hi guys. Sorry it took me so long to post this but lets just say depression is taking over... I am almost 2 weeks post op and i have no idea what to think. I am in a lot of pain and to top it off... i look the same!!! i dont know what happened... when i went to see the doc for my 1 week visit i could clearly see a change. could i really be that swollen??? is my garment not tight enough. I am so confused.

I only had my upper and lower done so far and I am not sure if I am ready to spend more money on my flanks if there wont be a difference. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks guys.

3 1/2 weeks post...

I am happy to report that I am finally starting to see results!!! Not near what I'm expecting but a vast improvement. The pain has subsided greatly so all in all this is becoming a better experience. I'm post listing some phone photos so excuse the quality. On a sadder note, I am noticing some serious dents at the incision site. Is the normal? Do they go away?? N-e- way, I'll be posting my pro pics with the 6 poses on September 3rd. Thats my 1 month surgeversary! Lol!!! Ok well i loom forward to your comments! Good night all!

so excited to get my flanks done!

Ok people. I'm back!!!! I know before I was hesitant to getting my flanks done but I am so ready. I am loving my results! Check me out so far and I promise I will do some updated pro pictures.

part 2 complete!

OK I did it. Got my flanks done today. Let me just say Dr Moody is a perfectionist. He even got my back fat. So I know I wasn't sure about my result but I think its coming along. I am not healing as fast as I would like but the difference is clear. Take a look at my pic from this morning. They are from right before and after the procedure. Let me know what you think :)

one more thing.....

I have had some really stressful things happen in my life over the past few weeks and I actually put on 5 lbs. That sucks and its really noticeable. You can see it in my pics... time to get back on track.

garment problems....

I CANNOT WEAR THIS ANYMORE!!!! I was so uncomfortable last night and I went the whole day without it. Now I'm sooooooo swollen and I look pregnant. I tried to put it back on but it is painful and itches so bad. The same thing happened in my first procedure and I think it affected my results. I really wanted to follow through this time but I'm miserable. Any suggestions?

Well, its been like 2 weeks....

I am semi happy with the results. I say semi because I am very uneven. My left side is beautiful... right, not so much. My doc is soooooo awesome. He said it may be intense swelling but if not, he will gladly do a revision. Here are my las test pics. Let me know what you think :)

revision 2/15/14

I am so excited to be getting a revision done. There are just some fat pockets that I want to get rid of. Dr. Moody is doing it free of charge. I will post my pre op pics on Friday bit this is me right now. All comments welcome :)

3 days before revision

sorry... the pic wouldnt upload

OK here I am now...


Hi everyone...
So, I was supposed to have my touch up done today but thanks to the crazy snow and ice storm we had this week, my procedure has been moved to next Saturday. That's OK though because this is a busy weekend for me anyway. Frankly I'm in no rush. As long as I look good when the temp hits 80. Lol. I will post pics before and after my procedure.

I cant wait till tomorrow!!!!

Ok so finally its happening. My touch up was rescheduled so tomorrow is the day. I am posting my before pic. I think there's a big diff from before lipo. Ok before you look.... keep in mind I am SUPER bloated. Tomorrow Dr. Moody will smooth out lumps, take more fat from my lower abs, and have be bikini ready!! YAY!


I had my touch up today. It was sooooooo painful because of all the scar tissue from before. And let me tell you, I am leaking like Niagara falls right now!!!!! But its all good. I think I have fallen in love with Dr. Moody. Lol. J/k but really he has made this whole experience so great. I can't wait to see my final results. I will post pics tomorrow when I'm done leaking ;)

Cant wait till i heal...

I was just looking at my pics and now I can't wipe the smile off my face!! The TouchUp I had today needs to hurry up and heal so I can slip into that bikini that been in my closet for two years. Lol!

Touchup update... Not Sure?

So, I'm sorry for not updating sooner. I have been planning "a royal engagement" for my 3 year old. Her birthday was today and she was the belle of the ball.

Ok so about the TouchUp... It was a bit different this time. Dr Moody did not us a laser. I was a bit worried about that but he said that it was not a necessity. But honestly, not a lot of fat was taken out either... I think the lack of laser assistance might have been the reason. Anyways., I am noticibly smoother but really, I'm not any smaller. My main concern was my lower belly pooch so I will keep an eye on it and hopefully I'll see big changes. I will post pro pics next week.

swollen and bloated....

We'll here I am. Swollen and Bloated! God bless mother nature. Anyway, so far
I'm loving my new body. The best part is being able to put an outfit together without having to worry about concealing my stomach. So, check out my pics and let me know your thoughts. Oh and the bandaid is from when I accidentally scratch a wound. Yuk. ;)

Corset Training???

Should I do it? I ordered one from and it should be here tomorrow. I think I have gotten to the point when I just want the best results possible. I've been doing a lot of research on waist training and I think I'm ready. I'm giving myself till my birthday i July to have the results I want. Here are my latest pics. I'll take more when my corset gets here.

This is it!

I got my corset in the mail today. I am soooo excited I've been breaking it in all day. I'm going to sleep with it tonight. It is surprisingly comfortable and my hubby thinks its sexy lol! Anyway, here are some pics of it. I'm going to try to keep it on at all time. Does anyone know how long it will take to complete the entire waist training process?

my new friend...

Suprisingly Comfy!

So... Against popular opinion, I slept in my corset last night and can I just say, GOOD JOB ME!. First of all, not only is my swelling GONE, but the back pain I have been experiencing for the passed four years, yep GONE too! I had no problems sleeping. I thing I can really get use to this. There are a few draw backs.
1) driving sucks
2) have to take it of to put my shoes on. Lol
3) I got it too small so the back doesn't close all the way. But since I intend on slimming down, I'm OK with it.

Other than that, its going great and I can already see a diff. I will post pics at the 1 week mark.

Corset trial an error...

So.... After a boat load of deliberation, returns, and exchanges, I have found THE ONE!!!

I started with a cs-426 in 24".... Too small.

Then, I exchanged for a 28". It fit great but because is is long lined, wear pants sucked and I was pretty much immobile.

Now I have the CS-305 and I am in LOVE! Thanks to the lovely folks at Orchard Corset, I am now very happy with my corset. I am new to corset training so this is perfect!

Check out the pics! And I'll take all the comments. The good the bad and the ugly :)

Hello RealSelf Family!!

Wow it has been so long!! Sorry for not updating sooner. The hubby was sick. My daughter switched schools. Life in general has been ...... Interesting. As for me, everything is going well. I'm s.till in love with my results. In fact I have set my appointment to have my arms done on April 17th so you guys can follow me on that journey.

So, I am still trying to lose weight but let's just say stress doesn't agree with me. I am now 186 and I know my results would be 10x better if I could just loose so weight!

The corset training is going OK. I really just sleep in it. That works for me and I an able to close it a little tighter every day. When I don't have it on you can deffinately see that I'm more hour glass snapped. My hubby loves it :) I will post pics in the morning.

My goal right now is to really drop 21 lbs. Other than that, I am so happy ;)

good morning!

Ok here are those pics i promised. Let me know what you think. Im still workig on getting that lower abdomen in ;)

didn't happen....

Well.... I didn't get my arms done today :(
My grandmother is I'll and I have to take care of her. So... I had to reschedule. Dr Moody's next available appointment was all the way in freaking June. Ahhhhhhh. Its OK though. It will give me a chance to get back on the healthy train. Yup I got off a few stops ago.

Anyways I shall post a pic of my stomach now. Its sad but I have not corsetted in 2 days and my eating has be ridiculous! You can see the regression. (Disclaimer)

Just stopping in to say hi....

Hi! ;)

Heading to bed but I had to tell you guys that I just ordered a size 24 CS-411 from orchard Corset. Can't wait till it get here. I am able to lace my current one completely shut now so there must be some improvement. Anyways, I will post pics when it gets here as well as updated body shots.

PS. I'm hating that I wasn't able to get my arms done. June seems so far away....


updates, corsets, and unhealthy habits...

Well ladies... here goes...
So I got my new corset. It is a CS-411 size 24 from OC. It's ok.. It is clearly 2 inches too small but I'm hoping to lose those inches soon.... I only sleep in my corset because my daily activities are too vigorous. But even though I only spend 8 hrs a day in it, it seems to be working.

About losing those 2 inches... my grandmother being here is really taking toll on me. My eating sucks and I have no energy to do anything. I am pretty sure I have put on about 2 to 4 lbs. It's so depressing. Looks like it wont be a bikini summer after all.
On a different note, I called dr. Moody today at told him I needed my bra rolls done too... so he through it in for another $750. I love this guy!!! So June 7th it is. Arms and bra rolls. Until then... here are my most recent pics. I took them this morning. Usually I'm pretty flat in the morning... but not today. Must be the late night snacks...

here I am...

Where the heck have I been????

Yes, I'm back. So, here's an update. Everything is completely the same accept one thing.... I got my arms done today!!!! I have waited so long for this. I feel like I got hit by a train because he did bra rolls too but it's worth it. I will post pics when I'm dry... lol!

It's official!

My arms match the rest of my body lolz!!! So, I made a through the night and an entire day without crying about the pain. It's really not that bad. I have not leaked any fluids since last night. I wonder if that's a good thing? Here are my before snd after pics. I pleased with the results. I know its early but I can already see a big difference. More pics to come ;)

one day post.... arms

Dr. Derrick Moody

His office is super clean and calm. Never congested. He has a wonderful personality and he's kind of cute. Lol. I will say more after I see my results ;)

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