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Not sure how to start off with this post but i...

Not sure how to start off with this post but i guess ill start by saying that i gained most of my weight after moving down south over 4 years ago . Now i have a bit of a gut, big arms, and a square butt. I live in the atlanta area and have only been to two doctors. First one was Dr. Rajae Janho, I have researched him and heard good and some bad reviews and Dr. Okoro though i didnt meet him personally for the consultation but his assistant. My consultation with Dr. Rajae was on 9 25 14 and about an hour id say or maybe 15 minutes over. He was very detailed and was concern about performing on me because my BMI was high. See, i am 5'2" and weight about 200 pounds. He said I had a bit schlerosis in my back meaning my spine was not really straight and also my butt had a slight dent thay went in on the top . Hard to explain but after reviewing my pictures he said can do the bbl but also recommend tummy tuck for the desired look i was aiming for. I showed him my pictures anhe was honest about the waist curve i wanted and explained it depended on genetics so i was more a V shape than a S shape. He stated he more into making me look great and what fit me . I told him i liked that he was honest but i also need all fat to go into my butt nothing left over. I knew he was more conservative but i needed a very nice curvy buttocks that was prominent. I also love the coordinator maria so pleasant and very informational. I asked God to guide me to the right place where i wouldnt have to go under the knife again and prayed he made a decision for me sooner rather than later because i was due for vaca in nov. He set a date for 10/14 for pre op and 10/28 for surgery. Now at dr.okoro office on 9 29 14 they were nice and pleasant but she didnt check my weight just ask me if i checked it and put in any number was rushed but in the end said they can do the procdeure and how healthy i was and i will look great . I felt a disconnect with the assistant though what she showed me look promising on screen but over charged for bbl which included lower and upper abdomen waist lower back for $10995 which was a special but had to pay $1499 each for axilla bra rolls and hips thigs hips LOWER AND UPPER ARMS So total for that alone was almost $16000. With Dr. Janho everything was includes plus the 3D LIPOSUCTION TO ARMS LOWER ARMA AND NEED AREAS. THEN MY TUMMY TUCK AND LYMPHATIC MASSAGES OF 30. Package for okoro were stage 1 and 2 garments cosmet insurance 2 laser hair removal for area (that was nice cant lie) and a medication shot they required after surgery forgot the name meds and lab fee 5 lymphatic massages 2 binder had to pay 400 for some drug name exparel 1.3% operating rm ans anesthesisa. Dr Janho package included to be detailed 3d lipo with bbl $10500 abdominoplasty wth mons venus lift $9500 total was $19500 but discount brought it to $17000. God is good. Also includes anethesia meds doc fees supplies/disposable bio hazard surg center fee lab fee garments post op treatments and 30 sessions of lymphatic treatment. Not bad huh? So after careful consideration i called the dr. Everyone raved about....yea dr.jimerson office. Appt was $100 consult fee...(dr janho and okoro were free) but you meet with someone else. He was booked until nov 2016...(whattt??) Then if you were paying cash you could be on fast track for any cancellation for another fee of if im not mistaken $500 (??) I told myself girl he may do somw good work but he is not God. Now God will direct me to my right doc and unfortunately he wasnt the one . I calles 1 more a dr davoudi but he rarely doea bbl but he does start from about over $4500 and up depending on situation. So after careful thought and prayer i chose bella forma. I must have called up there over 10 times a day but they are patient and call back to answer my questions and concerns. Customer service is key. Also if concerned about financing they can take more than 1 financing company they work with which is united medical medical finance and care credit so you can combine them . Well i started looking at certain things to buy before my date . I got my vitmain c already so a few more to get . Any suggestions...i know i wrote a book i apologize.
Have a good day i will keep updating if any changes or progress.


So, let's start off from where I left my last post. I stated i was going with Dr. Janho om Oct. 28th. Well, after that post was made i started having doubs on the results I would get it and it only confirm my worries when i went to preop on Oct 14th. First, i was late because of the weather (not a good sign) i wasnt seen until 45 mins later (not complaining i suppose they had 1 or 2 ppl to see) when i went back to change i spoke with on of the nurses. At first i felt she was mean and cold but i liked her towards the end. Ill explain later. Okay, she claimed i gained .5 pounds not sure anyway met with the Dr Only because i had question once she clarified my arms werent going to be lipoed because he didnt want me with bat wings. He stated a i need was tummy tuck 3 d lipo and bbl. Then to come again for breast lift and arm lift. I didnt like that because regardless of how the procedure is paid you should get the desired look youre aiming for after all its your body. The nurse clearly said to me honestly you dont need to go through with this if youre not getting what you want because thats a waste of time maybe you need to reconsider other options. I respected that of her and now i realized the only reason i was getting such vibes from her was because she notice i was not happy with preop and the decisions being made. I left the office and decided to research again before i went further. I JUST WAS NOT SATISFIED. I got quote from dr fisher and hasan in miami and they have good specials. Hasan was 5000 bbl with fat transfer lipo with 6 nights 7 day stay at recovery house with 24/7 nurse care etc room you name it and garments. Fisher was 6000 same special and also both included pick up and drop off to and from airport. They said they would add lipo to arms for 500 but no breast lift/reduction nor tt. So was not a real shot for me. Then salama toke some time to respond but offering mommy makeover. Then i got a quote from dr. Yily 4500 but can not do breast lift because bmi was alittle to high but would recommend recovery house for me. 500 cosmetic insurance if anything happen while in their state. Dr. Baez very honest and detailed quoted 3500 i think but not breast lift cant do all surgery together. Matterfact i crossed out salama no available dates in oct. So last but not least i tried dr. Davoudi office here in georgia. I came in the same day on oct 15th because he personally called me and told me to come in for 30 mins fre of charge because the pics i sent him made me looker bigger than what i was telling him. His staff were lovely to me. I was sent straight inside where i met with him. Omg he is hilarious made me feel right at home. He said change and ill take a look at you. I changed off in the next rm and he came in. He asked my concerns as he checked my breast for lumps but didnt find any. I told him no one would do tt bbl and bl. He looked at my stomach as if i was crazy and said who said you needed a tt . I told him dr. Janho felt i needed one. He said youre not even a candidate for tt. Your stomach is alittle big but no stretch marks loose skin. Its firm. All you need is lipo to stomach . I was in shock . He said if i prevent you from getting an ugly scar i will but lipo will help sculp you and i am the master of sculpting. He also asked me what else was my concern i said my arms not so much my thighs. I can deal with them. He said heres what ill do. Your breast are def big. Ill do a breast lift and reduction you be a nice C or D cup and itll stand up where you can wear tank tops etc. Lipo your flanks back abdomen arms and ill do this a minj brachioplasty under your arms to pull the skin back. Itll be more solid and not hang. Then fat transfer to hips and butt and sculp to perfection. He asked do you want a big butt or projection . I said both. He said ill show you my work and candidates that were your size and lipo gave them the body they wanted. I dressed and went back into the other room where he toke his books out . Most of his clients were black or hispanic and yes lipo worked for many with my size. I was shocked at the results. He said is there anything else you would likee . I said can you add over 1000cc to each and 300 to round out my hips. He said if your skin can stretch i can do 1300cc. As much as you need and again as you can see i am the master at sculpting . Once your breat are lifted and reduce your form will take place. He told me what would be included and for safety measure id stay overnight at the hospital . I was won over he was the only dr who was able to satisfy my worry and bring life back into me because i was losing hope . Even better they have an open date for oct 27th. A day early and once my financing goes through ill do preop immediately and then prepare for surgery. God is good. So far, davoudi is it and everything was about the same amount as my previous quote. Will update soon as i proceed further. Have a good day yall.

yeah i finally did it !!! went with dr mcadoo at vanity cosmetics

After almost vi

day 1 pics

Very sore will post more tomorrow .

day 7 pics

but this is just a quick update of photos day 7 no garment

day 7 continued...

2 weeks and 4 days . almost at my 3 wk mark

I am feeling better and my swelling is going down slowly in my tummy . So far so good . Pics includes with this update . Until nxt week hope you all had a great and safe thanksgiving and black friday if you shopped .

Almost 3 mths update !!!

Sorry Ive been gone so long . Went on vacation for a month and recently came back . So I am very appreciative of my results and have gotten some really good compliments . Will include recent pics as well . Now I am looking for a good doctor that does Breast Augementations . I have really huge breast for my size and height so i need to get them standing and to a C at least .
As for discomfort I do get burning sensation in my waist if I sit to long and i feel alittle hardness . I massage myself as much as I can but overall I am satisfied . Happy Black History Month everyone !! Until next time
Dr. Rajae Janho

Dr James Mcadoo

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