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Well...where should I start? I have wanted a BA...

Well...where should I start? I have wanted a BA for as long as I can remember! Since probably around age 15 when I realized that the boobie fairy forgot to sprinkle magic dust on me to get them to grow. After having two kiddos, I knew that it just wasn't going to happen for me. I didn't lose much, I am not deflated, but they definitely aren't anything to call home about, that's for sure. My husband has know since probably the first day we met that this was on my 'to do' list. He is finally on board! And we are done having babies. There is no better time than now!
A few months ago, my best friend got hers done and had a great experience. I supported her every step I the way and made sure to take notes! So...shit or get off the pot, right!?! LOL. November can't get here soon enough!
PS - This is the best site ever! I have learned so much from the experiences shared!! Thanks everyone for helping me build up the courage to officially dive in! Boobies boobies! Woohoo! :)

Are We There Yet??

I guess it's only been a little over a week since I started my blog journey. I've been super busy at work and home since school is getting ready to start & haven't had much time to obese about my BA. But I do feel like time has absolutely slowed down!
This past Monday, however, I was starting to think about the arrangements I will have to make for my kiddos while I am recovering afterwards. My almost three year old will have to stay with a family member for a week, that's a for sure thought that I have. She is a crazy little monster and I know that I won't be able to do the things I need to for her. My son will be in school, so I need to arrange drop off and pick up for him for at least the day of surgery (Wed) and two days after (Thurs & Fri). But then I started to wonder if maybe I should try to move my surgery day up by three weeks to coordinate with my son's school schedule? So that way there would be one day less of drop off/pick up for my family. I called my PS office to check on that.
The husband....well, he is stoked for me to be able to do this since knows that this was on my life's list of things to do for the last 15 years. He is very supportive. I did mention the recovery week to him since the surgery is an hour and a half from where we live. He will be with me the day of surgery and one to two days afterward (we will be shacked up at my mom's, being I am having this done in my home town.) I told him I would ideally like to stay from Wed to Wed to recovery since I will have a post op appt the day after surgery & probably at a week post op. Anyway...He didn't agree with that. He wants me to come home a day or two after. But has also stated that he will not be attending post op appts in the weeks after surgery, which is fine since they are just check ups. I am not sure how to tackle the 'I would rather have my mom and sister take care of me, and you do the mommy duties for our son' topic...i know he wants to take care of me after this life changing surgery...but I want my mom to! Agh.


This darn phone! It auto corrected 'obsess' to obese. SMH!

Surgery Date Moved!!

I decided to coordinate with my son's school so it wouldn't be so hectic for my in laws with drop off & pick ups. I was able to move my surgery from November 12th to Oct over 22nd!! Pre op & consult appreciate is on October 3rd instead of October 24th. Yay! Yay!

Last night for some reason, reality smacked me in the face. O.M.G. I am really having this done. This is not a little life change. This is huge...A major surgery! I have never had surgery before for anything. Yes, I have had two children and have several tattoos...but this BA seems to be something I can't wrap my mind around. I am so scared of the recovery pain and what if it doesn't heal well? What if I have to have a revision? When can I return to work? So many questions. I am most concerned about the pain management. But honestly, I think the uncomfortable feel from the pressure will be the 'pain' I am freaking out about. I guess I don't know how to explain it?? And I don't take pain meds. They make me nervous. I don't like to feel 'not myself' & have a low tolerance for medication.

Don't get it twisted - I am overly eager to have new tatas and be on the other side of the boobie fence...but it's so scary. Will I be able to handle it? I am pretty sure I will be okay. I don't know what the comparison would be between a BA & tattoo pain...but seriously, can it's be that much different? I say that because I have 9 tattoos, and several are in painful places...my sternum, the side of my stomach, top of my foot, the front of my shoulders, on my thigh...If I can survive those, I can survive a BA right? And 5 he experience of being engorged with milk after having a baby - that is a crazy intense weird uncomfortable type of pain.

I can do this. I can do this.

Typos! Again!

I updated from my phone. Sorry about those errors! But you get what I was trying to write!!

My Mother...Hmph!!

Yesterday while my mom was visiting she decided to bring up the BA topic, which is fine - but she started on a rant about the size I am hoping to achieve. As a small B cup, I am hoping that I will be able to get 400-450 cc moderate plus profile. I am hoping that will put me in my D/DD range. That's been my ideal size since day 1. Mom, however, thinks that I will look ridiculous at that size. But I know what I look like with a large D since that is what I was at after having my first child almost 7 years ago. And it's quite amazing!! I will not let her burst my bubble! All the ladies on both sides of my family were very blessed with a large C being on the small end!! Why didn't I get them??! Ugh! I'm gonna fix that problem!

Any thoughts on sizing? I have seen some fabulous results on this site and I really think that it will look just fine with large tatas!

My Current Stats

After looking at my posts, I realized I didn't post any Pre-op stats! Currently I am 5'3", around 117 lbs., and and awkward 34B (on the smaller side).

BA is 55 days away! I am still very excited but very nervous at the same time. I am on this site almost daily checking out everyone's posts on their journey to the other side.


So this is my current self. Small. Sad. Nothing.

A Couple More Pre Op Pics

Wish Pics :)

Some of the great journeys on this site have led me to save some photos & do my own searching for wish pics online. I am not going to put a caption on each photo, but just know, there is something about each photo that I love. I think they all hint at the look I am going for. More natural on the fake side of the fence!! ;) the slopes and wider coverage catch my eye. I seriously could look for wish boobs all day!! It makes me more excited to get to October 22nd!


I just looked at my count down app on my phone - 48 days!! Holy balls! The nerves are starting to get me. Anxiety. Am I really doing this?? My life long dream is becoming a reality & I am kind if freaking out about it.

I feel like I should start purchasing a couple good front closure sports bras for recovery?? Or is it too early for that? I definitely want my end results to be a D cup...do I buy a bra in a D cup or a DD due to swelling? Any thoughts? ?? Please help!

Getting a Little More Nervous Each Day

I haven't been on here in almost a month!! I've been so tied up with out bike trip and the kids birthdays that I have kind of let this review slip a little. But this morning, I looked at my count down app on my phone and I am sitting at 19 days & 22 hours until B-Day! Over the last month, I have sort of reached what I call a 'numb' state about the whole deal. Don't get me wrong, I am still very pumped for my BA...but there are just things that are triggering a little anxiety.

First off, the actual surgery - I am totally okay with. I have no worries about it. After all, its a tiny bit of time that I will actually be in surgery. The recovery...well...I am very nervous about that, but who isn't, right?? I have been in contact over the last month or so with a fellow RealSelf'er & she has been a huge support system for me. Her journey, surgery & recovery have been very inspirational for me. Our stats are very very similar, almost the same and what we are looking to achieve is almost spot on! Thank you a ton to her (you know who you are!)

The scary!!!
So, 'the scary' to me is the consult/pre-op appt that I have next Friday. I am not nervous at all about the appt. I am very freaked out about my husband being there. He isn't going to like that I have to stand topless in front of another male, even though he is a doctor and very professional. I just know that hubs is going to over think everything once we have that appt. Do I bring this 'topless' thing up to him before hand and kind of get an idea of what to expect when we get there? Or do I just wait it out and let things happen. If he freaks, he freaks. Its the doctor's job to take a look so he can make recommendations on what will be best for the look that I want and the profile choice.

Then again...maybe I am the one that is way on edge about it all. When I think about anything that has to do with my BA, I can feel my heart start racing. My heart rate jumps and I feel like I should call it quits. Maybe I need a Xanax! LOL.

Life Happens...

Quick update...consult/pre op has been moved to November 10th. And surgery has been moved to November 19th. I should have just left it the way it was originally. Oh well, life happens, right?! I am more comfortable with these dates anyway, being that I need to be functional on Halloween with my 7 & 3 year old. Trick or treating is more important than new bubblies! On the plus side, thanksgiving break a handful of days after my surgery will give me five more days off. I plan to have Wednesday thru Friday off (19th-21st), plus the weekend. Will work half days the Monday & Tuesday after, and from there, play it by how I feel...finish out that week and the next week I believe is thanksgiving, which I will only work two days since the office is closed the other three. Woot woot!

Enough babbles, time for some tv & a beer!
Hope all you ladies out there are doing well with journeys, recoveries & everything!!

Consult/Pre -Op & Paid For

So...well...yeah, it's been a long while since I have been on. Looks like it's been about a month. I just kind of got out of boobie mode. I was having a lot of anxiety/freak outs about surgery & payment. All is well now.

Today I had my consult & pre - op appt!! Yes! I met the staff at Dr. Keller's office, and they are wonderful! The coordinator & nurse are fantastic. Dr. Keller was really amazing as well. He explained the procedure how sizing coordinates with a person's body measurements.

Now, let me just say...it is really weird standing in a room with three people (one being my Hubs), staring at me while I stand there in a pair of shoes, jeans, no shirt & no bra. I felt so silly. And the measuring part, that was different...but it all worked out great. The nurse grabbed a couple silicone sizes from the cabinet and grabbed a funny bra for me to put on. But, before I could put the bra on with the sizers, the PS sat in front of me and lined up a 339 cc moderate profile with both breasts one at a time. He said that it was the perfect size...it couldn't be more perfect.

Hold up, wait a minute!!??!

That's the first thought that went through my head. Pffft. But he started explain the profile, which I understood from all my boobie reading over the last year. Moderate wasn't a profile that I had considered. I was pretty set on a mod+ @ 400cc. Thank goodness that wasn't an option for me to try. I am pretty sure I would look like a ding bat with giant knockers.

Moving forward...i put on the silly bra and stuck those 339's in there. They looked surprisingly great!! Almost exactly the look I was going for but... felt I needed bigger. I fear boobie greed. And, knowing that it was a moderate profile I knew I wouldn't really have much option. The PS reiterated a couple times that his goal is to give women the natural slope and not go fake or crazy business with it. Which, I understand. I did ask the nurse to let me try on the 371cc. She tried to deter me from it but I told her I really wanted to try it. She went and got Dr. Keller, he explained to me that going to the 371 might mean that he has to make a little extra room for it, just a tiny bit. I am totally okay with that. I will have amazing side boob! Yesss! He also stated that he thought going to the 371cc was totally doable. Even better! *high five* After Dr. K gave his approval for my sizing wishes, Hubs & I sat down with the nurse and went over everything to do with recovery, meds, sleeping, bras, warning signs...they stressed the DO NOT LIFT rule & if it hurts, don't do it either rule. The nurse explained my scripts to me as well. Hydros & Valium. We shall see how that goes. Hmmm. I was surprise that there was no antibiotic, but, they know best. At the end of the appt, the coordinator came in, I paid for everything and was on my way!

So...it all went great!! I am STOKED! Oh, AND, they moved my surgery time from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Booo! I'm going to starve to death!!!

Stats & Info
Age: 29
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 119 (ish)
Current size: 34B/32C
Implant: Natrelle 371cc
Profile: Moderate

I think I will be extremely happy with my results. I think this will definitely put me at a solid 32D if not a 32DD. Yayayaya!!! It's all about the boobies now! Just shy of 12 days! Pumped! :)

9 Days & 22 hours!

Oh emmm geee! So little time! T minus 9 D 22 h! Woot woot. And actually it's 9 D 21 hours since I have to be there at noon for surgery at 1:00. I am so ecstatic & nervous & crazy right now.

My brain is going a million miles a minute with all the things I need to plan for the kiddos. I need to get my scripts filled. And look into an additional sports bra that I can wear without totally smashing myself. I have two already, but I think they may be a little tight at first. I also need to find a couple good support/sport - ish bras to wear to work. Not all clothes work well with a sports bra. Please give me suggestions!!! I need to keep the prices reasonable though. :)

T - Minus 6 days 17 Hours

I am officially a week away from surgery....And I am freaking the heck out. All the arrangements I have to make are stressing me out. Everything I had already set up keeps changing and I am very irritated. I am trying to be excited but it's really hard at this point. So frustrating.

It's Coming Together Slowly...

Welp, I think I have all the plans worked out, AGAIN. People better not flake on me! Or I will start karate chopping them!

In other news...BOOBS! Yes! So excited!! *boobieville, here I come*

Surgery Center Prep

I received a call from the surgery center where I will be having my procedure done - just informing me of the date & times I need to know:
Date - November 19th
Surgery Time - 1:00 pm
Arrival Time - 11:45 am

Then the lady told me all the do & don't do things to remember. It was a quick call, but whoa, THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!

I also had to fill out a medical info thing online. And again, OMG, IM DOING THIS! AHHHHH! :)

Closer & Closer

I am sittin' at 3 days & 14 hours. And oh lord help me! On the outside, I'm keeping it calm and cool. On the inside, I have ADHD and I am freaking the heck out. All these thinks I might need? Well, not really. My mom will have tons of stuff at her house. But I think I will need some gel cold packs and another bra that's a little bigger than the two I already purchased.

I have been wondering about getting hydrated before surgery? I mean, like starting tomorrow til Tuesday night, loading up on water. I have seen several comments online about drinking lots of water. But what do I know, I have never had surgery on anything before. And what about BioOil? Is that something I should get?! Do I need to get Vit. E pills to take afterward to help me heal? And silicone scar strips? Do I need those?

As you can tell, I have lost my damn mind!! But I am so excited! So so excited.

Nerves & Anxiety

Is it normal to be totally on edge and freaking out about BA surgery?! I am at the 2 days & 2 hours mark, and my nerves are on overdrive! Anxiety has sky rocketed. Why am I so unstable about this?! I dont feel like I need to back out of surgery by any means, but wow, I just cant get a grip! I am so excited and crazy right now.

I am really not worried about the surgery. I believe everything will be fine. I am worried about the waking up part...haha. I hope I dont start saying all kinds of craziness, although it would be funny. And I keep thinking about the pressure and not being able to breathe when I wake up. I have read a few stories on here that ladies have posted about waking up in this horrid pain. I really hope that doesnt happen to me. I feel like I am active enough in my life that I wont have a super hard time moving around, but I dont know. I have never had surgery before for any reason - which doesnt help the freaking out. I am almost shaking right now...I hope this goes away!!

I still have so much to get together before I go in on Wednesday. Packing for myself and the kids. Getting the kids dropped off where they are supposed to be. Making sure I have all my earrings & lip ring removed. Trying to drink tons of water or tea to stay hydrated. Laundry, cleaning the house, deep breathes so I dont pass out from anxiety. What is wrong with me!!!? I am so scared that I will be in so much pain. But, I have friends that are reassuring me that all will be okay. I am hoping they are right.


And I cant sleep at night! So I am tired and freaking out. Ackkk!


OHHH EMMM GEEE! That is all I can say right now. Tomorrow! Its tomorrow! The time is finally here and I am so....ahhhh! Haha. I am so worried about the pain and pressure. I know I will be okay. But, I cant help it!

Breathe...breathe...it will be okay! Right??! Sheesh. Today is my last day on this side of the fence! And I am so happy about it. :) Bring on Boobieville!

I'm on the other side!!

I did it! And I would do it again. I am a little tired right now but will give an update on everything later. The check in, surgery and recovery was outstanding! I am so in love with my new girls!

Two Months Yesterday

It's definitely been a long while since I hVe been on here. I guess the excitement of preparing and actually having surgery really keeps people going on their updates.

I've the last almost four weeks I have been able to lay and sleep on my stomach with little to no issues, although sometimes I feel like I am laying on water balloons that are going to burst, which then freaks me out so I roll to the side. Haha. Also, since I went a few CC bigger than what my PS originally picked, as he had mentioned, I would hVe more nerve issues closer to my armpits due to the width of the implants. The first couple weeks, I could really feel a hot burning sensation if I lifted my right arm to high or extended it out too far. Right around the 5 to 6 weeks mark, that started to subside.

I have had all my appts over the course of the last two months as well, and my PS & his lovely nurse both stated that they are happy with my choice in size....and having them say that was awesome!! I am done with check ups now (and honestly I am a little sad about it...makes me feel like the journey is over. :(

Any who....let me just say that finally making the decision and arrangements to have surgery was THE BEST decision I have made, like, ever!! I love them so much. The size is perfect for me, the shape has been great the whole time, they feel so awesome (I love to touch them and squeeze them! Just because I can! Hehe!) If anyone reading my story is still on the fence about going through with it, I really recommend doing your research, finding a PS that you really mesh with, listened no to your PS recommendations on size and profile (but also express your wants)....and lastly, JUST DO IT!!!!

I will follow this post with some pictures later today. I have some stickers and things to add for edits in my photos first....but I have several photos too.

PS - YAYAYAYAYAAAA for tatas!! ( . Y . )

Finally...some pics!

I decided not to deal with edits and stuff. Hopefully that decision won't kick me in the butt later. I get paranoid that these things will surface. But, here goes nothin!! All pics should have time stamp on them.

I think they are looking FAB!

Surgery Date Incorrect

The site has my surgery date wrong. Not sure how to change that but I states that I am 3 months post-op...i am actually two months post-op. Just FYI.

Soreness & Burning

Over the last couple days I have had some odd soreness and some burning feelings in my incision areas. Other than that, the ta-tas are still amazing. No regrets!
Topeka Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Keller is amazing! I would recommend him & his staff to everyone I know. He did a brilliant job and has a wonderful bedside manner. Lovely staff! I can't thank them enough for the work they did. Absolutely amazing!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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