22 Years Old- Getting Implants Removed- Previously had Tuberous Breasts

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Thank all you ladies for sharing your experiences!...

Thank all you ladies for sharing your experiences! It has inspired me to do the same!
Heres my story:
Two years ago when I was 19 I decided to get a breast augmentation. I didn't get a breast aug. because I was uncomfortable with the size of my breasts or anything like that, I decided to have a breast augmentation to correct my tuberous breasts. I was born with tubular breast deformity, which is where the bottom half of your breasts appear to be constricted. During my breast augmentation, my plastic surgeon tried expanding the constricted tissue underneath my breasts. He placed 300cc saline implants in both breasts. As you can see in the photos I posted, my breasts look a lot nicer in the after pictures.
My plastic surgeon told me that to get my desired look, I would probably require a lift in the future.
It's now been a little over 2 years since my initial breast augmentation. Since then my left breast (right in photos) has dropped a fair amount due to my breast tissue being so thin. I've talked with my plastic surgeon who says I could have a lift to potentially correct this issue, but over time I would most likely have the same outcome due to gravity. If I got a lift, he would try to pull what breast tissue I have together- but overtime I would most likely face the same issue of being able to feel and see the texture of my implant.
Since my breast tissue is so thin on my left breast (right in photos), I feel like it's impossible for me to enjoy my hobbies. I love to go on runs- but since my breast tissue is so thin, I don't feel comfortable running. When I go on runs I can feel my implant bouncing around-it's almost like I'm running with a water balloon in my sports bra.
All these factors have led me to make the decision to get my implants removed. I met with my plastic surgeon today and booked the date. The countdown is on!
If anyone else has had tuberous breast or breasts with little tissue and has gotten their implants removed I would love to see the outcome. I know my breasts won't be pretty afterwards, but that's okay with me!

Current photos!!!

So I had uploaded photos during my first post, which are kind of out dated!!!! I am uploading current photos I just took to show how my implant has fallen down on the left side (right in photos)!!! It just feels so heavy!!!! I'm so glad I have a plastic surgeon who is confident in taking them out!!! My explant isn't until June 17th, and I couldn't be more excited!!!!!

Explant with thin breast tissue... Anyone????

I've been searching through stories on realself looking for women who have had an explant with thin breast tissue... I haven't had much luck finding anyone explanting with thin tissue... My breasts have very little tissue on the bottom pole; My tissue is so thin you can see my implant protruding through my skin!! I'm just curious if anyone has had an explant with very little breast tissue left.. I'm curious to what my post-operation breasts will look like!! :) If anyone could help me with this question, I would be very relieved!! :)

Most recent update

Soooo.... I havent updated anyone on how I've been doing lately... Been slacking on making posts! Instead I've been scrolling through all your guys' stories looking at your fabulous outcomes hoping I'll experience similar results! I had my pre-op appointment June 1st... Paid for my surgery and had last minute questions answered!! I got my vacation time approved at work... My surgery is now 100% official!!! The nerves are beginning to settle in... A million questions are floating around in my mind..
Will my sweet, caring boyfriend still find me attractive? My breasts aren't much to drool over now, but who knows if explanation will make them worse...

Will my results be desirable? One breast is like a rock in a sock when I bend over... which means there will prob be a lot of extra skin! I'm young though, 22 yo, so hopefully my skin will retract fast...

I hope my surgery goes well... There are more positives than negatives!!!

Tomorrow I'm going to post more photos of what my breasts look like currently so you guys and myself will have better opportunity to compare them to my post op self!!


Just got home from surgery

I just had my surgery! I am feeling very sore.... but I know that will go away when my pain meds kick in!!!! I want to take a sneak peek so badly.. but I have an appointment with my surgeon tomorrow at 9AM... so my curiosity can wait!!!!!
I'M SO GLAD THIS IS OVER WITH!!!!!! I'll keep you all updated with photos when I can!!!!!!

1st Post-op Appointment

I just had my first post-op appointment to get my drains looked at!!!! One was clogged up so they had to fix it!!! I'm still pretty sore and hope that I heal super fast--- Have to go back to work on Thursday!!
I'm still not allowed to take my post-op bra off so I can't update with photos! I got a little sneak peek during my appointment and they didn't look as bad as I thought they would, but then again I didn't get a good view!!
My next appointment is Monday, the 22nd.. so hopefully I can get photos then!!!

Curious about drains??

Sooo how long did you all have to keep your drains in for??? And how often did you empty them?? One of mine keeps leaking, which is driving me nuts! My nurse told me to put a bandage over it, which has helped but not 100%! The area where my drains are is very tender and sore. A lot of posts I've read from ya'll make it seem so easy and painless! Pls comment with your experiences so I can see if anyone has experienced the same thing! :)

Might not be pretty, but they're all mine!

So the outcome was just as I had excepted! My left breast went back to being tuberous.. but that is okay with me! I'm going to be able to live life with NO RESTRICTIONS! I can go on runs, sleep on my stomach, etc. Without feeling like my implant is going to POP out of my skin!

I'm glad my boyfriend has been so supportive!
These photos I'm posting are 5 days post op!! I know they're still forming.. my doctor said my skin will continue to retract!

I continue to update with more pics soon!! I still have a drain attached to the left breast (right in photos)!

Feeling better day by day:)

Today is day 6:):):) I'm feeling great!!!! I took some more photos for everyone today!!

I'm hopeful that once I get my last drain removed, my massages and firming lotion will do wonders for my limpy/flappy breast.. LOL!!!

2 week post-op!

It's been a little over two weeks since my explant! I couldn't be happier!!! I don't feel top heavy & I don't have an implant tugging and pulling my skin anymore! It's such a relief!
I think I see progress with my breasts in these current photos!:) I am not really concerned with how my breast look, but it is a plus they are looking better now!

The only concern I have for myself now is following my post-op weight restrictions! My job requires me to do heavy lifing-over 10 lbs, and my weight restriction is 10# for 4 weeks.. Hopefully I can try to take it easy for a couple more weeks!

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