21 Years Old, over Bite and Overcrowded Teeth, Finally Getting Invisalign!

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I spent my high school years very self conscious...

I spent my high school years very self conscious about my smile. Then after high school my wisdom teeth grew out and over crowded my teeth even more than they already were. My bite was also way off and some times I would have trouble sleeping at night or would wake up in the middle of the night and had to basically readjust my mouth to where my bite would feel comfortable. I finally started Invisalign in May with 34 tray totals. Initially I wore my trays for two weeks and eventually I got attachments and have to wear a rubber band on my left side only. On November 16, 2016 I went to an orthodontist appointment and my orthodontist said to change my tray out on a weekly basis. Honestly, I LOVE Invisalign. Some days I do have trouble wearing my retainers 22 hours, especially when I go out on the weekends or go on vacation. The first couple of weeks with Invisalign were not fun. My teeth were sore and tender and changing trays was a pain. Now, changing trays is a breeze and my teeth are only sore the first couple of days. It has been SO worth seeing my teeth move and seeing the improvements. I feel so much more comfortable smiling.

Tray #30

Since November I've only been wearing my trays one per week and I love it. Also, as of 2/7/17 I have no longer had to wear my rubber band since my bite is now where it's supposed to be. I only have 4 trays left but I do have an appointment 3/28/17 for xrays to see if I'll need additional trays. I really hope I don't need any more trays because, although Invisalign hasn't been too uncomfortable/too much of a hassle, I am REALLY ready to not have to wear my trays anymore. So far I am so happy with the results and can't wait to see what my smile will look like once this is all done!

Tray 33 out of 34

Had an orthodontist appointment 4/4/17, unfortunately I'll be needing additional trays beyond tray 34 so it'll be another month or two before I'm done with treatment. It was a little discouraging as I'm so ready to be done BUT I'm glad my orthodontist wants my teeth to look perfect.

Additional trays and attachments

So last time I went to the orthodontist was 4/4/17 and I was told I would need additional trays so they did new scans and sent them in to get the trays. I didn't ask at that time, but I figured I would only need maybe 10 additional trays or so. I went to the orthodontist today because my new trays arrived and they added attachments to my my front teeth and a couple more to my bottom teeth, they also did something called "slenderizing". Slenderizing is basically when the orthodontist takes a little strip of something very similar to sand paper and uses it between certain teeth to help them rotate. So he essentially sanded in between my teeth but theres no noticeable gaps or anything. I'm a little upset though because the attachments on my front teeth are definitely noticeable. But I'm even more upset at the fact that I'll be needing 24-27 additional trays. Thankfully they're still having me switch them every week rather than every two weeks but it still sucks a little. That means I'll be wearing trays for another 6-7 months. I was really excited to be done but I guess it is what it is.


It's been about a year since I've been going through the Invisalign process. Right now I'm on tray 5 of 27 of the additional set I have to do. So far in total I've gone through 38 (my first set was 33 plus the 5 from this set). I'm still changing trays every week. Still have about 6 months left. My birthday is in January so I really hope I'm done by then!
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