Fat Transfer To Buttocks (BBL) - Strax Rejuvenation, Lauderhill, FL

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New to RealSelf but I've been doing research using...

New to RealSelf but I've been doing research using this site for a while (years) now. For a long time I searched for the right doctor to do my fat transfer (bbl). Now that I am graduating from RN school, I've decided to do this as my graduation gift to myself. I decided to do the fat transfer because I've always had hips but my backside don't match up well. My hips are wide and my butt is a little flat (lol). I've had a few consults and decided to go with Dr. Randy M. Dean at Strax Rejuvenation in Lauderhill, FL. The first consult I had with him was with my sister at the same time. So I called back and they let me do another free consult with him before paying my down payment. I was pleased with what he explained he would do, he wasn't irritated with the fact that I asked for another consult and he answered all the questions that me and my boyfriend asked. Yes my boyfriend went with me on my consultations, I mean he has to look at it so his opinion counts and he will definitely give me a honest one. Dr. Dean was very nice. I couldn't find any reviews on him, so I would take no reviews or complaints as a good thing. He pointed out the same areas to take the fat as the other doctors so I also took that as a sign that he knows what he's doing. He also told me he would use PRP (plasma rich protein) so the size of my buttock will grow even more over time. PRP makes the fat cells grow which would cause growth in my buttocks. I've already did my blood work I'm just waiting to schedule the surgery. I have to work around my graduation date in Sept 2013. Hopefully I can schedule before graduation. I'm trying to do it before I start working so I don't have to take time off of a new job because that would be quite tacky (lol). I am so excited that my dream of having A** is almost reality LOL. I'll continue posting because I know Strax has some bad reviews but they also have good ones and I know of people who have went there with very good outcomes. Hopefully I can give a good review on their BBL...we shall see!!

I thought I would've had surgery by now :(

I'm waiting on a payout that I haven't received yet in order to continue with my surgery preparation process. Received confirmation on September 16th that it's being processed and I should receive my money within the next 3 weeks. So hopefully my surgery will be in October or early November. Gosh I was hoping I would be sexy and headed through recovery by now. Welp we shall see how things workout soon.

Surgery October 14th

Surgery tomorrow!! So excited to finally get this thing done. I've waited sooo long for this and it's finally here. Will upload pics as soon as possible.


Totally regret doing surgery here…WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. Body looks exactly the same and I'm so disappointed that I'm out of $5,000 that I could have used elsewhere.

Pics Finally

Front view

Right Buttock

Left buttock

No roundness or fullness in either buttock. No volume. And definitely not worth $5000.

Both Buttocks


Everyone thinking of using this should take head to the 3 reviews of him on realself. He specializes in hair transplanting not BBL/FAT TRANSFER. I think he is doing fat transfers to make extra money. He doesn't know how to sculpt a butt nor does he know what a bra roll is. He thinks because he's putting fat in your buttocks that he is doing it correct but this isn't true. He is not making it round nor is sculpting it. Neither is he putting enough in to get the desired affect. And on each and every review on him he leaves the bra roll (including mine). Some of you may think ooo he didn't do a good job on them and think youyou're going to be different. If you feel that way then by all means go ahead but I'm sure you will be dissatisfied. Take heed to the reviews of him on realself. Type his name in search and you will see that we all complained about the exact same things. That's a pattern people! Warning comes before destruction plus there are other doctors there that specializes in BBL. They lied to me and said he was the only one but I found out later that that wasn't true! His area is hair not fat transfer. Spend your money wisely. Sad to say that I didn't now I have to hope a revision fixes what he did not do.

Revision Surgery

Taking steps towards my revision surgery. I really really didn't want to do this thing twice but I just want it done correctly. Count down begins...
Fort Lauderdale General Surgeon

Not good for BBL

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