Tears of Joy

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I literally cried when I seen my breasts after...

I literally cried when I seen my breasts after surgery yesterday. It's been 10 years since I wanted and needed a breast lift but never got one. With starting a new workout regimen and changing my diet I decided to start researching breast lift doctors. Looking at before and after photos of breast lift surgeries I was never really satisfied with the results, that is until I came across a patient of Dr. Daniel Zeichner's here on RealSelf. I immediately fell in love with her photos, with his work. The technique he used was amazing and one of a kind. His breast lifts looked like the patients had implants, the breast shape was pure perfection and so was the scarring. I booked a consultation immediately and his staff were all very pleasant and thorough. I was able to do all of my paperwork through email and as well as the booking of my pre operative visit and surgery. Fast forward, I flew out to Fort Lauderdale from San Francisco. At my preop my blood was drawn and my vitals were taken. I passed with flying colors. Dr. Zeichner was such a nice doctor and spent at least 30 minutes with me going over my health history and the look I wanted to achieve. We even talked about my home town and family. It was such a pleasure meeting with him. I also had a tattoo on my left, smaller breast that I have wanted to be removed for years, from a previous relationship before my marriage and when he told me that it would be removed with the extra skin I was elated. His office was very clean and comfortable and organized. I was originally scheduled for my procedure to take place on 10/6/ 2016, however, it was delayed due to hurricane Mathew. Thank God he didn't even touch the area we were in. Moving on to surgery day, I was to arrive by 6:30am. I'm very punctual so I was there 15 minutes early. I checked in and paced the waiting room too excited to sit down. My nurse finally called me in a little over 30 minutes later. She was such a doll, made me feel warm and comfortable. She had me sign my paperwork for my breastlift and liposuction to my underarms and bra line. Gave me a pregnancy test, had me dress down into a white paper gown, compression socks, booties, and hair cap. She took my vitals and put in and IV. She gave me meds for pain by mouth and anti nausea meds through my IV. Soon after, Dr. Zeichner came in to see me and make his marking, which he took his time and talked with me the entire time. When he was done, the anesthesiologist came in and asked me questions about my health and explained what she was going to be doing. 5 minutes later I was being taken into the Operating Room. The last thing that I remember I was stretching out my arms to be strapped to the table. When I woke up, I didn't feel pain or sick to my stomach. The pain did kick in within an hour though but by that time I had my meds from the pharmacy. When I finally got back to my best friend's house and peeked at my breasts, I was so overwhelmed with happiness that I started crying, literally. Tears of joy. My breasts look better than they have my entire life, even pre-pregnancy. I will post pictures soon. The pain is real so I'm not ready to remove my bra and do pictures yet. I'll also put up my before pictures as well. I recommend Dr. Zeichner 1000%. He was definitely work traveling 3000 miles for.

Post op Visit

So here are some post op photos. I was called this morning and asked to come into the office for a post op visit within 2 hours. When I arrived there, the wait was about 10 minutes. Once was called back to my room, my nurse who was super nice, helped me undress and prepared me for the nurse who was to remove my old bandages and place steri-strips. Removing the tape wasn't too bad. I was done in about 25 minutes. I took photos BEFORE the tape was changed. I will post more picks by tomorrow with just the sterile strips.

Some pictures after tape removed

These have new sterile strips placed where the tape was removed.

Post Operative Day 3

I decided to share more pics with you all. I'm feeling much better today. Pain meds are really helping. Only way I was able to get dressed by myself. It feels so good to have boobs that aren't kissing each other all the time.

Thought I'd share with you all

For those of you that have been confused about bra sizes just like I used to be, here is a chart to help you.

Before and After

I was asked for some "before" pictures. I will post more when I get home. But here is something for now.

4 days after surgery

I'm adjusting to my new body. The healing is such a process but getting easier each day. It's true what they say about the first 3 days being the hardest part. I'm looking forward to bra shopping in a couple months. My breasts are less swollen and more soft and jiggling now. I have a lot of side boob and I'm hoping that part of my breasts drop down into the front area giving me more projection. Because I have a lot of my boobs projecting from the side, my breasts look smaller although I'm wearing the same size bra I was prior to the surgery.

So glad to be in my 2nd week

I just have to take it one week at a time. My left breasts has totally resolved any of its hardness. It's is soft and bouncy. My right is another story. It is nice a soft around the entire breast except the very top where the cleavage is. I'm hoping that it's not any cause for concern. I was never told to do any massages so I'll just wait and see how it feels left week. The tape is starting to come loose and may be completely off by next week. It literally hurts to wipe my butt because of the Lipo done under my armpits. I've had to adjust my garment in a way that it adds compression on my armpits to get the swelling down. I know this is a process so I'm being patient and following the guidelines to get good results.

I spoke too soon...

Earlier I stated that my drainage had stopped completely but when I just did a check on my breasts, my right had a tiny bit of drainage where the cuts meet into a T shape under my breast. The left has stopped completely. And all bruising is gone from that breast. It is also very soft and has no lumps are hardness anywhere. My right breast is another story. It's still has a hard lump up where my pec muscle is and doesn't jiggle and move like the left. I am hoping it will catch up to my right within a week. I'm 12 days in today. Going to be very exciting when I reach 2 months in and can wear other bras. The tape is coming off little by little and once it does I will share with you all the scarring. I'm excited to see it myself. Here are some pictures from this morning.

What a difference

Here's my before everything and my today picture.

Today's update

So over the last week I've noticed a lot of dry skin when I examine my breasts. I decided to lotion them along with the rest of my body after showering but when I look at them the next time, they have dry skin again. This morning I went ahead and applied Vaseline with cocoa butter in it on them. I'm hoping this works. It works wonders for my lips so it should do the trick. I'll keep you all updated on how things go. I'm still hard around the incisions that are extended out along my sides. I'm hoping that improves soon. I'm having no issues with my incisions except a small opening under my right breast. Other than that, my breast incisions are smooth and flat.
Plantation Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Zeichner is indescribable. He is the best doctor I have ever met. Kind, caring, straightforward and great at what he does. I'm extremely blessed to have found him.

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