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I have book my app for TT and lipo and muscule...

I have book my app for TT and lipo and muscule repair. I had C section 2kids 7 years ago. I had lost wheight from 109kg to 64kg . So i diside do Tommy tuck. I try to lose more waight before tt but didnt work. So hope they will fine whit that. I try to eat as small as i can but i just can't do any more. I im 1m72cm and my waight is 64kg. I hope that will be ok.

2 days left before TT...omg exited

Hi . Im so so exited . Today i went to the hospital and they took a blood test. So tomorrow they will have results. And on friday i have to be at 9am for surgery. (Sorry for my English it is not perfect but i try to text )

1more sleep

One more sleep and finally my day will came. 9am have to be in doctors. So will let you know later ;)

18.03.2016 TT and muscle

Well today i went in to hospital. Whit my mum. She was really nerves . I was totally relax. So surgery started at 10.30 am and i had epidular anestetic and sleeping pils. I woke up at 5pm after. Didnt feel that bad as i was thinking. Now is 7pm so far feel relax and not that bed pain. So 1day is great . I will uploud photos.

day 2 after surgery

Feel much better now. I have to walk my self to the toilet. First time was very strange now it is much more easier. So very happy.

Day 5

Today is 5th day. Yey. First night that i sleept like baby. No pain killers. Just antibiotics. Still little bit week . So i take is easy. Try to walk to toilet million times. So probably it is good . Tomorrow i have to go to see my Doctor . I have no dreins . And they never put on. So it is diferent . Most of girls have them. I don't know way mine doctor did't put for me. I have only one complain it is sore to watch funny movie . Not aloud i would say ha ha... super sore.

One week today

One week feels so much better already. I feel so much smaller then i was week ago. I have no more antibiotics to take in. So see how it heals now. All feel good. Just in evenings more tired. I have photos to put up again. Have great day.

Day 8.

Hello Ladys. Day 8. Second night are sleeping well. Feel so good. No pain. Just amazing flat belly. Yeey. Have great Easter.

11 day post

11 day post. Feel great. Walk more that all week. So keep moving ;)

Before and after

Today is day 12 yeey. I still can't believe;) de diference omg....;) very happy

3 weeks now yeey.

Hi all . I have today 3 weeks since i had tummy tuck . Yeey. Everithing doing well. Today i walk 3km very slow. After that i felt tired. I realy not as swollen . So it is better day buy day.

After 2 days will be 4weeks

I can not believe. It is crazy . Time is flynig so much. I still off. Next week will be first week in work. I start walk in park monday i did 3 km walk no stop. Yesturday 5km and today i did 7 km. Feel great. Can not wait when i back to my runnung;)) i got new slim wear. Love it. Good luck all off you.

5 weeks post up TT

Doing verry well. All last week are joging 7km 1h20min. So this week will try to do more walks and faster. Here is same pictures

6 weeks post up

Well . Today did again exersises . I feel good. Sleep well. My belly still swollen in day time. So evening i feel like im very big. Mornings are nice and flat.:) so far no problem. Love it.

8 weeks post up

Swelling are not to bad . So gething there. Doing running 4 times weeek 7 km all great. Still wearing spanks.

3 monts post up

Hi girls. Im feeling amazing. I both my first bikini . Looking very good. Love it. Scar is good .

13 up. So happy whit my results

Hi. Im 13 weeks post up. Everithing going great. 3times week doing run 2 gimes a week bike. Try to eat very healty. Tummy feal amazing. Happy happy....

Nearly 5months post up

hi girls. Im nearly five months post up. Feeling great. Still swollen . Some days more then another days. The scar is better and better. So no problem at all.

6 months post up.

Hi . Is 6months already. But still i feel swelling . I do all sport activities. No problem whit that. I have to wach what im eathing . Good luck to everibody. Is it long way to go to be happy 100%
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