I Can Not Believe I Have Done It :) Latvia, LV

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I have just done my nose, 6days ago and I still...

I have just done my nose, 6days ago and I still can not believe it lol.
Altho I read about the procedure a lot before and tried to prepare myself, it all happened so fast.
It is not painful at all, just super boring. My cast is still on, however the changes already seem dramatic. I am not sure how i feel about it, how my life will change and how others will see me and what will they say?
I hated my nose more and more every day so the surgery for me was no brainer. I will upload some pictures as I would like to hear some opinions :)

A bit desperate

Tomorrow im going to see my doctor n get my stiches taken out. I was told that o will have to keep my cast on for another week :( Secretly i am hoping i could get it of tomorrow ( day 8 ) as i feel desperatley bored and restrained. I usually have a very active lifestyle with my friends, uni and work, so it is quite depressing to be like this lol :D

Still hanging lol

Just been to see my doctor today and I feel a bit down as I have to keep my cast on for another week (or until it falls off, if any earlier. And I really hope it will fall off lol) as well as my stitches are still there. I trust my doctor and am not second guessing her, just that all this waiting is killing me.
I live in the UK and came back to my home country for this surgery so it feels like i should be doing something fun. Slowly I am running out of the things to watch on the TV and Internet and it feels like my family is slowly starting to avoid me :D apparently misery does not love a company at all Ahahaha I sound so desperate, but I am sure all this will be worth in the end :)


omg omg my cast just dropped of lol ( well it was hanging a bit so i had to help it a little )
I look so strange to myself :o
I cant make a judgement just now plus i can see that the tip is slightly swollen. I will upload one picture just so everyone can see for now.

Don't know how to feel about this.

so, when my cast came off i had so many emotions and i was so overwhelmed. And i am not usually emotional at all.
i felt really happy as i could see that my old nose was gone for good. Then i noticed, as I was exploring my new look in the mirror, i was looking for the flaws in my new nose. Gosh. I need to lear to understand to be patient. I can feel it is still so swollen and the tip is so hard. I know i need to wait. My nose is so bulbous at the tip, but even if it did stay like this, it looks better than my old one!! This is what my brain need to realise lol :D

So i took few pictures and taped my nose. I kept the cast and i will wear it when sleeping, as I was instructed.

Also i felt kind of weird sending the pictures to my boyfriend. I really hope he does like it, it must be a little weird for him as well, now that i am thinking.
Also at the moment I am living a bit like a cave woman, no make up, grown eyebrows and messy hair, so sorry to everyone :)

Before and after profile

Today i feel like a human again :)

Its been 11 days now. Only today i started to feel much better. Even though my stiches are still in, i decited that i am ready to put on some make up and leave the house for diner with my brother and his gf.
Actually, it felt damn good to feel like a human again.
After Monday, when my stiches will be removed, i have decited to make my hair and beauty appointments to treat myself after all of this.
I am ready to be happy again :)

P.s - i am starting to get use to my new nose. Swelling is getting better slowly.

Umm potatoes

So it has been 2 weeks and 3 days since my rhino. Swelling is still bothering me and i keep avoiding pictures. It feels like I have potato on my face lol
On the positive note, i went to the shop to buy some wine for my friends birthday, and they asked me for some id. So I have convinced myself that my new nose have made me look younger :D would you agree? Lol I still don't feel beautiful and have a bit of trouble accepting myself. My profile tho looks way better and am very pleased.
Soon I will make a full update about my overall experience and doctors choice as i feel i have mainly described my emotions so far.

1 month and 5 day update

Hello everyone. Its been a bit more than a month since my surgery. I can say that I'm feeling good in general. It would be a lie if i said that I rarely think about my nose, because i still have to look after it and clean it every day. My breathing is so much better than before the surgery, however i still sometimes wake up at night due to my nose being blocked ( might be because of my hay fever ).
Now, looking back on my experience overall i am satisfied. I think i did not expect such a drastic change in how my will look. My surgeon was very nice, and she explained me from the beginning that i wont have a tiny nose as it would not look natural. However, after the surgery she said that my skin was much thinner and much more flexible and results will be much better than expected. Before my surgery i had sent her few pictures and photoshopped my own pictures of what i like and i can say that she succeeded of giving me what i asked for. During my surgery i had no complications and i am not sure how long it took as i never asked. After the surgery I stayed in the stationary for 3 days. I got looked after very well and all my request where satisfied. My doctor came to check up on me every day. I am very happy that the 3 day stay was already i. The price of the surgery and could not imagine how it would feel to go home straight after it as i felt so weak and sleepy. My recovery overall went well, just very very boring, at one point I thought i will loose my mind lol. My nose was only think i could think about. I was thinking about it all the time, literally all the time. I started to feel much better after first two and a half weeks but my nose was still really swollen. Because i flew for the surgery to my home country for a month, i felt very nervous of coming back. Even tho i sent a lot of pictures to my partner, he was still so shocked when he picked me at the airport. It was so weird, he was just starting at me all the time :D but at least he said he likes it, just that i looked so different.
I am very happy i did it and am more than satisfied with my doctor and the service i received. It saved me a lot of money as well by doing it there instead of UK. I would never be able to afford the best surgeon in the UK, but i could in Latvia. For somebody who are considering doing their surgery abroad i could definitely support the decision as long as proper research is done. If anyone has any questions or would like a support i an happy to help :)

One last update. Before and after pictures

so, i think my journey is coming to an end. I am extremely happy i did it. Looking back at my old pictures - they all makes me cringe. Although there is still some swelling on my nose, i feel so much more convenient, i feel like I finally fit in, and my huge nose does not get in the way. Ohh how much i hated it. I can enjoy my life now without worrying about it anymore :) I have recently graduated uni, and i am so happy i didn't have to be sad about the pictures and how my nose looks in them, i could just enjoy my day.I am so so happy i done it :)
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