It is Working for my Sparse Lashes, Slowly but Surely :)

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I have always had sparse lashes, seriously. I love...

I have always had sparse lashes, seriously. I love long eyelashes, who doesnt? So, I decided to commit to Latisse and see if it worked for me. I have been using it since the second week of February, so that is about three months now, or twelve weeks. My eyelashes are longer and I am really enjoying putting on mascara. They arent crazy long, just more normal looking now. Remember, I had very sparse lashes before, so normal is a big improvement. Tomorrow, my sister will see me for the first time since I started using it, so lets see if she notices my new lashes!

You have to be very patient. For weeks and weeks I noticed almost no change, and for the first time I am starting to see a measurable difference. Still, I wish that they were longer and will continue to use it for twenty weeks before I concede that they are as long as they are going to get and switch over to every other day.

A few notes:
* Call around for pricing. Some places will overcharge you, while others will give you discounts if you are already coming in for another procedure. PRICES VARY!

* It does make my vision very slightly fuzzy from time to time. Different people report different side effects.

* You know those applicators that come with the Latisse? Pick them up and put them in the trash. That is where they belong. Buy a little water color brush and put a drop in the lid, just like one of the other ladies on the site recommended. You will make your bottle last two or three times as long that way, and heaven knows this stuff is expensive.

* It is unnecessary to apply it more than once a day, unless you are in love with buying more product! Just be patient and commit to applying daily.

November 30, 2011 I have been using Latisse for...

November 30, 2011
I have been using Latisse for about a year and a half now, and my lashes are no longer sparse, but normal length. I hadnt seen my sister in about a year (after a move to Nashville) and when she saw me, she immediately commented that my lashes were looking so long and she decided that she wants to use Latisse too! She doesnt even like to wear makeup, so that is a huge endorsement for her.
Anyway, I dont have the ridiculously long, thick eyelashes of my dreams, but it works well enough that I plan to continue to use it.

Ok, so its's been a while now and...

I've decided to discontinue use of Latisse. It is keeping my eyelashes at a normal length (versus very sparse), however, I am wondering if the medications is at all responsible for increasingly worse vision issues that I have been having. Also, I just get better results with false lashes...much better results. Yes, falsies take a few minutes to put on, but I can get a pair to last over a week (easily); probably longer if I tried and I get much fuller, natural looking lashes.
I'll see if all my lashes fall out and I run back to Latisse, but for now, I need a break.


I dont have before pics (never thought to take them, wish I had.
I have been using Latisse for almost three years now. The doctor recently told me he thought I might be using too little because most women have to trim their eyelashes. Far from the case with me. I have lashes that are better than they were, but by no means does anyone wonder how I got my amazing lashes. I am looking into a lash transplant. I want to stop using this stuff!
PS. my eyelashes are slathered in mascara. I will try to take some make-up free photos.
Also, I will check back in two months with an update in case the doc was right and I was using too little. I have gone back to daily use.
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