Latisse Well Worth It -- I Use Off-label Lumigan Because It's Cheaper - Denver, CO

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Just a quick update. I have been using Lumigan...

Just a quick update. I have been using Lumigan (same thing as Latisse) for close to 7 weeks now. I still love it.

My lashes are getting fuller and longer. I have to admit that my right eyelashes are doing better than the ones on the left, even though I apply it evenly every night. Kinda sucks, but I just go light on the mascara on my right eye since they need less, and just use a little more on my left eye and they look pretty much even. Hey, they warned about

In another month or so, I'll post an "after" picture so folks can see the progress. I am moving to Alaska in a couple of weeks and my laptop just hopefully I'll have a new setup when I get there. Things have been hectic to say the least. =P

I have been dying to try Latisse ever since I...

I have been dying to try Latisse ever since I heard about the Marini Age Intervention Eyelash conditioner. Then her offices got raided by the FDA for illegally using a prescription drug, bimatoprost, in an over-the-counter product, and I couldn't find anyplace to buy Marini's lash product.

Anyway, I had my doctor write me a prescription for off-label Lumigan. It costs a lot less. I use a soft retractable brush to apply it each night after I take off my makeup and wash my face. I have been using it for 2 weeks, and I am already seeing some improvement in my lash thickness. Since I reuse other applicators like eyeliner and lip gloss, I am not worried about contamination at all. I think it's fine to use a eyeliner brush, as long as it's dedicated to applying Lumigan only, and not used for anything else.

The main reason why I wanted an eyelash growth stimulator is because my lashes are stick-straight. Unless I curl them, my eyes look very tired. Although my lashes are already decently thick, long, and jet black, if they are longer it will be easier to curl them.  In another few weeks I will post my before/after pictures.

Had to stop using Latisse, now using Rapidlash

After using Latisse for over two years, I had to stop using it. Although I loved how thick, full, and ridiculously long my lashes were (complete strangers would comment on it when i was out in public, saying that I had the longest lashes they had ever seen), I started having side effects. My eyes were so red and bloodshot that people would come up to me and ask me if I was high, or comment on my bloodshot eyes. it got REALLY annoying, and finally I had to concede defeat. I stopped using Latisse.

I use Rapidlash now. It is much cheaper, one tube lasts me 6 months, and I don't have the itchiness or dry eyes that i got from Latisse. My lashes are still impressive, although nowhere near the insane length that I got with Latisse.

Developed meibomian gland dysfunction after 2 years of Latisse use

For several years of using Latisse, I started having difficulty with very dry eyes, so I stopped using it and I switched to an over-the-counter product called RapidLash. The active ingredient that was used at the time in RapidLash, isopropyl cloprostenate, is similar to bimatoprost, the active ingredient in Latisse. The FDA raided RapidLash and they were forced to change their formula. Once they changed the formula, I stopped using RapidLash.

Now I have meibomian gland dysfunction, which I'm pretty sure was from Latisse, because I experienced extreme dry eye while using it. The eye produces a tear film from our tear ducts, and we also have tiny oil glands along our eyelids, called meibomian glands, that are supposed to secrete a thin, clear oil that floats on top of the tears and helps prevent the tears from evaporating. My meibomian glands don't produce any oil. In 2013 and 2014, I was examined by 2 ophthalmologists and each of them were surprised at the level of MGD/meibomian gland dysfunction that I had at the age of 34. They both described the consistency of the oil -- which should be a thin, clear, free-flowing oil -- as toothpaste-like (gross!). It isn't doing its job whatsoever. I had to get silicone punctal plugs installed in my tear ducts in an effort to keep more tears in my eye. It helped, but I have to wear glasses to slow the evaporation of the tear film, plus a ridiculous home care regimen.

For the home care, I have to take fish oil and flax oil, do daily lid scrubs, and use warm compresses to try to melt the oil in my meibomian glands and get it flowing again. I can't wear eye makeup. Although I loved having the thick, long, luxurious lashes that I got from Latisse, if I had known that I was going to have MGD/meibomian gland dysfunction, I never would have bothered trying it!
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My optometrist was a total jerk and refused to write me a prescription. Don't argue with them, just go see another doctor.

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