Latisse is a Ripoff, Larger Size for Glaucoma $30, or $10 from India - Athens, GA

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Eyelashes grew longer and somewhat thicker. The...

Eyelashes grew longer and somewhat thicker. The length was very elegant, but the cost iss ridiculous. Latisse is just a repackaged version of a Glaucoma treatment which is several times as much product for about $30! Ripoff!

Also, the brushes are worthless, and designed to make you waste product so it wont last. For $10, I get a generic from India, works great! I use a very thin sable brush to put a very tiny amount on, so i get less redness and no waste. Wash brush nightly.

I was getting red itchy eyes but I use less product with my own brush. Also, once the lashes grow, I only use it 2-3 times a week at most. One tiny (latisse size) bottle of generic from India lasted me over a year!

$80 tube of Trentionin only $3!

I am disgusted by Allergan, the original packaging said that bif eyes turned brown it was reversable, NOW they say permanent. They have not studied this enough.

Lashes do fall out after long term use of...

Lashes do fall out after long term use of Latisse!

All these experts say they have never heard this to be true but I experienced it and have heard NUMEROUS reports that eyelashes become brittle and fragile after long term Latisse use.

After I get full results, I use generic Latisse only 1-2 times a week to maintain length and I use very little product. A VERY skinny sable brush and a tiny amount of product. BTW the worst problem with brittle, falling out lashes came when using the REAL product by Allergan.

UPDATE: I am actually finding that use of Latisse...

UPDATE: I am actually finding that use of Latisse once every 2 weeks is enough to maintain my result, at least to my satisfaction and without constant red, itchy eyes. It is important to remove you eye makeup every night to avoid bacteria which can also make lashes fall out, AND, PLEASE wash Latisse off first thing each morning! Do NOT use it during the day.
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I now get it generic from India, $10 plus shipping. The doctor has no part in my opinion of Latisse.

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