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I've been using Latisse for 15 weeks now. It...

I've been using Latisse for 15 weeks now. It took about a month before I starting seeing results but once I started seeing them they have really taken off. I still need mascara although the lashes do seem a little darker than they were before. (my eyelashes are light brown) On one side, I have a lash that is out of control long when mascara is on it and I've debated trimming it. (I never thought I would trim an eyelash)

I am hoping the lashes get a bit thicker (they have thickened up) but still seem like they could be thicker. If they don't thicken up more though in the next couple weeks, I am going to cut back to three times a week and see how that does with maintaining the lashes.

I also have been leaving my contacts in when applying Latisse. I have disposable extended wear and hate to take them out (I am practically blind without them). My blue eyes are still blue with just a little bit of darkening on my lid right where I apply Latisse. I have a little bit of itching and ever so slight burning sometimes.

My lower lashes have also grown a little. A few times I have put it on my bottom lashes but decided not to go that route and only did it a few times. I have noticed that there is hair that has grown around the inner parts of my eye closest to my nose. A few weeks ago it felt like there was some eyelashes growing in the corner of my eye and it bothered me but I don't notice it any more.

I have used this same bottle for 15 weeks. My secret is not to use the brushes provided. Those brushes just seem to swallow up the drop and they are not fine tipped enough. I use a fine tip eye liner brush and only one drop for both eyes. Yes, I share the germs between my eyes but I do that everyday with my mascara and since I don't get eye infections I figure I'm fine. And the little brush is still wet after I apply to both. I figure I still have 15 days to a month worth of drops left. So for $104 I have stretched it out to lasting over 4 months. (I have missed a handful of days but usually if I miss a night I make it up in the morning)

I love my new long lashes and I for see myself continuing this forever. I did think about doing eyelash extentions but I am glad I did this route instead. It has been cheaper than I thought and not the upkeep of getting eye lash extentions filled and the time it takes to do that.

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