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I'm writing a review ahead of the surgery which I...

I'm writing a review ahead of the surgery which I know is strange but what I have seen from Dr. K and his staff is nothing but caring. He has been very thorough in explaining everything to my DH and myself. I'm sure after the surgery Monday, he will be right there to manage my pain and to give a lot of instructions before I'm allowed to go home. I've wanted a breast reduction for years and am glad my NP made an appt with him. She has made me appt's. with probably 6 other PS over the years but I've always chickened out. This time I didn't, Dr. K won't operate if you smoke, so I have quit after almost 30 years of smoking and am so excited but am also very nervous. But I'm sure all will be good since I'm in the hands of Dr.K

A bit of relaxation

Ladies you will never guess what I'm up to right now. I'm in the woods sitting/hunting. This will be my last time this year so I took the day off from work to enjoy nature and all it has to offer. Sitting out here is so relaxing and mind cleansing. Ya I know I have my devices with me but that's so my husband and I can communicate out here. It's a brisk 20 degrees right now here on the Canadian border but dressed for the weather you are fine. Tomorrow we head to Latham to spend the night so we don't have to travel 3 1/2 hours Monday morning to be there for 6 am. Yes yes I'm beginning to get the jitters. Will update you all on how I feel after its all done. Good luck to everyone who is getting new boobies on Monday!

9 hrs

Well definitely more relaxed than earlier today but dreading trying to sleep tonight. Then up at 5:30 to be a hospital for 6:15. They better give me something good cuz I know I will be a wreck


Decided with the help of my DH to post before pics. Hopefully sleep soon then will update.

its time

Well here I go.




Keep trying to add pics but doesn't seem to work

5 hrs pot op

Well I didn't chicken out! When I walked to bathroom a while ago looked in the mirror and said wow the girls aren't sad anymore they are definitely happy :)


Darn autocorrect and maybe a little blame to the nice meds.

Oops again

The oops was for the pot up definitely was suppose to be post op. :)

Going home

First viewing

Happy boobs

I sure hope that I'm as happy with them in a few months as I am seeing them today, day 1 out or surgery. Going to be a long ride home, 4 hours. My best wishes to everyone who had surgery yesterday and to everyone who is having surgery in the future.

Trip home

It wasn't too bad even though its such a long drive from constable ny to the Latham/ Schenectady area. Stopped to see if jcpenney had any bras that would work, nope not a one. Got home and my DH went to pick up my baby. He's such a good boy, I'm adding a pic of him. I have a pillow covering my new chest to keep him off them when he's giving me kisses. Time to rest.

2 days post op

The night wasn't great but I did get some sleep. Tried the recliner but ended up propped up on couch which worked better. Dr said shower today I got in did wash hair a little but not the greatest shower that's for sure. When I got out and DH was helping me get dressed that was my first emotional meltdown. Poor DH I feel bad for him he had to go to work but didn't want to after my meltdown. Time to lay down and get a nap in I'm exhausted. Everyone take it easy and rest a lot.

o uch

Has anyone used an ice pack for pain? The worse right now is under one of my arms so I'm hoping ice is ok to use for a little while.

Day 3

Had my DH help me put the Fruit of the Loom on this morning. Yes the one I called huge and ugly which it still is but its also comfy.its a cotton front closure with a full back. Gives me good support and comfort, Walmart $9.00 I folded some laundry today, very carefully I did not put it away. Thinking a nap is in order for me. Everyone take cate


Well I was feeling ok and planned to go with my DH to watch his dart game. But I guess my body knew better than me hat I should just stay home. I put on my pants and shoes to go and whammy lots of pain in the poor little girls. I just thought I'd be out of the house a couple hours. But I guess someone knew better than me.

3 days


Of course I don't read what I write before I submit so there are always misspellings sorry. Does anyone who had surgery this week have new pics?


Decided I needed to do what everyone says to do and that nothing. I showered woohoo wrote some Christmas cards and basically sat all day. I scared myself bad last night. I'm a stomach sleeper and woke up in the night on my stomach. Really scared me! The bruising is crazy but still glad I finally fif it. The end result is going to be the true test and that won't be for quite some time:(

Feel like I'm a whinner.....

I know l do too much but DH doesn't do much of anything. Today I took it easy and when DH got home from work we were to go to Walmart. For sure reason by afternoon under my arms was really swollen and very painful. By the time he got home and we went to Walmart I was in lots of pain. Of course every time he saw someone he knew he'd stand there talking forever I would continue on down the aisle get what we needed go back put it in cart etc etc.... He really ticks me off! Tomorrow we are having people over I thought he would help by vacuuming dishes etc but I know better now. Tonight did he help out at all, nope, so why should I think the morning will be any different. I really don't know if two weeks no work will be enough then I'm suppose to be two weeks light duty. The way I'm feeling right now I don't think that's going to work. I'm discouraged right now, used no pain meds today but boy oh boy I need them now. I know ice would help the swelling but pretty sure ice is a no no! He said he'd help all he could if I had surgery done, damn why did I believe him again.


I Do Love My New Happy Breasts and highly recommend Dr. Kayastha in Latham, NY. He is well worth the drive!

Day 6

Wish the girls would stay basically like they are. I'm sure position wise they won't really change too much but the fullness will go away from what I've read. I've read that for fullness you need implants. To me that seems weird reduction and lift and implants. And ins wouldn't cover it. Anyway just saying I like where they are and how they look, looking past the tape and all the pretty colors they are lol. The swelling under my arms is crazy though

1 week

So hard to believe its already been a week and 1 more before I have to go back to work, light duty but not sure I'm going to be ready for that. It's been better than I thought but also rougher than I thought too. Yeah that's confusing I know! Anyway today I did absolutely nothing except put one cans of beans,tomatoes and meat in a crockpot. Other than that I achieved doing nothing. Except the miralax and all the fruit and veggies activated uggg. So swollen under my arms look forward to that going down. Does anyone else feel that their belly area has also been swollen? Could be me just able to see it now but even my pants feel different. Still feels so strange having my chest up looking straight ahead since they never have been since i developed around 12. That part is amazing and does outweigh the healing etc. Best of lucky to everyone out there thinking of coming over to the small hype boobie side. And let's go girls to all who have.

1 week home

I have decided there probably isn't a dr other than Dr. Kayastha that i would have rather had. I was just changing bras and looking at my incisions shape etc and so far can not complain. I'm hoping there isn't a lot of swelling because both myself and my DH like the size. I have not had any neck or back issues since the morning before my surgery. The only person I can blame for getting any pain is mainly myself because its only if I do too much. Yesterday I say all day and was good. Today I can feel some incion pain but that's my fault and bearable. I go Thurs for my 1st per op appt. hope he things things are as good as I do.

post op visit

Dr took off some of the tape today. Says he is really happy with the healing shape size and placement. I'm glad he's happy with his work because I am too.

18 days

My second appt was today. 15 minute appt with 10 hours of driving, thanks to a lovely winter storm. I surely didn't realize being in a vehicle could cause so much pain, never noticed how the natural vibration or whatever it is from a vehicle before. its probably thesame motionthat outs babies right to sleep. Anyway, about 2 hours from home the swelling so bad I was in tears, I was sweating from the pain and two pain pills did nothing. I ended up holding a pillow against me to help my poor girls. Been home about 3 hours more pain pills and doing nothing, starting to feel better. Back to my appt., Dr. Kayastha removed the rest of the tape, checked all my incisions said they looked great everything healing nicely. He said he felt my scaring would be minimal. He said 'your scares will be beautiful' I was worried of where the vertical incision meets the incision under the breast because I have seen some nasty stuff there where it didn't heal together. I checked it out myself, YEAH it's all closed. I go back in one month unless something happens. Thank you to Dr. Kayastha!

New pics

Trying to add new pucs

3 weeks

I'm back to work light duty which actually is really long. The first day I didn't take a bra to change into and that afternoon and night I was very uncomfortable. Yesterday I changed bras about half way through and it was much better. I do think I have done too much from day 2 and now its catching IP with me. I get so tired and achy. Gues my healing is going good and I know I should expect to still hurt wish I could be off work longer.

1 month

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't been on here for a bit. Just kind of discouraged. I work 12 hour shifts from 10 to 10 right now, I'm light duty so they let me work whatever 12 I want. I barely make the 12 hours because I swell at night and just plan get very uncomfortable. I've tried bringing a different bra with me so that I can change and not be in the same style all day, which sort of helps I guess. I'm constantly having to reach inside my uniform shirt and pull down the band of the bra or adjust it under my arms where the incision is. This is especially true of the incision under my right arm pit. That one just always is sore and puffy. Guess I'm just discouraged because I wanted to heal quicker. I know now that I should have asked for more than the 2 weeks off from work. I don't really do anything here on light duty, maybe a bit of typing or filing but VERY little. Sometimes I also think so sitting here in these nasty chairs is extremely difficult too. You are not really sitting comfortably at all. Sorry for being a crabby butt. I still like the size and shape. I do have a question for everyone though. Has anyone had the color in the areola pretty much go away so that now the areola is the same color as your breast. I find it quite strange and don't have a clue if its normal or not. I have mega feeling in one nipple and pretty much none in the other especially if I'm swollen at all, so I do think the sensation loss with rectify itself and if it doesn't I'm really not too concerned. Sorry I've ignored everyone lately I've been just a bit blah.

1 month

Decided since I wrote such a downer of an update I'd post pics too.


Just thought I'd update a little, sorry no pic since I'm at work right now. lol Anyway, still so happy I had the br done. I'm massaging palmer's lotion into the scar's hoping they will fad. I slept last night without a bra and I could definitely feel pulling on the scar area's when I'd move but was too tired to get out of bed to put a bra on. I still have no feeling in my right areola/nipple area but I can deal with that. I was told it could happen, so I surely can't complain. I still like the size and shape and feel so much better as far as my neck, shoulders, and upper back are concerned. My biggest downfall is that to have my surgery I had to quite smoking and with that has come definite weight gain. I'm eating very healthy and not a lot of calories, fat or carbs. I'm eating mainly vegetables and/or protein. But the weight keeps on a coming. YUCK I had a dr. appt with my rheumatologist yesterday for my Fibromyalgia and she said don't worry about the weight your body is still dealing with having surgery and adjusting to not having nicotine. I'm getting sick of it because unfortunately I was one who did not feel bad as a smoker and I enjoyed it. I want one everyday but I know I can't have one or I'd be right back to smoking and my kids and grandkids would not like that. But it's oh so hard. I'm trying to get back to exercising-elliptical and yoga but my fibro is causing me to not want to move. So sorry for going on about all that! I hope everyone who had surgery about the time that I did (Dec. 2) is doing well and for everyone else, congrats. If anyone has any questions, I'm here.

Dr. Kayastha is a fantastic PS. He will tell you he is OCD about his job and he is. He explains everything, and gets right to the point. His staff is wonderful and very helpful. My husband and I always felt very comfortable with what Dr. Kayastha was going to do for a procedure. We never questioned whether I should use him for my reduction or if we should see another PS. From my first appt. with him, we were comfortable with him as a choice. The out patient surgery hospital/building he uses is awesome. Everyone there was very professional and super friendly, doing whatever they could to make your stay their comfortable. His after care has been fantastic and he has been very good about rearranging my appointments since I'm located almost 4 hours from Latham, NY. Everything so far is a 5 star and I don't see that changing. If I were to need something more done, I would choose Dr. Kayastha.

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