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Hello there! I am a 21 year old, currently in...

Hello there! I am a 21 year old, currently in college and working two jobs. My breast situation is as follows: I'm around 5'8"-5'9", 140-145 lbs, measurements are 35-27-38, have small B's at best, and I am extremely athletic. I won 21 track championships in high school, and earned honors in college running. All of that seems to have hindered my breast development. My mother has D's... go figure.. I have been fighting the urge to get a BA for a few years. I have even had people 'pick on' (not in a mean way, just little comments) my small breasts. They don't know how hard that hits!

My goal is to model, either swimsuit, fitness or just regular clothing. I went to Dr. Deluca this morning and he is great! Explained it all to me, took many measurements, offered his opinion. Very technical and patient oriented. These are signs of a very good surgeon. He did my nose about a year ago, and it turned out amazing!

I think I've decided between 375cc-425cc and this slightly higher profile for modeling. my goal is to be in the mid-full D range.

I am so excited, now the last step is to get my financial situation in order.
I will update soon!

Hello everyone! Just wanted to update as I have...

Hello everyone! Just wanted to update as I have just over a month to go until my surgery date. My loan was approved and I am paying half cash. I think what I am having is bi lateral, 450cc, under the muscle, moderate + profile! I am not nervous at all and I wish my surgery was today.. but waiting will make it even more 'special', I guess. I have added a 3-D photo of my expected results!

My mom is thankfully on board with me... I was afraid she would say "This is so stupid, stop trying to change yourself." Not the case, I see nothing wrong with wanting to better what I already have. Anyway she was at least OK with it, and is going to be driving me on August 16th to the surgery center! Anyway, I will update when I have my pre-op, and right before the surgery. I will also update during recovery as I will be sitting at home for a few days! Thanks everyone!

Tomorrow will be 24 days until my surgery. I am so...

Tomorrow will be 24 days until my surgery. I am so excited! I have to call the office tomorrow and schedule a time to make my payment, and decide on the size! I am getting anxious and impatient, but I keep thinking every day is another day closer to new confidence and a chance at modeling! I am so excited to go back to college with a fresh look! As the days get closer I will update more often and more in depth. Hope all is well with everyone! :)

Ahhh! So I had my Pre-Op appointment on Monday,...

Ahhh! So I had my Pre-Op appointment on Monday, and it was quick. Just paid, talked to the Doc for a few minutes and I was out of there! I am so excited.. These 8 days are going to go by so slow, especially since I am working 6 of them.. Oh well I am going to need the money after this! I have had a lot of time to think lately, and I just cannot tell my Dad or my Grandma. I am currently living with my Grandma because my parents got divorced and my Mom lives with her boyfriend, and my Dad lives with his girlfriend.. I feel kind of lost and abandoned but oh well I am going to make a life for myself. If they can't understand that I am doing this for a few good reasons, (confidence, modeling, I want them, I just love how boobs look!) then that's too bad for them! Anyway, I know I will not regret my decision. Dr. Deluca is the best.. totally worth the 6k when you KNOW you are getting a quality job done! This is my last update until date of surgery.. Oh I decided on the 425's over filled to 450. Moderate + profile. I am a tall 5'8" or so, and about 145lbs. Dr. Deluca was confident that they wouldn't look strange or fake on me. I am all for big, but when they just look like giant bubbles.. not so much. His work is fabulous, check it out!

AHHHH IT'S THE DAY!!! :) :) :) So excited!! Of...

AHHHH IT'S THE DAY!!! :) :) :) So excited!! Of course my surgery won't be until about 2:30 this afternoon, and I'm STARVING already at 9:30 am but I'll make it I guess. I know Dr. DeLuca made mine later purposefully because I live about an hour and a half away. He's such a good guy! My Mom and I are going shopping to kill some time before, then it's surgery time! I'm so weird.. not nervous at all. I love surgery.. all the technical parts, anesthesia.. I ask a lot of questions. It's just so interesting.

Yesterday I went to the consignment shop and bought some $1 button up shirts. Just until I'm not too sore, those will be my friends. I am also on the hunt for two zip front sports bras. I will wear those for a few weeks until I can wear a normal bra again. Trying to find one with no under wire in a D is a tough one.

Well we are off to Albany now! I will update you post surgery on how I feel.. I was prescribed 500 mg Hydrocodone, but I really hate taking pain medications so I plan on taking none or the minimal need.

Goodnight all! I had my surgery around 3:30 today,...

Goodnight all! I had my surgery around 3:30 today, and I am already in love with them!! Anesthesia was ok, a little sick feeling because my mom couldn't find the hotel... lol The pain isn't too bad, mainly just sore.. and certain ways I move my arms hurts. I am trying to stay as still as possible. Took some tylenol, one 500mg Hydrocodone and my antibiotic. It's been better then I expected.. the worst part had to be the dry mouth/mucus in my throat, thank god thats gone!

I have added a picture :) I will write some more when I can get more pics and such! I have my post op with Doc. D tomorrow morning.. just going to check everything and re-bandage.

Its been 7 months since I had my BA with Dr....

Its been 7 months since I had my BA with Dr. Deluca. I absolutely LOVE the result. They are better then I ever imagined!! I went through a short period at about 4 months with some stretch marks but those gradually faded. I am now a 34DD.

Over a year later, and still very pleased!

It's been a year and three months since my breast enhancement. I am now married, and living in Delaware with my Air Force husband :) I met him right after I had my surgery, and he LOVED and still loves them!

I have referred many people to Dr. Deluca, since he is so great at what he does!

No issues at all. They dont feel or look fake at all!


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