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I am very glad that my Plastic Surgeon recommended...

I am very glad that my Plastic Surgeon recommended I check out this site. I’ve felt all the blogs I’ve read on here are so helpful! Thank you for sharing your story.

I am a 5’3, 150lb (working on losing more!), 36 year old woman of Asian descent I currently fit a 36 barely A bra. Since I was younger, I’ve always had “issues” with my inverted nipples. I’ve always wanted them corrected but was too embarrassed to see a plastic surgeon. When I did get up the nerve, I found out that insurance didn’t cover it and I was worried that it was major surgery that would cost a lot of money.

As a teenager, I was a skinny girl and had small water balloons for breasts. I was always ok with them but hoped they weren’t done growing. I refused to wear padded bras because I felt that it was “deceiving”. Then when I got into my early 20s I had issues with my health and developed Insulin Resistance and was diagnosed with PCOS, and I gained 30lbs in 1 month. Of course none of the 30lbs went to my chest. So I looked disproportionate. That is when I started to wear padded bras to even things out.

Still in my 20s, I managed to get my conditions under control, got married at my heaviest weight and within 4 years of getting married, I had 2 children (gaining minimal weight because I had gestational diabetes with each and was monitored by a nutritionist). However, since I’ve had my 2 kids, my little water balloons are now deflated balloons. My weight is lower and I am no longer in jeopardy of being borderline diabetic (since I’m active and don’t eat recklessly unhealthy anymore).
Recently, I did some research and I You Tubed “Nipple Inversion Correction surgery”. AH! Is it really that simple? I’ve waited all this time and I could have had them fixed a long time ago?! I discussed getting the procedure done with my husband and he was totally supportive.

At work, yeah, I know, most appropriate place to talk about boobs- My friends and I talk about clothes and sometimes we discuss how clothes fit and then sometimes it turns into our body image issues. I always say something like “I don’t have anything to fill out this shirt”, “I have no chest”, “I’m boobless”, “I’ll take whatever boobs you don’t want!”, “I wish we could just push the fat from my stomach up to my chest. I would be all set then!”, or “I have anthills”.
One day, my friend (she’s a good friend) said to me “why don’t you get implants?” I looked at her and laughed. She said she was serious and I said “Why would I get implants?” She said “Why not? I have implants.” WHAT?! NO. FREAKING. WAY! I could not tell that she had implants and I’ve been friends with her for 10 years!

It turns out that she had a consult done about 6 years ago and I knew at that time that she went. Afterwards, she told me that she wanted to lose weight before she had them done, but she did have them done and she told only her mother and her husband. I was blown away! She looks SO NATURAL!

So after seeing and feeling hers (she’s such a good friend!), I decided that maybe I should do implants with my nipple correction. I always thought that implants looked fake/noticeable/porn-star-ish/JWOWW-ish. I never thought they could be natural looking. I was excited.

When I told my husband that I wanted to get implants with my correction, he was supportive and said “Whatever makes you happy.” I was a little shocked that he agreed so readily since it affects our finances, but he’s known how unhappy I’ve been with my body.

My friend came with me to the two consults I set up. The first one was with her surgeon. He was nice. The office was within the area of where we live and he would keep me overnight to ensure that no problems arise. My only issue with him was that he made me a little uneasy. He didn’t want to give me any guidance as to how big I should go. He took measurements and discussed the differences between the Saline and the Silicone. He said most of the people who see him get Saline. He said to gather a bunch of pictures and show him what I liked. I had come prepared and showed him pictures but he said they were too small on my phone and that I needed to gather a lot more than the 5 I showed him. The office wanted me to put a deposit down on the surgery and that would include the pre-op appointment. At that appointment, I would need to decide what size implant I wanted because they had to order it ahead of time.

The second consult was about an hour and a half away. The Plastic surgeon we saw was so pleasant. He gave me guidance on what would fit my frame and how big is too big based off of what I was looking for. He took measurements without making me feel weird and showed us pictures. He let me try on sizers and we discussed all the questions I had. Since I had already discussed the differences between Silicone and Saline with the first Surgeon, I already knew that I wanted the Silicone but I was very reluctant because of the possibility of a leakage and how it isn’t as easy to detect as it is with Saline. I addressed my concern with the doctor and he said that by the time I am in need of an MRI, they will be using Ultrasound for detection. That put me at ease. I told the surgeon I wanted Silicone and he said that was a good choice for me since I have little breast tissue. (I am worried about possible rippling and not feeling soft enough) My friend has saline and she said she wishes Silicone was offered when she had it done. He did not sway me to get the Silicone but he assured me that I would be happy with my decision. The quote I got from this Surgeon was higher than the other surgeon’s but not by much (Both quotes included the Nipple Correction Surgery). The only difference was that this surgeon does not keep his patients overnight. I didn’t mind paying more because I felt more comfortable with this Surgeon and he has a lot of experience (not to mention he is in a metropolitan area so prices will tend to be higher/not to mention that we’re in NY-so overall price range is higher).

I felt so good with this doctor that I set up my pre-op appointment and Surgery date the same day I had the consultation. My pre-op was on December 18th. My husband went with me and I spoke to the doctor about how big I wanted to go. He said that we can make up our mind on the day of the surgery. I was confused. I thought they had to order the implants ahead of time (I thought that is how all offices were). He said he would have both the 350cc and 375cc that we discussed on hand. I was amazed. I also discussed the Nipple Inversion Surgery with him. I asked him if I’d have to wear the plastic covers over my nipples (how would I return to work looking like that?!) and he laughed and told me they looked silly. He said he doesn’t use anything like that. I was so relieved. I asked if he used foam instead and he said yes. He told me not to worry about anything. It will be great.

I was still a little unsure about what I wanted and worried (I know!) that I wouldn’t know what to decide on the day of surgery and so the doctor offered to do a 3D image of me so I could see better. I was so delighted! They emailed me the images to me three days later- and when I saw the pictures (I won’t show them to you because they aren’t that great…) I realized that it looked like the difference of 25cc was not noticeable. Now, the great thing that I love about my surgeon is that he gives you an email address and phone number to contact if you have any questions. I’ve emailed them a good handful since I’ve seen him and he is so pleasant and responds fairly quickly! (I know he is busy but he usually got back to me no later than the end of the day when he’d be done with patients.) I emailed his surgical nurse, since she sent me the pictures and asked her why they looked the same. She said the difference in CCs would only add fullness not projection. So I decided to go with the 375cc.

I am very excited and cannot wait! I never would have ever thought that I’d be getting implants. My younger self would have snubbed me. But now that I am older (and wiser) I know this is the best thing for me! My husband has gone through the cycles of doubt, questioning whether or not we should spend the money on something else, not spend the money, how come I don’t just wear padded bras instead, if I’m aware that this is major surgery… yada yada yada. I told him that it was too late for him to change his mind. We made an agreement. But ultimately I think he’s nervous about the surgery. I KNOW he’s just as excited as I am in his own way… :p

My surgery date is December 28th. The time is still to be determined but it should be mid-morning. Since I live so far away, I will be staying in a hotel down the street from the surgery center and my wonderful awesome friend has volunteered to take me so my husband can stay home with the kids (they’re on winter break). I have not told anyone besides the two of them, a coworker that has implants -because I asked to feel hers, (and you!) that I’m getting it done. It’s not because I’m ashamed. It’s because people can’t keep their mouths shut and I don’t want this to be “news”. I wanted to tell my sister but I don’t know if she’ll tell my mother who would want to tell her sisters…. And that is how the whole snowball rolls… Plus- it will be interesting to see if people notice on their own. I am pretty open about things, but have been trying not to be lately. I think if I’m asked I’m going to just say “I got a new bra” (Which I did) or I’ll ask back “Why does it look like I did?” sometimes a sarcastic “What do you think?” would throw them off. People might assume you don’t have the money, desire or time (Who knows if you do or not?!) to do it so they’ll just laugh and move on. We’ll see what happens.

All I know right now, is that I will be starting the New Year as a new me!

Ok so it's implant eve! I didn't think I would...

Ok so it's implant eve! I didn't think I would rush around the house and clean like I've seen all you wonder womans do... But I actually did end up doing a lot of cleaning/tidying up and now I feel like I've accomplished enough to be okay and leave my family for 24 hours. I get rid of about 8 bras and will give them to a thrift store because they are all in decent shape. Varying sizes of 34A and 36A. I don't know anyone who could benefit
from them.
The surgery center called this morning and told me to be at the suite at 930 am but didn't actually tell me what time my surgery is. I was so worried because we had a snow storm here yesterday into today and I was worried about our drive. but the weather got nicer as the day progressed so the roads will hopefully be decent. Let's hope the temperature is above freezing by the time we hit the road. I called our hotel this morning and the gentleman I talked to was so pleasant about us checking in early! (I want to drop our stuff off before the surgery)I hope I won't have to wait too long at the surgery center before they take me back. That will be torturous!!
I think I am subconsciously nervous already because ever since I had dinner, I've been wanting to throw up.
The good news is that I am super tired right now so I think I'll be able to sleep tonight!
I will update sometime tomorrow! :p

Oh Happy Day! I got my implants!! Just got to the...

Oh Happy Day! I got my implants!! Just got to the hotel. Slightly groggy. No pain really just a lot of pressure. My nipples are all covered so I won't see them until tomorrow. I am doing well! I thought I'd have more pain but I'm good!
I got Mentor 375CC Silicone implants submuscular and incision at the crease.
My throat is a little scratchy from the breathing tube but not painful.
My most awesome friend is running to Panera Bread to buy me something to eat.
The doctor put me in a bra and strap and right now everything is covered. I am already thinking I wish I could have gone bigger. (I need to stop that!)
Heavy in the chest- just like an elephant sitting on it- but overall doing great!!!
My doctor said everything went well and I will have a follow up tomorrow before I go home. I think he did a great job and can't wait to see my nipples.
Thanks for all the support and I hope YOUR recovery is going well!

I've been cat napping all day. I took to Loritab...

I've been cat napping all day. I took to Loritab right before 4 but now I am in pain. More discomfort- like my boobs are going to explode. Maybe I've been using my arms too much. It's nots really my muscles that hurt but more my actual boobs. It looks like my one nipple bled through the gauze (I had the inversions corrected).
Gonna to go Walmart in a bit- there is a 2 story Walmart in this town! I've never heard of a two story Walmart. Gonna buy some Motrin and look at bras.
Still glad I did it. Looked in the mirror earlier and liked what I saw. I hope they don't shrink too much when they fall and fluff.

Experienced "morning boob" not a fun feeling....

Experienced "morning boob" not a fun feeling. Still in discomfort but bearable. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain but I am going to continue taking the meds for a few more days to be safe.
They gave me a patch for nausea and told me to leave it on for three days. I don't remember anything more than being wheeled into the operating room seeing like 5-6 people (including Dr. D sitting in a chair patiently waiting for me) I said "Wow! High tech" (not sure why I said that) and then waking up to a nurse calling my name! Easy breezy! I will ask how long the surgery took.
My boobs are hard as a rock. Yesterday I think I over used my arms and my throat bothered me more than my boobs did. I got itchy all over last night but don't have any hives. Maybe my skin is dry. My most awesome friend said it could also be because of all the meds they gave me were wearing off. She has been so freaking good to me!! Very helpful and yells at me when I do something I shouldn't. :)
I bought a genie bra at Walmart last night since so many of you suggested it. (By the way the two floor Walmart was awesome!)
I've been using an Ice bag they gave me- a lot. It's supposed to be 30 minutes on 30 minutes off but I keep it on longer bc I can't feel the coldness. My doc put me in a bra (open front clasp) and a band. I worried about going back to work in the band- afraid that people will notice but now that I have them on- it's not noticeable! I am wearing a cheap zip up I got from Old Navy the other day (they were like $8-$10 dollars) and it is soft (not line with the sherpa stiff but just like soft cotton on the inside so it's kept me warm and comfortable. (Some zip ups are not soft so I was worried about being warm in one that I already had).
I got a little peek of my nipples and they look little- I thought they'd be bigger but then again, I only saw part of one not the whole thing. My crease incision is starting to hurt.
I am meeting Dr. D for a post op visit this morning before I head home. He's so nice to come in today just to check on me.
I will try to post a picture or two later.

Yesterday I was uncomfortable. Last night I slept...

Yesterday I was uncomfortable. Last night I slept in my recliner with my wedge pillow and now my back/neck ache. When I woke up at 4am I felt okay but I went back to sleep and woke up again around 730am- I had discomfort so I took a Lortab which I may be allergic too. Yesterday I swithched it up with 800mg of Ibuprofen.
My boobs are so swollen that they even hurt on the sides. The bra seems tight today. I am hoping I'll be better by this afternoon. I have no desire to do anything right now (since I think I over did it the past two days!). I love my ice pack. I wear it over my compression band and sometimes I push it down for my nipples. My doctor said I really didn't need to continue icing it but it makes them
feel better. I'm not sure if it's because of the extra weight on my chest or because of the ice. It's weird bc I don't really feel the cold from the ice.
Overall, It is more of an uncomfortable feeling than it is painful.
I was going to post pictures- but I'm not allowed to shower until tomorrow So that is
when I'll take pictures.
Happy Healing everyone!!!

Day 3 of recovery (I don't count the day of...

Day 3 of recovery (I don't count the day of surgery). Things are getting better. I am still uncomfortable but don't feel the need to take the Lortab. I have been using motrin. I think tonight I will try sleep in my bed rather than the recliner. I think the recliner has made my back hurt- however my whole body feels bruised- I would assume it's from the muscles being moved. My doctor said it was okay to sleep on my side (which I prefer) but I didn't want to jepordize anything so I just suffer sleeping on my back.
I took a shower this morning and felt way better afterwards. I feel like I have a foreign object in my chest (duh- of course I do) and I wonder when it will stop feeling like that.
My nipples are still covered and I almost freaked out when I saw them in the mirror becuase there is a great amount of bruising on them. They are purple- I almost thought that my aerola was bigger- but then I realized it was the bruise.
I've been taking Arnica Montana 30x but I don't feel that it's doing anything. I'll continue to take it- since I asked my doctor for it- he said he usually only gives it to his face patients.
Yesterday I felt that the bra was too tight. After I took my shower this morning it felt a little loose and now it's back to being tight. So I guess the warm water from the shower really does make things better.
Ever since I got home, I've felt like it's hard to breathe and now I have symptoms of a cold- which sucks because coughing is not fun.
I don't like how my boobs look right now but there is definitely some potential when they drop and fluff. :) I also think they are too small and am afraid of how much they will "shrink" (I AM DELUSIONAL).
Any way... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

Day 4 of recovery No Pain Meds taken today! I...

Day 4 of recovery
No Pain Meds taken today! I have been suffering with a cold since I got home from surgery and now it's full blown so coughing and sneezing have not been fun. I slept in the recliner again last night because I don't
want to do anything to set me back with the healing process.
I have discomfort from my incision areas (nipples and crease) and have bruise like pains on my boobs where the bra digs in a little. The compression strap is a major annoyance and I realized yesterday that I was wrapping it way too tight. So I went back to the line the surgery nurse marked and then just went a little past that line so there was pressure but not pain. Last night I couldn't take the strap digging into my arm pits anymore (not bc it was on too tight- it just does) so I found a pair of old fuzzy socks, cut the toes off of them and slid them on the strap to cover my pits. I feel better now (not an original idea- I found someone on this site or another site who did that.)
I am a little discouraged because when I look at some of you lovely ladies and your very early post op pics- I don't see the same thing on me. I feel like I look like He-Man with major Pectoral muscles that start at my shoulders and it makes me nervous that I'll look like that forever! I know that I'm worrying about nothing but it's hard to not let my mind think crazy things. On the bright side, I can squeeze my boobs and they feel soft. Not like softballs anymore. :)
Every day it gets a little bit better. Which is awesome!

Feeling good today! Waiting for the other shoe to...

Feeling good today! Waiting for the other shoe to drop but so far so good. Sometimes I feel I've over stretched myself and worry about my stitches but haven't experienced any pains that I am worried about.
I feel the He-Man Pecs are dropping more so that is good. I can stop wearing the compression band tomorrow and start wearing a sports bra 24/7 until I see my doc in 2 weeks. Very excited about this milestone.
My nipples have been more sore than my crease incisions and have to keep Neosporin on them to keep them from drying out. I don't do anything for my crease incisions except buffer them from the bra with some cotton pads.
The surgery center called me today to follow up and see how I was doing. I thought it was very nice of them.

I hope you all are having an awesome recovery!
For those of you just starting your journey- Welcome!
Questions? Feel free to ask!

Found out I have to continue wearing compression...

Found out I have to continue wearing compression band until I go for my follow up on the 14th. Not too sad about it because it kind of holds everything together. I've asked if I can modify the amount of time I wear it next week while I'm at work. I hope he agrees.
Wearing a Hanes "yoga" style sports bra- holds things in but doesn't push the boobs into the body. Might switch to the Genie bra because I want the padding. My poor nipples need some TLC while they heal. :(

Eureka! I have been having the hardest time with...

I have been having the hardest time with the compression band. It has given me pain in the arm pit and on the sides of my breasts to the point that it is making me regret having surgery!
I am going back to work tomorrow and have been given the okay to not wear the band during working hours. Which I am very glad about because the only way I'd be able to conceal it is if I wore my jacket all day...
But it was frustrating me about the band and so I turned to google to see if maybe I've been wearing the damn thing wrong.
Of corse I was! When the surgical nurse showed me the band she didn't explain why I had to wear it (the purpose) and my PS didn't give me any paperwork or show me anything about it either so I've been wearing it just like how they put it on me after surgery.
I went to this site http://m.drmichaelbogdan.com/plastic-surgery/breast-implant-exercises.cfm
and this doctor has a video about why it is used and the proper way to wear it!
I am so relieved that I found it because now hopefully I won't be in pain and maybe my boobs will drop more!
I hope this helps you too if you've been tormented by the dreaded strap!

I sent my doc an email this morning about the...

I sent my doc an email this morning about the strap. I included the link and pictures of how I've been wearing the band and what I look like. he wrote back and said everything looked good. I am relieved. He also said the band is going to be irritating. For those of you who haven't had it done yet or are new to the strap- I would probably suggest you wear whatever bra they put you in, then put on a tee shirt (as a buffer) then the strap. Not sure if it will help with the discomfort (I feel like I've been using crutches for a long time) but it's worth a try.
I also bought a Bali Comfort Revolution bra at Kohls to wear. The Genie bra was ok but the little cups they give you to put in the bra was not padded enough to hide the guaze I have on my one nipple. This new bra is comfortable! I fill the cup out about 97% but when I drop and fluff I think I will fill it out and then some bc I am so high- a lot of me was above the cup. Which right now is frustrating.
I went back to work today. Initially I was going to wear a baggy shirt- but it was too obvious that way. So I wore one I usually wear that even has a slit down the neckline. I wore a fleece zip up a lot of the time (not unusual for me) but did go without and no one noticed enough to say anything! We'll see how things go. It helps that they make bras that can give you like 3 cup sizes bigger than you really are. I wore a 2 sizes bigger bra since September for that purpose. Thankfully I think it helped. We'll see.
Got the band on now that I've left work. As much as it causes me grief, it also brings comfort- my upper poles ache when I don't have it on. Guess I just can't win!

I've been going sans the strap at work for the...

I've been going sans the strap at work for the past two days and have been feeling sore by the end of the day. Today I wore the strap all day and still felt sore at the end of the day. I do a lot of administrative paperwork and typing. It's amazing how many muscles a person uses doing the smallest tasks!
Today I was worried about being late for the train so I walked briskly. As I was walking- I felt like there was something moving/bouncing INSIDE my breasts. It felt so weird. Then tonight I was using a pizza cutter and had the same feeling in the right boob since I was cutting with my right hand. I switched hands to see if it would happen on the left side and it felt the same way- only not as defined.
My most awesome friend said that is normal to feel. So I am hoping that my recovery is progressing! :)
I'm still sore from wearing the strap and my boobs are still high. In fact the definition from upper pole is so severe that in order to hide it I have to wear a collared shirt. (You can see the definition in the picture I posted on 1/7) It is a little embarrassing but I am working around it.
Hopefully with these new things happening to me- it means that I am starting to drop!
Let's hope.

Today I had a burning sensation on all of my...

Today I had a burning sensation on all of my breast with the slightest of touch from anything/everything! Including the clothes I am wearing. Then I had a pins and needles feeling all over. I took the strap off around lunchtime because I felt Like my boobs were overly swollen (like milk coming in). It was so uncomfortable that I kept thinking if I looked down my boobs would be pulsating! I put the strap back on around 3. They've calmed down now. I think it was the nerves acting up. Not sure if it's part of the healing process or because I've been doing too much using muscles I didn't know I use.
I am so eager for these puppies to drop. I think too much about it and then make myself paranoid thinking "What if I am the only one out there that doesn't drop?!" (Unlikely I know).
I wish the dropping/fluffing process was not so lengthy.
Can you tell I have issues with patience?

This weekend has turned out good for me. My PS let...

This weekend has turned out good for me. My PS let me sleep without a bra and strap on Friday which was like heaven for me.
I also realized that I've been babying my boobs and not really touching them. I gave them a "mini massage" and they relaxed a good amount.
My husband is not as repulsed by them anymore either. lol. Which is good because he wouldn't even look at them let alone touch them before!
I get my stitches out tomorrow (or so I hope). I am hoping I will be able to say goodbye to the strap (wishful thinking) even though I think it works. I think tomorrow they'll tell me to start my massages.
I dropped slightly since the last pictures I posted on 1/7 - I attached a new picture that I took today. My right nipple is still trying to heal. Every time a scab forms it seems to open when I take a shower. I have a feeling that when it does heal, it will be slightly more pointy than the left one. But I am still really happy with the way they look. I am also sure they'll feel so much better when the stitches come out.

Picture posted upside down even though it wasn't...

Picture posted upside down even though it wasn't upside down on my phone- hoping they'll fix it.
The straight on shot doesn't portray the size of them correctly. Next time I will post more shots to show the sides. They are still really high on top which makes them look flat above my nipples. Ugly really...

Yey! No more strap! The stitches are out and I can...

Yey! No more strap! The stitches are out and I can start doing massages. The doc told me to start using Vitamin E or Mederma for the scars. But I bought ScarAway Silicone scar sheets. We'll see how those work for now.

New pics- at the 3 week mark. Sorry no side...

New pics- at the 3 week mark. Sorry no side profile today. Will try to do for next time.
My right nipple is still struggling to heal. It is more cone shaped than the left. I am thinking that might be why my aerolas are different sizes now. Which makes me sad but I'm not torn up about it. I'm still happy with the end results.
Looks like I've dropped ever so slightly in a week. The definition at the top seems to have gone down and I'm not sticking out as much on top (I fit better in my bra as well).

Nothing really new to update you on. The only...

Nothing really new to update you on. The only issue I'm having is that my left breast has been having more shooting pains than my right breast and now my left nipple is constantly erect. I am hoping this is temporary.
I will be at 4 weeks on Friday! I'll post new pictures then!!
Happy Healing!

I guess I missed a week. I am at PO week 5....

I guess I missed a week. I am at PO week 5. Feeling great. My nipples still hurt and my left one is erect all the time but the doctor said that should go away. I am really liking how they are dropping!

Went for my 6 week post op on Monday. I am all...

Went for my 6 week post op on Monday. I am all cleared to exercise and wear under wire bras. The doc said my left nipple will chillax in time (Of course he didn't say it in those words...).
He wanted to make sure I'm still blogging about my experience to share with all of you!
So let me tell you... After a few weeks I forgot they were there. No more pain or nerve surges. It was nice to not think about them all the time.
They have fallen and look natural. I am really happy that I actually fill out my shirts now! I am in a 36C bra but haven't gotten officially measured. I am going to wait a little longer before I do it because he said it will drop a bit more.
I am more than happy that I had them done!!!
Now though, since I am used to seeing them, I think that they are too small. It's only because I got used to seeing them. My husband will tell me I'm crazy and that they are plenty big- if I go bigger you'll know I have implants. So he keeps me in reality. So, for all you ladies who think the same thing- I thought you were all just dealing with a case of boob greed but now I think it's just boob blindness!

Thank you Dr. DeLuca, for maki

(The phone didn't save the whole post...) Thank...

(The phone didn't save the whole post...)
Thank you Dr. DeLuca, for making me feel better about my body by giving me an even, we proportioned, awesome upgrade!
Albany Plastic Surgeon

I chose him because he is board certified. He's bedside manner is awesome and his staff is great. I felt at ease with him and feel he has my best interest in mind. I found his office after a very long interent search.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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