Last Much Longer Than Restylane/good Results

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I was going to a Plastic Surgeon's office that did...

I was going to a Plastic Surgeon's office that did not carry Radisse because they said it could cause "lumps" and little hard knots in your face..actually she scared me away from it so I continued to throw hundreds of dollars at Restylane which didn't last over 4 months. I changed clinics and my Dr. said Radiesse was safe and would last longer. I tried it in the corners of my mouth and mouth to nose lines and it is great. Lasts much longer and gives me the desired effect. It is true that I can feel it on the inside corners of my mouth but it lasts much longer. I think that the success of fillers has a lot to do with who is administering the product.

I have finally found the right Dr. in Plano, Texas. He is fantastic with fillers and botox. He does use Restylane in my upper lip because you can't use Radiesse in the lips. It's still expensive and sure, it hurts (really not bad, considering your shooting needles into your face) but I don't bruise with his injections and it takes a few days to go back to normal. I have not had any problems with Radiesse or the lumps in my face and I'm really glad I switched. I have very thin, pale skin and I'm 50 years old.

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