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I consider myself a Laser Hair Removal Pro. ...

I consider myself a Laser Hair Removal Pro.  I signed up for a special deal that included, well, everything.  I began with treatments on what I considered "priority" areas (face, arms) over a year ago and have now added all the other areas to be treated.  I have been to approximately 20+ treatment appointments in the past 18 months to get, yes, everything done. 

   I have had mixed results but I believe it has a lot to do with the area treated.  For example, my underarms are nearly "done" but my face still needs more treatments.  The hair thickness (fortunately) was considerably different in these two regions to begin with, thus, the thicker hairs have responded more quickly.  I rarely need to shave there at all now, whereas I used to shave my underarms daily.  It is great!

I want to address the concern many people have about the pain involved.  I find this to be a relatively painless experience but it completely depends on the area being treated.  I am generally NOT a pain tolerant person (I was blacking out from the pain and screaming for drugs as I arrived at the hospital to have my son).  That being said, when the laser is on a super high setting and my thighs are being done, I do not even feel it.  On the flip side, when the laser approaches a bony or super sensitive area (ankles, bikini) I definitely would not do it without using a numbing cream first.  Numbing creams are now my best friend- besides the laser!  I suggest that you look into the different kinds and try them out first.  Also, you can spend anywhere from $10 to $50 on this so you may want to do some research.  Make sure there are no ingredients in it that you may be allergic to or might irritate your skin.  I have very sensitive skin and have not had any problems.  One last thing about the creams- use them properly or they won't work.  But remember, you really don't need them for all areas.  Ice packs are a regular part of my sessions and they usually take care of 80% of the pain.

All told, I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is considering it.  I would highly suggest that you research the different offices in your area that offer it and ask lots of questions.  One of the clinicians recently told me that when she worked in a doctors office before this facility, the patients did not always get complete information up front.  Usually it was regarding the number of treatments needed, possible future treatments needed, and the costs involved.  So, if you are thinking about it, my suggestion is do your research, then, just do it!  You will thank yourself later. 

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