Complete Removal

Hi I need help from experienced people who have...

Hi I need help from experienced people who have undergone tattoo removal or people that have had cover ups after tattoo was mostly removed.

In above pic I don't love the fern like design in my elbow pit. It's heavily shaded but has dark black outline (just been done so is dense) Could this be removed?

Thank you to everyone

Thank you to everyone who commented on my tattoo. It's helped me immensely deal with having a tattoo but also knowing it actually looks good and that the thoughts I have been having about it are entirely wrong. I appreciated everyone posting here and I have throughly read through all comments. Blown away at the support and I seriously love you all. I didn't realise that tattoos don't look there best for weeks afterwards and my tattoo is slowly starting to look better so I just to need to relax and stop having negative thoughts and trust in the tattoo artists artwork as well as your lovely comments. Again Thank you so much everyone!

Hasn't happened as of yet.

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