Success with CO2 Laser Resurfacing

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With all the types of laser resurfacing out there...

With all the types of laser resurfacing out there you must be wondering how I ever chose. Simple enough: I didn’t! So firstly, I advise finding a great doctor, not a “good” one who has compelling ads or the new hotshot just out of med school but someone who has done this thousands of times and you can’t find a bad word about them. They will guide you from there. I wasn’t in any real pain after the procedure but I did swell up a lot. I kept to my regime pretty much to the letter: I ate veg for every meal (even lunch), stayed away from caffeine, didn’t use makeup and didn’t touch my face at all for a month. Gradually the swelling subsided and along with it my face became more of a normal color and my scars were fading too. I had the CO2 lasering for a combination of old acne scars and a few fine lines starting to creep in. It worked great on both of these things. I can’t say that my scars are gone completely because they’re not but the improvement is massive. I don’t think there is a product out there that can completely rid you of scars and if there is then I haven’t heard about it and neither has my doctor. I am very happy with the results! I kept waiting for something bad to happen, especially after I read some negative reviews, but it hasn’t happened yet. I consider myself about 95% back to normal now (in terms of recovery, not the way my skin was) and I beam whenever I catch a glimpse of my new face in the mirror. It was a totally positive experience.

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