Just Gotten Done (2 Days Ago) with 7th Profractional

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I am of bi-racial ancestry (type V) skin type. In...

I am of bi-racial ancestry (type V) skin type. In my teen years, I had severe cystic acne that left my face terribly scarred. In my 20's I tried Glycolic acid peels to control my break outs and reduce my scarring. It did very little. When I got into my career, I started looking to go to the next level to combat my scarring and investigated Fraxel and Pro-fractional lasers used to deminish acne scarring in person of darker skin tone. I have had both the Fraxel (2 times) and Pro-fractional (5 times)treatments done at my dermatologists' office. And well, I have to say that with my skin type the 2 Fraxel treatments caused melasma and hyerpigmentation in a few areas when I had it done. With the other 5 treatments, the doctor only used Pro-fractional and the hyperpigmentation and melasma were non-existant. I must say that with both treatments, you have to wait for about 4-6 months before you see any permanent improvements. With me, the Fraxel laser took longer to heal and cause more "bronzing and peeling", where as with the Pro-fractional laser, there was alot of bleeding during the proceedure, and pin point bleeding at home usually lasting for about 6-8 hours. There also was less bronzing and peeling with the Pro-fractional treatments. Both treatments were painful and caused swelling. The healing time was a bit shorter with the Profactional, taking 5 days for the swelling and redness to go down enough to go outside with sunscreen and maybe some cover up. It took another 5 days for the redness to almost completely fade away. With the Fraxel laser treatment it took around 7-9 days for my wounds to heal enough for me to go out with sun screen. But my face was very red at this time and had to used more coverup to hide the redness. It also took another 7-9 days or so for the redness to substantially subside with Fraxel. My dermatologist charged the same price to me for both the Fraxel treatment and the Pro-Fractional treatments. As time goes on, I continue to see slight improvement with my scarring (not dramatic) and feel as time goes on, my scarring will continue to improve. I do notice that the deeper scars are softened and the superficial scars are disappearing. As my dermatologist stated to me before the treatments, "It will take time for your body to regenerate the collogen under your dermis and promote the softening and dissappearance of your acne scarring". I beleive he was right, IT DOES TAKE TIME. They took some before pics of me and all stated that my skin is looking much smoother and the scarring has reduced alot, but I am still optimistic as to my outcome. I will see as time goes on on whether or not to continue with more treatments and if it is woth the money. Also, the doctor would like to use me for demonstration prupose to instruct their nurses on the proceedural techniques of the lasers he carries at his facility. ( we'll see about this, I personally don't want to be a ginea pig).
Face Beautiful, Dr. Reg Antle, Nurse Jamie

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