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Before I made the surgery, I thought I had a...

Before I made the surgery, I thought I had a double chin. So I examined what could be done about it and contacted a clinic who both performed traditional and laser liposuctions in order to get a somewhat neutral opinion.

After the consultation it was decided that I was going to have a laser liposuction.
On the operation day things were handled somewhat unprofessionally by the clinic.
I can't imagine how many lawsuits they would end up with in the United States.

Well, under the knife everything was performed as planned. But when it was time to suck out the melted fat, the surgeon asked me if I really wanted to do it. He said that it could cause some extra bleeding, he would not recommend it.

At the time I was too tired and dizzy to oppose the doctor, and what he said about the bleeding scared me. I trusted him.  At this day I understand that it probably wasn't a problem. You don't really ask your patients about what to do and not to do when it comes to medical matters.

Before the surgery he told me that they had started buying new injection needles for every surgery, which motivated a higher price. Now I see that this was probably the true reason. But at the time, full of drugs and weery as I was, I didn't dare to oppose him.

He told me that I was given a "laser lipolysis", which means the body is supposed to "take care" of the melted fat by itself. However I'm afraid what will happen when these fatty acids ends up in my liver.  Will there form more free radicals? Will I get cancer in the future? I don't have any medical education but I have a bad feeling about this. Even before it was clinically proved a lot of people could figure out on their own that smoking is not good for you.

2 weeks after the surgery I have a ~20ml(ml = 10^-3 litres) lump under my chin.
Since I first touched it, it has not decreased in size what so ever. It looks pretty awful, but I do not really care; I'm mostly concerned with my health right now.

I think that smartlipo is a good procedure. I think that I would probably have good results right now if the fat would had been sucked out. I even think that my Dr is a good surgeon. But if you ever do this procedure, make sure that the melted fat is being suctioned out. There are no guarantees you won't end up like me.

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I think this guy is a good surgeon. His customers seems to be satisfied and he even did a good work on me. The problem is that he (probably) wanted to save some money and didn't finish his work. I'm 20 years old, I suppose he thought my body would absorb the melted fat on it's own. But so far there are no signs of that.

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