Laser Hair Removal Worked out Great

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Im a male client , I used to have such a nasty...

Im a male client , I used to have such a nasty green shadow on my face, I used to shave every day before work and sometimes twice a day if I was going to party at night , you can imagine the money I used to spend in 4 blade razors and fancy shaving cream... but that wasnt the worse the irritation and razor burn I used to get sometimes...

I did my face, chest, armpit and abdominals all at the same time , I was thinking about doing my legs but I wanted to try first how it works so I only did the upper part of my body where the hair bothers me more,

It was very very painful on my face it was like chinese torture... my chest , abs and armpits where not bad, but I was just thinking on smooth and soft forever, lol anyways I did 6 treatments and I had a great result on my chest, abs and armpits I also did a couple extra treatments because a few thin hairs were growing there and actually got for free

I've done 10 treatments on my face, my skin is fair and my hair is dark, the first treatment I got burns all over my face but they left none scars at all , my fourth facial treatment gave me blisters all over my neck and it was very painful...

It took about 10 days to heal , thank god my skin is white other way I may have scars by now , after the 4th treatment it was still painful and my face was red but the next day it was gone, my facial hair is 80% gone... my armpits are 99% hair free and only very few short light thin hairs grow , my chest and abdominals are the same it was a slow process but it was worth it.

I think you should find the best and make a research for someone who has experience and just do it, now I shave every 3 or 4 days and I will keep doing treatments on my face until is gone

Use calendula lotion right after your laser hair removal it works the best much better than hydrocortisone, buy it at wholefoods and put calendula lotion 3 times per day if the skin is very irritated every 2 or 3 hours and it will heal like a miracle that was my own experience

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be careful who is doing your treatment it will make a big difference , I had 4 people working on me and the last person did an amaizing job so now I dont let anybody else touch my face

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