Laser Hair Removal Rocks! -- Full Legs

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My problem was great legs but awful long black...

My problem was great legs but awful long black hair that grew back almost as fast as I could shave it. Went to the doctor who had done a great job removing a lot of tiny strawberry marks and some moles on my body. His nurse is expert at hair removal. For full legs, they strongly recommend 8 sessions because it usually takes that long to rid. (Also, some hair follicles are simply in a dormant phase. Won’t react to laser in this phase so have to get timing right.)

Someone here had a bad result and said their office had them come in every 2 weeks. Typically the spacing is minimum 4 weeks for the grow-out appt. I booked 5 weeks between appts just to be sure I got max grow-out for my buck. Don’t book too soon to fill up some office’s vacant spots!

After 2 treatments the nurse started ratcheting up the frequency of the laser. Higher levels followed for greater efficacy as I moved thru the 8 treatments. At the end of 8, I waited 6 months without shaving just to see if any hair at all grew back. Maybe 4% of what I originally had regrew. So I did 2 touchup appts. at ½ price. Over a year later -- I have absolutely 0% hair on my legs!

At the same time I did the legs, I also had my bikini done ($700 for 7 appts.) Did not do a complete, nude Brazilian. Instead, just left a narrow, sparse modesty triangle in the front. Warning re pain … Gotta say, some of this area wasn’t too bad (crease of legs), but when you get onto the edge of labia for hair removal, the pain is severe. Thank goodness this is a small area and there aren’t many hairs there. Suggest: Make up your mind not to flinch. Know that each mind-searing zap lasts only a second. Breath slowly and don’t be surprised if a few silent tears fall. (My nurse was careful.) Honey, it’s worth it. No more cuts, razor bumps or painful ingrown hairs. Great smooth, clean look. Very comfortable and pretty. Hubby likes this too.

My nurse commented on why some people can get poor results with laser hair removal. Some disreputable spas purposely set the frequencies too low to get people to keep coming back. Others just don’t understand the frequency needs. Sometimes a person is the wrong candidate. The laser must be able to “see” the hair! Contrast is critical. So best are candidates are those with lighter skin and dark hair so the contrast between skin and hair is easily visible for the laser to”pick up” and zap. Unfortunately, those with very dark skin against very dark hair or light skin against very light hair don’t get good results because there isn’t enough contrast for the laser work. A reputable office will identify a poor candidate and advise them of the issues upfront. Also, after a number of pulses, lasers requires equipment maintenance. If maintenance is lax, quality will be compromised.

I cannot say enough good things about laser hair removal. If this sounds right for you, I'd say check for a reputable doctor office and go for it! Brenda

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The doctor's nurse, Marilyn is very experienced, with laser hair removal. Is very careful, respectful, and the office has some evening hours.

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