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Male Brazilian Hair Removal

So, I thought I'd provide some progress on Brazilian treatment. I am a male with dark hair and very fair skin.
I have always hated body hair and especially pubic hair, and previously shaved almost everyday. I had my second Brazilian session exactly one week ago. I've read the pro's and cons of IPL versus Laser, but for my fair skin and dark hair type I thought I'd give IPL a go first, and also noting that it is a bit cheaper and apparently less painful than laser.
So far I have had 3 x sessions on my underarms and 2 x sessions on my pubic and anal areas. Overall I am happy with the progress but noting it is still relatively early in the overall program (I expect to have at least 6-8 treatments in total - possibly more). Both my underarms and pubic area feel much smoother and the hair is now very slow to grow back.
The first photo attached shows it at one week after the second session (I will continue to update after each further session). As you can see some of the hair has now disappeared and the rest appears to be be only growing very slowly. The area was shaved before the last session a week ago and has hardly grown back at all in the last 7 days - the skin feels smooth to the touch all over. I expect more hair to fall out over the next week or so, and I am yet to exfoliate the area which I expect will remove some more hair follicles. My underarms and butt area are probably even more successful so far.
The IPL treatment itself is quick and almost pain free (a gel is applied first to the skin before the light pulse is applied). The cost is around $125 per session for full Brazilian, underarms and chest/nipple area.
Happy to answer questions and will keep this updated as the treatment program continues. Next Session is early April 2017. Stay tuned.

It is now one week after my 3rd Brazilian…

It is now one week after my 3rd Brazilian treatment and my 4th underarm treatment. At this last session the IPL setting was increased due to a few stubborn hairs remains on each side of the pubic area. I was a little tender the next day as a result - it felt like a very, very mild sunburn. By the next day after that the tenderness had gone.
The results so far are very good. My pubic area is now probably 80% completely smooth. There is some remaining stubble on the outer edges near my thighs, but I am hopeful this may improve in the next 1-2 weeks as those hairs hopefully fall out.
My scrotal and anal areas have been very successful and are now almost completely hairless. I'm very happy with the results here.
My underarms are probably 80-90% hairless, but I have noticed some wispy blond regrowth. Given I am dark haired and never had any blond underarm hair, I am hopeful that this is a sign that those hairs will also disappear in due course.
Will post a progress photo before my next session in early May.
Happy to answer any questions or provide specific photos where I can.
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